Is it possible to buy beauty for money?
 When with the advent of the financial crisis began to melt my part-time job, one after another, increasingly began to cause irritation of the jars and tubes of makeup doroguschy that no longer fit in the bathroom, and also took an entire trellis table in the hallway. I decided to calculate how much it all costs (in order not to fall into depression), because she - will go to the expense of hundreds of euros.

- Yes, beauty - it's always expensive - my girlfriend says Lenka, and "in combination" a top manager of one of the European cosmetic companies. - What do you want? .. Because the cost of cream - is not only the work of marketing service payment, as you used to think.

Lenka laughs, but continues to have serious:

- You see, these valuable ingredients creams as mink oil, jojoba oil or jasmine frankly road. And there's nothing you can do about it. But in fact they improve the condition of the skin. It does not compare with synthetic analogs having a cheap cosmetics or minuscule natural flavor oil, which will not have practically any cosmetic effect.

This argument Lenka always begins and ends with mine. All of these expensive components - is well and good. Why, then, not all the expensive cosmetics is equally good and effective? And in some cases, we remain dissatisfied with the effect achieved when discarded (as it turned out, the wind) money?

However, the cosmetic industry has really done a lot for us - it largely stepped toward our laziness.   Go out and buy an expensive tube (and be filled with confidence that your appearance - in safe hands) - it is incomparably easy. Easy and also expensive. It is often our confidence in the quality of cosmetics based only on its high cost: expensive, so can not be bad. On the other hand ... expensive - it is always good?

I do not mind expensive cosmetics is certainly one might think, taking into account the above considerations. However, I am an opponent of thoughtless investments in cosmetic products.

Take, for example, the hair.   Ever since Russian market is flooded shampoos foreign production, I have tried them all .  All brands of hair - bought at home and abroad (travel), in stores and through distributors - passed "test" on my hair .  Later they were joined by the products of domestic manufacturers .  After 12 years (roughly passed since) I can draw only one conclusion - none of the tested shampoos I did not bring the promised results .  Their effect is almost no different from the usual inexpensive shampoo, given that I have my head every day, use the air conditioning, and 1-2 times a week to do a mask for hair .  I really do not see any difference and no improvement .  My hair is still fast zhirneyut, still, as before, are cut in the offseason - fade and fall rapidly .  From this I can draw only one conclusion - all the money spent by me for these 12 years, thrown into branding .  I still have not found what you were looking .  And to be honest, I am desperate to find . 

This is not my only disappointment .  My perennial problem was sensitive skin of the lips .  Lips permanent weather-beaten - it was visible even in lipstick .  The problem had to do something, and I decided to "finish off" its ruble .  I analyzed the whole market of the cosmetic industry, and opted for the American brand of cosmetics (alas, I can not name, to avoid lawsuits for anti-advertising) .  Special Series lip care consisted of a mask and balsam .  I was promised that the use of only a few times a week will allow me to get well-groomed appearance and completely solve my problem .  In addition advised to replace the decorative lipstick on their vehicle brand - lipstick, which "not only provides a delightful lasting color, but also cares for lips" .  In principle, the brand is known for, so I thought "do not help simply can not" .  Since my investment passed two months .  During this time I use a set of lip and lipstick .  No effect ... .  My lips are still shelled, and their treacherous windburn visible through the new road lipstick .  I think that threw the money in vain ...

Another set of cosmetics and well-known brand, I will not lie to you, little has improved the condition of my combination skin. I appreciate the improvement in the range of 30-40%. However, the gloss of the forehead, wings, nose and chin are still visible even from the doroguschy mineral powder of the same brand!

Do I need my 19-year-old roommate cream against wrinkles around the eyes - judge for yourself. I think that the distributor did not care how old she was when he tried to convince the student of the need to combat wrinkles, which "is about to appear."

Can I really find fault? And how not to find fault, if I bought a month ago ultratush (580 rubles!) Fray as the most common, cheap. Maybe she's not the most expensive, but for the money I would like to "purity under the eyes" at least in the first half of the day. Nothing like this! It lays down really well (largely, I think, because of a small brush, and not the quality of the product), but because fray! Arriving at work, the first thing I did was rush to the mirror and bring myself up.

Is it possible to buy beauty for money?   Of course, we would like. I would like to give a tidy sum of money, together with a tube or jar to obtain assurance that broke up with bills is not in vain. What effect will really be, if not immediately, but will!

For example, the owner of the apartment, a room from which I take longer believes that Beauty - it's not necessarily big money, but it is always a big job . That is why it punctually she prepares mask popular recipes, imposes tea bags on the eyelids, rinse hair decoction of chamomile and nettle, and after a bath lubricates the skin with olive oil. He argues that the effect is not worse than all these "foreign agents" (which, by the way, for all holidays give her daughter). I have not done the same, but with each new frustration of expensive cosmetics I am more inclined to the idea a try. At least some recipes (of course, the "dekorativke" Here we are not talking).
Author: Marina Tumovskaya