Take care of your beauty in the fall - easy!
 The summer heat is behind us, in front of - autumn coolness and freshness. The new time of year requires a special approach to their beauty! How to care for the face, hands and delicate skin of the lips during the first autumn rains and cold weather?

Well-groomed face skin

Despite the fact that the autumn is rainy and capricious, it is rich in vitamins from the garden - vegetables will help you keep your skin supple and fresh!

Nourishing Mask.   Rub on a fine grater any vegetables - cabbage, eggplant, beets, carrots or zucchini pulp and apply on face and neck in the third hour. Carrot Mask is especially useful for cracked and overly dry skin.

Refreshing and rejuvenating mask.   Finely we shall cut (or use a coffee grinder), green peas, mix it with sour cream (if the skin is dry) or milk (if fat) and apply slurry to the skin for 15 minutes.

Mask against puffiness and "bruising" under the eyes.   Mash cooked potato, add milk and apply on the skin around the eyes for 20 minutes.

 Take care of your beauty in the fall - easy!

The mask for sensitive skin prone to irritation.   Finely cut spinach, cook it in milk to the consistency of porridge and spread on the gauze, which is then put on the face for 5 minutes. Pre-Cut slits for a nose and mouth.

Mask for oily skin, it is also ideal for aging skin.   Freeze, and then scalded with boiling water of sea-buckthorn berries. They must be crushed and then add a little cream. This slurry was applied to the skin on the face 15 minutes.

The mask for dry skin.   Welded pre-soaked in hot water, fresh beans. Slay water, grind the beans to the consistency of porridge, add a little lemon juice. While the beans warm - put it on the skin for 15 minutes.

Velvet hands

Since the end of September already possible Wear gloves , Especially in the morning and evening hours - after the September frosts negative impact on the sensitive skin of hands. Use for concern protective cream for hands and nails   - Good help soften skin creams with extracts of chamomile or olives .

 Take care of your beauty in the fall - easy!

Make it a rule Only wash your hands with warm water Because hot and cold make your skin more sensitive. Always wipe your hands dry, and do not go out or even a balcony with wet hands - risk to get on their likeness handles sandpaper!

There masks for hands . Vegetable autumn mask (potatoes, zucchini, carrots, etc.), as well as a mask of spinach will be helpful and skin of the hands. They are prepared in the same way as face masks and their hold the next 15 minutes.

Charming smile

The skin of the lips - another area of ​​the face that require attention. In the summer you can afford to forget the house chapstick and your lips look still gently and carefully, in the autumn - not wait for this! Once walked in the windy, wet her lips - and now there was an unpleasant roughness and cracks, sometimes even to the blood! To avoid this - keep it with a hygienic balm . Wonderful, if he will have a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Very good moisturizing lip balm containing Royal jelly, propolis extract, olives .

 Take care of your beauty in the fall - easy!

In addition, take care of the beauty of your lips you can and with the help of special masks . Nothing complicated! Eat fruit? Brush the mouth a small amount of juice for a few minutes! Fresh vegetables? Do the same! The result was not long in coming!
Very good for the lips and mask from honey   - It is perfectly moisturize your lips and give them a healthy rich color.

However, apart from the masks, you should introduce yourself to some rules:

- Never licks his lips in the wind;

- Drink plenty of fluids - cracks can occur as a result of dehydration;

- Try not to use the fall-resistant lipsticks - they desiccate the skin of the lips too.

As you can see, a little more diligence - and your beauty is not threatened. During this period rich in vitamins a good try to saturate your body with them - before the long winter it will be better than you can please your body!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya