Star beauty secrets
 What Hollywood stars hidden in their beauticians and on the dresser? What tools help them look like a million dollars? Read about it in our article.

They can dress up in the best fashion designers in the world and to do shopping in the most exclusive boutiques, but what really is at the celebrity beautician and bathroom? From toning creams to favorite red lipstick. Beautiful and famous - actress, supermodel, designers and musicians - open 16 must-have - 16 cosmetic products for skin care and body treatments.

1. Cleanser

Scrub Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub loves Helena Christensen, the supermodel and photographer, for his luxurious aroma and refreshing effect. "It has a very pleasant aroma of marzipan" - says Christensen, - "and give my skin feeling clean and silky."

2. Liner Lip natural tone

Of course, if you do not want to go back to the image of the 1980s, then choose bright lip liner, a little darker than your natural lip color. Apply it very carefully, using the example of Keira Knightley. Stressing the combination of smoky eyes and bright lips, the actress did not find a better option than a pencil Boots. "No7 Lip Liner shade Nude - perfection", - says Knightley.

3. The classic red lipstick

Red lips - a vivid embodiment of glamor. Find red lipstick that suits your hair color, it is difficult, but you can not bother with Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick - lipstick deep red color, which is equally suitable for blondes, brunettes, and so for the red. This 'brand' secret Dita Von Teese and designer Lulu Guinness. "It is quite easy to apply," - says Guinness, - "But, if you use red lipstick, people always think that you spend a lot of time in the make-up lips."

4. The universal balm

Originally created to make the legs athletes shiny and is rumored to be enjoying success in airborne special forces in order to protect the skin, the cream Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is covered a lot of myths and legends. It is surprising that almost all the stars, Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz Rachel Bilson to indicate this cream, as one of the principal means of supporting their beauty. "It gives my skin dewy look," - says Bilson, who put it on the cheekbones, temples and lips.

5. Perfect concealer

To correct defects star of "Sex and the City" Sarah Jessica Parker rely on concealer Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer - cream duo that can be mixed to achieve the right shade. "It perfectly fits and blends with the skin, so do not feel that your face is smeared with something," she says. Among other fans concealer - Angelina Jolie and Judy Jagger. "I love Laura Mercier", - says Jagger - "I feel myself, but perfectly transformed - without too much makeup."

6. Natural Hand Cream

One of the few brands that offer organic and biodynamic products is Jurlique - an environmentally friendly brand. Alicia Silverstone says that this is one of her favorites. Sheherazade Goldsmith loves Hand Cream Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream. "This is a very rich and gentle cream returning moisture and softness of hands", - she says.

7. Perfect foundation

What a million tones of creams selected professionals? Make-up artists, models and actresses in awe of Chanel Vitalumière Satin Smoothing Makeup SPF 15, known for its anti-aging properties. "He's very sharp falls on the skin and fills it with radiance and youth," - he says the makeup artist Kay Montano - "Salma Hayek, Zenden and Ann Newton Hatavey just love it."

8. Miracle Hair Care

The owner of the most enviable curls, Elle Macpherson, trusts Frédéric Fekkai Overnight Hair Repair, which helps it to maintain the beauty of her hair. "I put it on your hair before going to bed after a hard tiring day. The next morning, after taking a bath, I feel born again."

9. Slimming Cream

The well-known and characterized by its unusual model Agyness Deyn can not do without styling his boyish hairstyle, namely without Lee Stafford Messed Up Putty. "I'm a big fan of funds Lee, especially Putty", - says Dane, - "This is the best tool that I have ever used to create a tousled and messy styling."

10. Eyeliner

Do you make a light eyeliner, like Hepburn and smoky eyes like Bardot, black pencil - a product must-have, which can completely change your eye. Kylie Minogue loves Rimmel Special Eyes - pencil rich black. Apply a line and gently blend it to get a sexy look.

11. Multi-function oil

There is already more than 100 years, known worldwide oil Johnson's Baby Oil became a family faforitom and must-have for Beauty. The actress Rosamund Pike is always at hand, and Maggie Grace from the series "The Mysterious Island" mixes the oil with lotion Johnson's Baby Lotion, "to make the skin shine." Jessica Alba, star of "Sin City," has its own secret. "I attach the gentle glow of the skin by mixing oil Baby Oil size of a pea, and a regular moisturizer."

12. The means for removing eye make-up

There are several cosmetic products that can not spare money, and means for removing eye make-up - among them. Take the example of actress Juliette Binoche and purchase agent for sensitive eyes from Lancôme Bi-Facil Non Oily Instant Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes. "I use it for over ten years and never change this tradition. I love its flavor, efficiency and comfort when using it."

13. Power polish

There is no particular need to care for your skin if your hands and nails look 10 years older. Actress Minnie Driver does not leave the house without her favorite means. "I do not go on a trip without cream Hand and Nail Treatment Cream by Clarins", - says the driver. "He is always in my purse."

14. Organic Body Oil

Model Erin O'Connor argues that it simply can not do without lavender oil Lavender Oil from Dr Hauschka. "It soothes, relaxes and promotes good sleep, especially during long flights," - says O'Connor - "It is perfectly absorbed into the skin without making it greasy, and perfectly softens overdried field type elbows and feet."

15. Virtually invisible powder

"Pudrofoby" are afraid that their skin will look unnatural, so do not use powder. Powder from Kanebo Translucent Loose Powder is not only suitable for any skin tone, but also light as a feather, and almost invisible. Actress Helen Mirren assured integrity of the skin and is not afraid of cameras staring papparatsi. She says her makeup artist, Elaine Offers "Translucent powder from Kanebo - wonderful and indispensable tool."

16. Toning moisturizer

The search for toning moisturizer, which goes perfectly, moisturizes the skin without making it oily while, and protects against the effects of environmental sredyzavershilis successfully. Aqua Fusion Teinté SPF 15 from Lancôme has many loyal fans, including the model Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann. "I always liked to take care of their skin," - says Elettra - "This is an integral part of my work. But this cream is perfect all day long."
Author: Ann, New York