How to make a cream to "work"
 Quite often, tempted by advertising and acquired another new product from the world's Skin Care, day after day, we spend waiting for the promised miracle, meticulously check every wrinkle in the mirror - if not disappeared, has not diminished whether a certain number of percent! And the sad sigh, - the terms of deception. Of course, expect miracles from a cream, such as too naive, but at least some use from it must be the same! Wait, do not rush to blame before makeup, think - perhaps you have something wrong doing.

For example, You do not get the treasured jar without checking the date of manufacture - Because it is possible that the shelf life means coming to an end, and if more cosmetics and stored in improper conditions, the effect of its application may be totally the opposite statement. Well, if you buy cosmetics not branded or specialty stores, but you can easily run into a banal forgery. There are other nuances ...

Needless to say, to cosmetics to function, it must be approached as a skin, and take into account her individual and age features. It is hard to expect that the cosmetic cream, designed for the mass consumer, even if it is of good quality, can take into account all the nuances of your skin is.   His task is much more simple - to soften, moisturize, protect, refresh the skin, and most importantly - do not cause harm. Therefore, from such cosmetics should not require more than she can give. Even entering into its composition of antioxidants, plant hormones, collagen and other useful substances to the skin, not a big difference. Its action is limited mainly to the surface layers of the skin, therefore, affect the internal processes in the dermis such cream not. But maybe it's for the better!

 How to make a cream to "work"

Look at the structure of any cream, even an expensive and high-quality. How many chemical ingredients - emulsifiers, stabilizers, conservatives, perfumes and so on. Without them, modern production can not do, or will not be stored cream months, and only a few days after opening, and a homogeneous mass with a nice view and the smell is difficult to obtain. But, do you want all these ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin and affect the state of the cells, carry blood throughout the body?

Surely not! Well, you can calm down, they do not get ... almost! Leather honorably fulfills its function - to protect us from foreign and harmful substances ... and at the same time from useful. Even using liposomes, nanoparticles, and other transport agents, a negligible amount of active ingredients of cosmetics penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis.   Experts believe that to overcome the protective layer of the skin and bring real benefits can only 5-7% of nutrients in a cream (and this is the best).

Several more efficiently and effectively use professional cosmetics Which is chosen individually and is designed for use under the supervision of a specialist in it and active substances on the order of magnitude greater. After all, professional cosmetics and procedures only very tentatively separated from the pharmaceutical (medical) and possession of a cosmetics application methods require specific knowledge. Even skin types which are professionals, not five, as we are accustomed to thinking (thick, oily acne, combination, dry, dry fading), while as many as 22.   Taking into account parameters such as greasiness, moisture, elasticity, profile, condition of the vessels, the level of pigmentation, sensitivity, allergens, etc. When selecting a line of care cosmetics make amendments even on the specific climatic conditions at the place of residence. Lines care preparations are completed in accordance with the stages of care (cleansing, deep cleansing, toning, intensive care and protection). The maximum effective cream is combined with other products of the individually selected care line.

 How to make a cream to "work"

  Typically, a series of cosmetic and present home line Which is a natural extension of a professional line and is designed for skin care at home. To acquire it, bypassing the stage of salon care and consultation of cosmetologist, is not recommended. Do not be lazy, and at least once in a lifetime visit a competent cosmetologist and find the exact "diagnosis" of your skin.

True change the situation dramatically, turn the clock back 10 years, can not and professional cosmetics. But significantly improve the condition of the skin, slow the aging process it is quite able. Conventional cosmetics also is not bad, if it is to choose the right, properly use and do not expect miracles. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to frequently change the makeup, except that when you change the time of year, or in the event of any problems. What you seem to be a lack of effect is a natural consequence of an effective remedy. After all, the main task of the cream to maintain the skin at a certain level. If at first it was in disrepair, and after treatment began to look better, says that cosmetic work. Well, then, it remains only to maintain this state.   No good, no good looking. A part of the experiment with makeup fraught with the development of allergies, and the use of skin hardly bring.

If you are not ready to go to a beautician or that there are no conditions, choose under your skin a good cosmetic line, focusing on the appropriate mix - price / performance, and use it, following the instructions that are always present in packaging boxes, or simply on a jar (tube) with makeup, but we do not always read.

 How to make a cream to "work"

And, of course, stick to simple common Rules applying cream The truth of which is time-tested.

*   Before applying the cream should be thoroughly cleaned skin. Hold each time deep cleansing with peeling of course should not be, but to remove makeup, wash with warm water, if necessary, use a lotion or lotion - is necessary.

*   Wet or dry skin should be prior to application of a cream - a moot point. Someone convinced that moist skin better absorb the active components of the cream, and thus refers to the results of research. Other experts refer to other studies and prove that the best dry skin cream treats. I personally prefer to put cosmetics on a slightly damp skin.

*   To the cream is well absorbed, its temperature should be close to body temperature. So, prior to application, for a couple of minutes on the hand cream rub the fingertips.

 How to make a cream to "work"

*   The cream is applied to the point movements all over the face, then partitioned easy to push movements on the skin lines. Around the eyes it is recommended to light pressing movements. Under the chin the cream should be applied to light Tapping movements of the back of the hand in the direction from the center line to the ears. To do all this you need to very gently with both hands, as far as possible without moving the skin.

Massage lines on the face are located as follows:
- From the middle of the forehead to the temples,
- From the nose to the temples arc,
- On the wings of the nose to the ears,
- On the corner of the lips to the middle of the ear,
- From the middle of the chin along the lower jaw to the ear lobes.

*   Do not take a lot of cream, the cream should be applied in an amount to only light evenly lubricate the surface. After about 10-15 minutes on the face should be left visible traces on the application of the cream. If you overdid it, remove the excess with a cloth.

*   When applying makeup, consider the biorhythms of the body. No wonder creams are divided into day and night. Lighter day cream, moisturizer with vitamins, contains protective components and filters UV. Apply it from 5 and up to 10 o'clock in the morning. At this time, begin to work actively endocrine glands, is the release of hormones, blood circulation is activated and gradually reaches a peak. The skin easily absorbs moisture and dissolved substances.

 How to make a cream to "work"

Night cream begins to actively work after 20 hours At this time include skin repair mechanisms, begins active division and cell renewal of the epidermis, the skin absorbs the most biologically active, moisturizing and nourishing substances contained in the cream, so the application of the cream is especially important for extra support regeneration processes taking place at night.

It is advisable to bring myself up to 22 hours But if you do not have time, then, as they say, better late than never. No matter how late you come home, remove make-up, wash and apply a nourishing night cream (unless of course, yet the morning), at least half an hour before sleep, give him thoroughly absorbed.

And here daily from 15 hours to 17 - "dead" In the sense of the application of cosmetics, the susceptibility of the skin to a minimum.

So choose carefully and cosmetic line "by itself", use it wisely and according to the rules, to store - and your skin will look healthy and beautiful, and the cream is not satisfactory.
Author: Olga Travleeva