Sunburn - benefit and harm in one bottle!
 Sun - the source of life, warmth, vitamin D, high spirits and ...

The question is especially relevant at the beginning of the summer.

A little history

For centuries, the attitude has changed. So, going into the street, a resident of Athens, the ancient Greeks wrapped in himation and wore a straw hat. On hot days, use umbrellas to save your skin from the sun. Female tan was not honored and the residents of ancient Rome. Just a couple of hundred years ago, Europe was considered a tan affiliation of those who are forced to work in the open air: the peasants, shepherds, commoners. Representatives of the higher strata of society have done everything possible to avoid sunburn and keep "noble" white skin.

Drinking tan has changed with the advent of industrialization century, when most prestigious jobs have moved a little under the roofs of factories and offices. Tan has changed its sign - tanned body has come to mean that its owner has money and leisure time, sufficient for leisure activities in the sea resorts.

According to legend, the fashion for a tan introduced Coco Chanel. Accidentally Zagora during the voyage across the Mediterranean Sea, it is not a loss, stated that pale skin is painful and ugly. The authority of her in the fashion world was so great that within a few years became a fixture tan devoted admirers Coco. Gradually flaunt chocolate skin color has become fashionable among all segments of the population. Moreover, getting a tan erotic sign - dark skin in the eyes of many, it gets sexual attractiveness, perceived as a sign of physical health. There is a whole industry of tanning - seaside resorts, beaches, solarium, special cosmetics.

Just before the last years tanned body is considered a symbol of beauty and health. But now, dermatologists and cosmetologists to doubt ...!

On the essence of Sun

 Sunburn - benefit and harm in one bottle!
 Sun, giving us life, can cause irreparable harm, but fortunately, healthy skin can protect itself from the effects of natural, solar radiation. Tanning - it is a natural protective reaction to ultraviolet radiation, which is due to the development of skin pigment melanin substance.

Solar radiation is not uniform. Depending on the wavelength of the entire UV spectrum range is divided into three parts: UVA - long-wave radiation, UVB - medium-and the most rigid, short-wave UV-C, but because it is trapped by the atmosphere more about it, we will not mention.

  Under the influence of UVA formed "fast" tan. This tan appears within a few hours (and it goes just as fast), it is colorless pigmented melanin already present and stains the skin in golden brown, ensuring her protection, proper light protective factor SPF-4.

UVB causes a "slow" tan. It appears after 2-3 days of daily sun, but kept as opposed to "fast" for much longer. UVB encourages new melanin synthesis and simultaneous decomposition by oxidants. The human body adapts to the sunlight gradually, starting with the second or third day of exposure (with daily UV irradiation) and this protection lasts for two to three weeks.
"Solar tolerance" skin gradually increased - from ten minutes to five hours. This means that include natural defense mechanisms, which enable a person to greatly extend their stay in the sun without getting a sunburn. Tan and light corn (thickening of the horny layer) may together form a natural protection of the skin to the level of protective factor SPF-40.

 Sunburn - benefit and harm in one bottle!

Arguments For

The sun's rays are necessary for healthy human existence, and the lack of them leads to disease state .  Under the influence of solar radiation absorption occurs further processing and vitamins D, E, ascorbic acid, fats, proteins, microelements .  Under the influence of sunlight in the body increases the production of the so-called happy hormones .  Dosed sun tan useful if there are no medical contraindications .  A study conducted by researchers from the Medical School of Warwick (Warwick Medical School, England) showed that moderate sunbathing useful and prolong our lives .  It is known that vitamin D, is actively produced by the body when exposed to sunlight and protects against metabolic disorders which develop as a result of various heart diseases and diabetes, prevents rickets .  With a shortage of "supervitamina" more likely we will be predisposed to mental illness, osteoporosis (weakening of bones, loss of bone mass), gum disease, and certain types of cancer, including breast cancer . 

The easiest way to independently get more vitamin D - sunlight, and without overdosing - if the level of the vitamin in the blood is sufficient, its production stopped.

 Sunburn - benefit and harm in one bottle!

Arguments Against

According to modern concepts, the first wrinkles appear because of an addiction to tanning. The role of sunlight in the process of premature aging of the skin is so serious that scientists have coined a new term - photoaging . A negative consequence of UV radiation can also be a photodermatitis - a violent inflammatory skin reaction with formation of blisters, aggravation of chronic diseases, recurrent herpes, the appearance of benign or even malignant tumors.

Sunburn, radiation damage, aging of the skin - many signs of photo-aging are reversible, but if it happens often, the natural repair mechanisms of the skin are depleted. It loses its elasticity and becomes thin and wrinkled. There is even a scientific term - so called skin leather sailor, peasant skin. And that it is most susceptible to melanoma.

By the way, dermatologists believe that sunscreens do not protect against mutagenic action of sunlight. They eliminate tan - the natural umbrella, with which the skin is trying to protect themselves from the sun's rays penetrate deep into the body. Although their use in the protection from burns and skin aging is undeniable.

Sunbathing is not burning
  • First of all, do not sunbathe in the afternoon. 11 to 16.00 - siesta (rest in deep shadow).

  •  Sunburn - benefit and harm in one bottle!
  • Tans gradually. First, should limit exposure to the sun, 15 20 minutes is sufficient, then add twenty minutes daily. Note that if you-skinned blue-eyed blonde, terms of sun exposure should be reduced.

  • Beware of fire cool, if you have a lot of moles on the body, UV rays provoke uncontrolled growth of pigment cells and degeneration, at risk get dark spots with a diameter of 6 mm wider. By the way, people are marked with four moles six-millimeter sizes, considered initially predisposed to the formation of melanoma.

  •  Sunburn - benefit and harm in one bottle!
  • Cover your body from the sun. Loose clothes made of thick fabric - the best protection from the sun's rays. Wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. Wherever you are, even in the country, avoid the midday sun.

  • Do not sunbathe wet, as water droplets in their physical properties are small lenses, which focus the sunlight, which can cause skin burns.

  •  Sunburn - benefit and harm in one bottle!
  • Use creams with a high degree of protection from the sun. These creams are considered with the SPF value of 15 or more, and they protect by UFV- and UVA radiation. Of great importance is the correct application of the protective cream. Properly applied it on the skin with a thick layer without rubbing. Apply the cream should be often, especially after you swim or sweat. Among experts there is no consensus of opinion about whether it is possible by using sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. But from burns and photoageing, they are sufficiently effective.

  • Drink green tea, dry red wine and eat as many fruits and berries. Antioxidants, which are contained in these products protect the skin from the inside.

In any case, you beautiful sun, a good rest and good health!
Author: Olga Travleeva