Autumn Care
 Change of season gives you a chance to restore the skin after the summer sun and prepare it for the winter cold.

Many of us have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, redness, during the change of seasons. Frequent exposure to the sun during the summer can cause dehydration of the skin.


Autumn - the best time to nourish your skin from head to toe. Body care requires care and attention, but there are products that make this process easy and enjoyable thing!

The face

There are many resources for people with different structures.
All the stuff listed here are suitable for sensitive skin, and some - for her original state.

One of the best face cream - Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. Due to the oil extract of wild roses and wild rose, the cream has a terrific flavor. Removing the redness, it soothes the skin - this is the best option for sensitive, dry and mature skin.

It is also a natural remedy "Avene Skin Recovery Cream". Designed for over-voltage and sensitive skin and rich thermal spring water Avene, it is instantly absorbed into the skin, removing irritation and redness. It does not contain any substances that cause negative reactions on the skin.

For skin prone to pigmentation

Prescriptives Skin Tone Correcting Serum contains the root of the mulberry, grapes and vitamin C. It helps to correct and prevent the appearance of dark spots and improves the skin tone using Melannite, yeast extract, which destroys the individual concentrated area of ​​pigmentation.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Sun Supreme Rescue Serum reduces the visible signs of aging, evens skin tone and texture. Visible capillaries and uneven color are greatly reduced.

Face masks

"L'Occitane Honey Harvest Comfort Face Mask" - not sticky in texture and just refreshing and soothing the skin.

"Blush comes after a sharp change of ambient temperature: from cold to warm," - says Janine Bird (Janine Bird), teacher and manager of the education Prescriptives. "Your capillaries dilate. If this occurs regularly - they weaken and may break, resulting in permanent redness ".

For immediate feeling of comfort - "Biosensitive Calming Facial Mist", containing thermal plankton, which really reduces bumps and pimples and removes the feeling of "glowing" skin.


Try not to lick your lips, as it is they are very dry. Balsams "Crabtree" and "Evelyn Overnight Lip Repai" - a necessary thing in your purse.


Have fun with "Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath", which is also used to soften the skin. It contains camellia oil, lavender, chamomile, and milk proteins, providing immediate relief to sensitive and irritated skin.

In addition, regularly exfoliate the face and body.


After taking a shower or bath is necessary to moisturize the skin. Do not spare the time, how to infiltrate the skin.

Continuing the theme of luxury: "Chanel's Firming Moisture Milk" improves the skin tone using a silky, shimmering structure.

If you prefer a more compact body cream, try "ESPA Deeply Nourishing Body Cream" with an extract of soy and wild yam, which is perfectly nourishes the skin, suffer from lack of moisture and elasticity.

Do not forget about the hair

"The roots of your hair cope better with the sun's rays than the tips as they are more" fresh "and filled with protein," - said Richard Ward (Richard Ward), owner of Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa in London.

To restore the damage caused by the sun, try a luxurious hair treatment. For example, "Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Nourishing Body Oil". Take a small amount and spread over the entire length of hair. Slightly soak, then rinse with regular shampoo.

Help for hands

Complete the procedure to treatment arms. Try "L'Occitane Immortelle Young Hands", which deals with irregularities, stained and well nourishes the skin.