Give your face a rest
 Just as exercise helps to keep the body in shape, special massages and exercises for face tightened facial muscles, resulting in improved circuit held swelling, increase the elasticity. The best time for facial exercises - the gap between cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Facial massage in the completion of the usual procedures for you to tighten the skin, restoring its smoothness and softness.

When you squeeze the squeeze or any part of the body, increases blood flow to the area. A person reacts to touch especially since everything is permeated by small, sensitive muscles. Accurate pressure during a facial massage can relax the muscles, allowing them to adapt to the independent reduction in the most essential points. As a result, when numerous repetitions of exercises and massage your face will look younger. In addition, massage stimulates circulation, so the complexion will always be fresh and radiant.

A good way to tighten the skin - tingling method that helps the lymphatic vessels drain congested area and remove toxins.

Start with a quick minor tingling just below the chin, alternating with pat along the chin and jaw line, which contributes to the compression of the region and increase circulation.

Coming from the jaw line to move in the direction of the ears, bypassing all the face and around the mouth. Movement is carried out first in a clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Taps along the eyebrows and around the cheekbones. Do not touch the area around the eyes - the skin there is very thin.

Lob in one go, you can bypass the back and forth several times, starting with the movement of any of the temples.

Place the fingertips or knuckles under the cheekbones and begin to move toward the ears counterclockwise.

While massaging the skin, it is important to fingertips were soft.