Victoria Beckham - tipster
 The lessons of harmony and glamor of Victoria "Posh" Beckham.

Without taking into account the size of the diamond head doll Barbie on her finger, guard, escort up to the door of the hotel, and cosmetics bag from Louis Vuitton, embossed word Mummy, Victoria Beckham adheres quite moderate rules for the care of your body. It uses your favorite cleanser (Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser) as a cleansing mask; She does cream Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on eyelashes, to treat them. Another participant of the Spice Girl, Jerry Halivell supports her in the habit of taking a bath of ice to finish rinsing. Cold water tightens the skin and smoothes the hair scales, which makes them shine. "Just repeat to yourself 'short-term pain, long-term pleasure, short-term pain, long-term pleasure' - advises Beckham in his book That Extra Half an Inch.

Being very young, Beckham collected empty bottles of Chanel No. 5. Now it has its own collection of fragrances, including last year's Intimately Beckham for Her and new Beckham Signature for Her, a mixture of sugar apple, orchid and vanilla. Did you know that the male version of fragrances For Him, by her husband, footballer David contain identical notes? "We worked on our separate flavors" - said Beckham, "but the basic notes both contain perfume white musk and patchouli - and this is pure coincidence. David and I really like. "

- What are the basic rules for the use perfume?

The smaller, the better - I am firmly convinced that the flavor should not be distributed ahead of you. I do not nanoshu perfume on your hair. This may make them curly and change color tone.

- Advertising company Marc Jacobs - the exact opposite of roles in which you are accustomed to seeing. Why did you agree to it?

Working with Marc real pleasure! Pleasure from which his hair stand on end. And tell. Who can be a better partner than Marc Jacobs and Juergen Teller?

- You are always in high heels. How do you take care of your feet?

Bliss does a really good foot lotions; they are very nutritious. I put it on the feet, I wear socks and go to bed. I also use a cream for hands Bliss, which is available together with moisturizing gloves. David sometimes thinks I'm crazy because I often go to bed with gloves and socks.

- Is there any delusions regarding the care of itself?

I spend a lot of time caring for the eyebrows. I always think, 'Oh, it's just the eyebrows. " However, I always take care of them.

- You are doing styling every day?

 Victoria Beckham - tipster
   No, a few years ago I discovered the iron for straightening hair - and it caused a huge addictive. Hair iron GHD - a great thing; it is quite compact. I can not go out, not taking advantage of them - I always think that my hair was curly. I do not put on any protective hair before straightening means, although this should be done.

- What, besides the smoky eye, do you advise for an evening out?

Scott Barnes Body Bling! I put this tool at the décolleté, if going for an evening event. It creates a flicker where it is needed.

- As far as we know, you're not fixated on training. Is there anything that helps to keep you in shape?

I've been doing Pilates four times a week. And going more deeply engaged in its study. I hate sports clothing and footwear. I tried to run around in flip flops. But this is not enough what happens. Pilates are great socks.
Author: Ann, New York