"Make" person c Clinique
 Properly placed accents - a guarantee of good makeup. Professional advice will help you not to lose face!

Janet Pardo - senior vice president of development funds Clinique. Janet believes that the most important thing in make-up - it's nice and smooth complexion. To achieve this, you need to use the right foundation. Pick the most suitable for your skin type texture which give the skin a natural shade, and your skin will look fresh and healthy.

There are several ways of selecting the appropriate tone color means. Please select from the probes three shades that are closest to your skin color, apply them to the line of the cheekbones and chin. Check the shade in natural daylight. The shade that will merge with the skin - what you need.

Before using the tonal resources necessary to prepare the skin - regular cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing - a guarantee that the make-up will fall flat and will last long.

The liquid foundation is best applied with your fingertips - the warmth of your hands will make the texture soft and easy means for applying. If you use compact powder, it is best to apply a wet sponge. Sponge absorbs excess powder, and thus you apply as much powder as you want for a good makeup. First apply one layer, then the second and so on, if you want the coating to be more dense. If you want to compact powder lay translucent layer, apply it specially treated brush for powder.

If you feel that your skin looks too matt, try to sprinkle the face moisturizer spray or wait a few minutes, until through the foundation will not be noticeable natural radiance of the skin.

Another tip from Janet Pardo - do not overdo it with a compact powder, especially where there are wrinkles.

Beautiful skin requires a natural glow. Use blush. They give the skin a soft glow and enhance the beauty of the face. With a brush, apply a small amount of blush on the cheekbones and lightly blend them.

Pay enough attention to the eyes. After all, New Year's Eve you think should be irresistible. Pencil - is a great tool with which you can emphasize your eyes and give them expression. It can also be used to enhance the color of shadows. Use a pencil to move the eyes and smooth fine lines. To eyes seemed brighter can be applied to light blue, or skin tone on the inside of the lower eyelid. Remember that light colors visually increase the volume, and the dark, on the contrary, decreased. And to visually extend the eyes try to focus on the color of the outer corners of the eyes, using soft shadows and shade circuit - so the image will be more expressive.

Next, apply on the eyelids flickering shadows Clinique. Choosing the right shade depends on you. After all, you know from personal experience, which is decorated with shades of you and what you do not go. Some colors can emphasize the color of your eyes. For example, if you have green or brown eyes flecked with yellow, then purple tones help to make the eyes more visible. A brown and golden hues emphasize blue eyes. Bright shades can be used to create a glare to achieve radiant look. I also really like make-up, sustained in one color. With the make-up eyes seem passionate.

In order to achieve the best results, apply eye cream first and then remove the excess tissue. Once you are dealt a foundation, apply the entire surface of the century a little colorless powder. Now you can apply shadows.

During the day, remove excess oil from the surface of the face and eyelids with a special cloth.

On top eye makeup make your lashes expressive.

The best way - to apply mascara in several stages with a thin layer. Try to get a brush for eyelashes in three runs. Touch up the eyebrows, and then apply a thin coat of mascara on the lashes. When applying mascara brush try to sum up as close to the lash line and apply a layer of undulating movements. The second layer is applied immediately, let it dry first. Highlight cheekbones blush again, apply a thin coat of mascara. And so on. This will allow a little mascara on the eyelashes to dry between applications that will deliver you from the appearance of lumps.

Take a matting napkins and compact powder, make-up to refresh as needed.