"ER" for your beauty
 Finally, the man of your dreams realized what a treasure you and asked you on a date? Hooray! It remains an example of the most stunning outfit and make sure that you are fully prepared to hit him in the heart with its beauty. But what is reflected in the mirror?

Is this a poor barber trimmed fashionable lady is to you something to do? And what to do with a broken nail in a fit fitting? And to make up lashes if they suddenly become strange to react to your favorite mascara?

Easy! Panic can cause your appearance even more serious damage. Especially that nothing irreparable had happened - all can be corrected. There are a number of tools that help you quickly correct some flaws appearance. Their advantage is that thanks to modern technology, they look quite naturally and never give out around our women's secrets.

Fixing hair . If it turned out that creative hairstyle, which you are going to shine in front of a favorite, does not coincide with your ideas about beauty, it is worth considering whether it makes sense in the future to use the services of this master.

 "ER" for your beauty
   In the remaining time to charge travelers have to somehow minimize the damage done to the exterior - to do this, by the way, it is not too difficult, for example, using toupees. In particular, a very interesting option of overhead strands have 22 shades in the collection of Creative hair Belli Capelli, with their help in the home, you can create any hairstyle that you like.

 "ER" for your beauty
 Their advantage is that they do not affect the "native" hair, which are able to quietly grow back to that length, which do you like more.

There is, of course, and the more radical option: you can immediately go to a beauty salon and increase hair. This, of course, require more time, effort and money. But if you have, then why not? Incidentally, this embodiment is more seriously consider if your romantic dinner can turn into a joint breakfast.

Create a meaningful look . The human body - a mysterious thing and it did not know until the end, we do not always manage to understand what it signals some symptoms. With strange reaction to mascara faced by many women. It happens that the discomfort is even a favorite tool that you use for a long time ... to understand the reasons of such behavior of its own body is in alliance with the experts - allergists, cosmetology and others. And as long as a specific response is not received, to experiment, picking up another brand, it is not necessary.

 "ER" for your beauty
   And to spice up the look, while you can try false eyelashes, for example, Fashion Lashes from Ardell - they are securely fixed, well kept and look perfectly natural, giving depth and expression to the view. By the way, it is likely that after the positive experience of the use of such eyelashes, you even refuse from the carcass. It is now manufactured so many varieties of false eyelashes that is a snap to pick up a form that is most suited to your appearance and emphasizes your advantage.

"Lata" manicure . Broken nail - this is not an occasion for experience. Even if you have all the nails in a precarious state, you can create a perfect manicure with the help of modern technology. Especially now that an entirely new material - bioakril, combine the advantages of the gel and acrylic. Incidentally, he also has medicinal properties, so long as you shine a perfect manicure, your own nogotochki under its influence significantly strengthened.

 "ER" for your beauty
 By the way, if the nails regularly teaches you unpleasant surprises, do not forget to use before applying nail polish base coat. Choose a variety of means, which, as Clear Bond by INM, not only provides an effective grip lacquer nail plate, but also protects it from chipping and cracking. If the charge before a date you just do not have time to visit a beauty salon, you can use ready-made artificial nails. Just remember that for permanent use, they are not very suitable, natural nails have them from time to time to rest.

And the most important thing!   Going out on a date, forget about all the small troubles that have plagued you in preparation for this meeting, and do not forget to bring along a good mood and a charming smile. Then the heart of a man of your dreams is sure to be defenseless before your dazzling beauty and charm.
Author: Olga Larsen