Ideas for Halloween
 Halloween has come to us from the West, and successfully took root. That night, everyone can be reincarnated and try something extravagant. There are many options, ranging from big-budget and finishing.

But as the crisis in the yard, let's talk about how to create a festive way of inexpensively. I offer a few ideas.

Sexy kitty

The image is familiar to many. But what about the new performance? It's no longer a secret that the crisp bright eyeshadow - the trend of the fall season. But we stick to the conventional smoky eyes and hands, and try something new.

Let's start with makeup. We need:

- Crisp bright blue shadow,
- White and blue pressed shadows
- Blue pencil,
- Gold pencil or cream shade,
- Vaseline or a neutral shade of creamy texture tint
- Ink,
- Tonal foundation and concealer,
- Blush,
- lip gloss.

• So first, Let us face. Evens, apply blush.

• Now turn your eyes. Apply the product under the shade on the eyelid and use the pressed white shade. We put them on the entire surface of the century up to the eyebrows. Then apply the shade of blue on the upper and lower eyelids up to the brow ridges and shade to create a smooth transition.

• Then apply the shadow texture cream or petroleum jelly on the upper eyelid. Then drop the brush in a crisp bright shade and pat (not smeared !!!) of sediment movement on the upper eyelid. We give a little dry, then draw out the blue eye pencil on the outer lash line. Do not forget to lift the outer corners of the eyes.

• To remove the excess glitter Take Scotch and modify those portions that you do not like.

• And now the fun. Take the golden shade of creamy texture or gold pencil. Apply to an extension of the lower eyelid.

• And finally, a little lip gloss.

The shadows can be any color, depending on what scheme made your costume. A sexy fragrance, and forward - to conquer the hearts of men.

 Ideas for Halloween

As for the suit. Mandatory attributes - band with ears and tail. The rim will cost about 200 rubles. If you want to buy a suit, then you have to spend at least 3500.

 Ideas for Halloween


Unexpected ways. Want to give it a try? Then here are some tips.

• Hair is better to put the waves as in the Disney cartoon. Incidentally, this hairstyle is in fashion. For ekstremalok can propose to use coloring shampoo.

• The skin needs to be done perfect. To do this, indulge in all: concealer, powder, foundation. Just do not overdo it. Makeup is better to use all the shades that you associate with the sea and the beach, blue, blue, green, coral, beige.

• Depending on what effect you want to achieve, vary the intensity of the make-up from a gentle way to rock. You can stick the crystals on the face and nails, to create the illusion of water droplets. For the cheeks, use a cream-gloss, and lip - just shine.

 Ideas for Halloween

• It is best if the suit is even remotely resemble a mermaid outfit. If this dress - then let it be with a brilliant texture "under the scales." This can be a skirt suit with a "fish tail" or mermaid costume ready. If you choose a skirt for this image, you will approach a long skirt, flared at the bottom, or a long skirt will also look spectacular.

 Ideas for Halloween

Generally, your image, you can create yourself. And not necessarily at the same time to buy ready-made costumes. It is not always possible to put them on, and not always out partying comes to such spending. To decide, as always, only you.
Author: Vera Karabutova