Basic skin imperfections and their solutions
 Nature is not all awarded perfect skin. And age does not become smaller imperfections. How to deal with dryness, acne, acne, dark spots, wrinkles? We must remember the simple rules.

Acne and acne

Unfortunately, some people continue to live and deal with acne after adolescence. There are cases when with the advent of the 40th anniversary of women get "a gift" acne, what are the fault of the hormones and stress. What to do?

- First of all, take care of prevention. Minimize contact person with the carriers of bacteria, including our own hands. I remember the words of one expert dermatologists: "Our skin would be 30 percent better if we stopped so often to touch her hands." Carriers of the bacteria can be pillows, cell phones, even our own hair (dermatologists advise during sleep to remove hair from her face back). Have you already bought antibacterial wipes for your mobile?

- In your detergents should be present ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

- If you use special means of acne, it does not mean that you are helping yourself. There are a number of trendy ingredients, struggling with acne, but who have not yet found confirmation of its effectiveness through clinical trials. So be careful with such unusual ingredients like yeast extract, horse chestnut extract, caffeine, willow bark, biotin - they advertise as fighters with acne, but they can not help the treatment.

- Try to use products that contain sulfur and resorcinol.

- For the treatment of difficult cases of acne can draw attention to products containing retinoids, they also possess anti-age effect, treat acne and wrinkles by removing dead cells and increasing collagen production in skin.

 Basic skin imperfections and their solutions


Wrinkles are caused by a loss of elasticity of the skin that occurs due to aging, sun exposure, facial expressions. What to do?

- Retinoids stimulate collagen production in the skin, helping to minimize the appearance of fine wrinkles.

- For deeper wrinkles, for "crow's feet" retinoids are not as effective for these wrinkles will help to minimize the facial expressions, it can be done thanks to Botox injections, relaxing muscles.

Dry skin

If you suffer from dry skin, you must first figure out what causes it. The role played by genetics, environment (low humidity can dry your skin out), frequent washing. Do not be surprised of a hot shower may deprive the skin oils. It is also important and detergents - soap hard irritates and dries the skin. How to cope with dryness?

- Do not wash your face more than twice a day.

- Within a few minutes after washing, apply a moisturizer to the skin to help absorb moisture. If you are prone to acne, look nekomedogenny cream or water-based (oil-free).

- For very dry areas, you can use Vaseline or moisturizing oil, they do not cause acne and moisturize well.

 Basic skin imperfections and their solutions

Dark spots

Hyperpigmentation is a common complaint of women after 30 years. Brown spots - this is mainly the result of skin photoaging (aging due to sun exposure). What to do?

- Laser procedures in the offices of dermatologists can quickly help.

- There homemade chemical peels containing alpha or beta hydroxy acid. They remove the top layer of dead skin cells, helps make the skin brighter. However, the effect is not more than two days.

- There is a slow but effective way to remove age spots. This one percent cream hydroquinone (hydroquinone), it is available by prescription in pharmacies. However, in some countries, this component is prohibited. There are creams based on retinoids, they also help the regeneration of cells and skin lightening.


Some women suffer from minor reddening of the skin, while there are those who care about rosacea. Possible culprits - genetics and the sun, but scientists have not come to the conclusion that it triggers rosacea. What to do?

- Fully difficult to get rid of, but there are methods that reduce the symptoms of redness of the skin. Do not drink hot drinks, red wine, do not eat spicy foods if you are prone to red, blotchy skin.

- Well protected from the sun.

- Use the soothing creams and lotions, among the components can be soothing extracts of white tea, chamomile, aloe.

- To correct with makeup use tonal resources with a green tint.

 Basic skin imperfections and their solutions

Salo and shine

If you suffer from shiny skin, probably, the reason in hormones or genetics. What to do?

- Pay attention to the matting and absorbing oil products. Extracts from seaweed, for example, operate as a small sponge, absorbing oil. Always carry a blotting cloth, remove excess sebum.

- Do not get too carried away matting and washing. The more you remove oils from the skin, the more it produces them again. Therefore, do not wash more often than twice a day.

- Masks with clay 1-2 times a week to help control the release of fat and tightens pores.
Author: Julia Shestakova