10 topical issues beautician
 1. How to treat sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin blood vessels are close to the surface. But the skin can be of different types - dry, oily, combination, can be young or mature. In either case it responds to various stimuli redness. Therefore, the choice of care products must be considered as a feature of this and the type of skin. It is best to use a multi-functional drugs, which at the same time caring for the skin, consistent with its type, age, and reduce the sensitivity. The means to make-up remover should also be marked "for sensitive skin."

2. How to protect sensitive skin from environmental influences?

In summer, you need to use creams with UV filters. With the onset of the first frost is not afraid to use creams - they form a protective barrier that protects the skin from adverse external factors: wind, cold, etc.

3. Which cosmetics contraindicated in dry and sensitive skin?

Exfoliating scrub with coarse particles. In this case shows the means of mild, than when they have to be applied no more than once a week. When dry and sensitive skin is not desirable to use podsushivayuschee means for problematic skin creams with alcohol-alfagidrokislotami and tonics. Nourishing cream dense texture should be used with caution: to put them in the evening, two hours before bedtime. And just before going to bed to remove excess cream cloth.

4. How often can do cosmetic cleansing owners of dry skin?

It is extremely rare, since such skin virtually needs no mechanical purification: sebaceous glands function poorly, and thus the problem does not arise. But the owners of dry skin are familiar with the "charm" as hyperkeratosis (thickening of the horny layer of the epidermis), in which the complexion dull and uneven. In such a case this cleaning procedure as ultrasonic peeling. It is indicated for women at the age of 25 years, and it must be carried out every six to eight weeks. For young skin beauticians use gentle exfoliation with natural oils and extracts.

 10 topical issues beautician

5. What can cause dehydration of the skin?

Problems in the body, frequent use of the sauna, use aggressive means to make-up remover, wrong selection of care cream, the use of coarse exfoliants, abuse of clay-based masks, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun without sunscreen.

6. What are the necessary domestic procedures dehydrated skin?

At home you can make a moisturizing mask is very important proper care: gentle cleansing, toning and using special day cream. In some cases, the prescribers, precluding the use of water (e.g., micellar water). It is also recommended to use a complex of vitamins and minerals.

7. How to prevent aging of the skin, and when it is best to do it?

Prevent skin aging can be using a regular home care, starting at a young age. From 18-19 years, it is desirable to use light creams, chosen according to the skin type. It should make it a rule every morning and evening to clean face. From 23-24 years of home care is complemented by a night cream, solve the basic problem. For dry skin, suitable creams with herbal extracts, oil extracts, vitamin complexes, reinforcing hydro mantle (skin barrier) and prevents loss of moisture. This loss of moisture is a major cause of premature aging of the skin.

8. When should I start using anti-aging cream?

It all depends on the specific condition of the skin of women. As a general rule, to 25 years, the problem of anti-aging skin is not relevant. But closer to 30 years should start to use special drugs, but they must choose only individually, and it is better if you do it will help cosmetologist.

 10 topical issues beautician

9. Is it possible to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do, but to increase the elasticity of tissues - is quite real. The more flexible they are. The less skin is injured during the contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the face and the greater the chances of preventing the appearance of facial knit your. Use a moisturizing and nourishing cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles. To the eye, in addition to eye cream, use special tools to make-up remover, and in no case do not rub or injure the delicate skin

10. What triggers the aging of the skin?

There are two types of aging: hronoindutsirovannoe and fotoindtsirovannoe. In simple terms, the first related to the biological age of a person, the second is caused by environmental factors (eg, the harmful effects of sunlight). In addition, premature aging of the skin leads an unhealthy lifestyle and improper care.
Author: Irina Petrenko