The consequences of sunbathing ...
 We all remember the days of winter, when the eagerly awaited the arrival of spring, we rejoiced heat and sun. And, of course, we all know that the summer is hot ... But who could imagine that the heat is so unbearable. Alas, the sun can not only delight but also upset, probably not for nothing has spots on it ...

Although it is the sunlight has healing and preventive properties; exposure to sunlight produces a much needed vitamin D, promotes intestinal absorption of calcium necessary for bone, under the influence of the sun improves the function of all systems and the endocrine glands, accelerates metabolism, increases immunity.

Sun improves mood, drives away depression, improves sleep and general condition. The sun gives us a tan and we have almost all become Darkie and chocolates ...

But an excess of ultraviolet and infrared rays cause the body to overheat and to beware if you do not - to the heat and sunstroke.

Observe precautions:

- Doctors recommend that you avoid exposure to extreme heat outdoors.

- Walking and sunbathing in the morning and evening hours. In the morning the sun emits ultraviolet rays, which give the body everything is good, and in the afternoon prevails infrared radiation, which affects all living things are not the best way.

- Do not spend hours lying on the beach, even if near a river or the sea be nice, you should sit in the shade under an umbrella or tree.

- The duration of exposure to the sun should not be more than 15-20 minutes in a row, a maximum of half an hour.

- In general, it is better not to sunbathe lying and moving. For example, walking along the water's edge.

- Besides sunbathing and swimming, you can not for everyone. For example, you can not stay long in the sun people prone to high blood pressure, or to changes in blood pressure, and indeed all the "cores", people with neurasthenia, prone to bleeding, have any tumors, regardless of their benign or not, suffering from diseases blood during menstruation and swim, too, should not be.

- It is dosed sun exposure should be for children and the elderly.

- To the sun more sensitive people with light skin, blond and red-haired.

 The consequences of sunbathing ...

Help yourself cope with exposure to the sun:

- In the heat should drink as much as possible simple, mineral water, juices, diluted with water 1: 1, home brew green tea. Best of all this is to bring, as on the beach and promenade is usually sold sweet fizzy drinks, which only exacerbate the thirst.

- When the headaches and fever, should immediately go into the shadows, it is better to go home and take a cold shower, wrapped in a wet sheet, drink aspirin. If you do not get better, call "ambulance."

- Burnt skin can not be cleaned with cologne, lotions and alcohol for two days, otherwise the heat and the pain increased sharply.

- If a person is too much sunbathing and received burns to the skin, there are different folk remedies .
• relieves the bath with the addition of tea soda.
• In place of burns can be put, and compress with baking soda.
• Assist packs of strong brewed tea.
• Softens the skin bath with oatmeal.
• recommended as a bath with 2-3 drops of lavender oil.
• Or with a decoction of camomile.
All these baths to soothe and relieve pain.

- One of probably the most ancient means of escape from the effects of tanning are yogurt and sour milk. Reddened skin smeared with sour milk or yogurt, and allow to dry applied another layer, wash off after a while. Make several procedures to complete cure.

 The consequences of sunbathing ...

- Can be cleaned and serum, which is often sold in stores.

- Some burns cream smeared.

- Well heals burnt places a mixture of eggs, butter and sour cream. 1 egg yolk mixed with a 1st. spoon vegetable oil and 1st. dollop of sour cream. And lubricates the burnt place.

- Available "first aid" for burns of potatoes. Rinse raw tuber, peel, grate, put between layers of gauze and applied to the affected part of the body.

- A sunburnt places apply the same scalded and ostuzhennoy cabbage leaf.

- If heavily tanned face, it will help this recipe: Take a fresh chicken egg yolk and liberally lubricated his face. Give it to harden, and then wash with soap and water.

But we must not forget that prevention, compliance with safety rules are always reasonable and effective recipes for the most magical healing.   That prevention saves our health and beauty. So, take care of yourself and be beautiful.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva