Help your man to treat skin properly
 Many hours of traffic jams, bad ecology, a mad race through the ranks ... Modern life - continuous stress. And what if we add to it the physical stress - like the fact that every day feels men's skin while shaving?

It has long been a thing of the past ideas of the so-called "real" man for whom follow the fashion and cosmetics to use - is akin to shame. By the gentlemen of the XXI century society places very different demands. And well maintained - one of them.

But despite the fact that today in the arsenal of every man there is an impressive array of cosmetics a rare representative of the stronger sex watching them as thoroughly as it does a woman. And in vain ...

Every day, picking up a razor, men "cut off" the top protective layer of skin, exposing it to severe stress. But this stress - not only threatens male beauty. US scientists have made a sensational discovery: it turns out, psychological stress - the same man who accompanied everywhere by modern man - also affect its appearance. In particular, it leads to disruption of the skin structure and mechanisms of its functioning: it tarnishes, loses its elasticity, faster aging.

You can make a model a haircut and put on an expensive suit, but they do not conceal any bruises under his eyes, no new wrinkles on the forehead or irritated reddened skin. All the problems, as they say, on the face.

How to help the man to protect the skin from stress? Here are a few simple tips:

 Help your man to treat skin properly
 1. Do not let him use your cosmetics
It differs from the female not only the packaging and smell. Do men and women really are different skin. For men it is denser and contains more melanin and collagen fibers. That is why women creams, gels, lotions, etc. Cosmetic products can absolutely not be suitable or even be harmful to the representatives of a strong half of mankind.

2. Each type of skin - its cream
If the man is the owner of a dry or normal skin, it is necessary to avoid alcohol-containing cosmetics - especially during the cold season. For normal skin is good to use a variety of peels and scrubs that will help get rid of old, dead skin cells and impurities, and - to improve blood flow. Moreover, if done prior to shaving peeling, it promotes softening of the bristles and prevents the skin from minor cuts.

For oily skin, prone to acne, it is recommended to use a mild detergent with antibacterial effect and low-fat nutritional gels. It is not superfluous to from time to time to look to the beautician salon facial cleansing, as well as a variety of masks and serums, skin will benefit.

 Help your man to treat skin properly
 3. The need to shave properly!
This is best done after a shower, when the skin becomes softer and steams. And, of course, to use the suitable razor for shaving and makeup. We should not forget about the use of funds that will help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment and prevent premature aging.

Thus, the effect of shaving gel and balm after shaving line ENERGOAKTIV Q10 from NIVEA For Men is comparable with intense anti-stress treatment of skin cells. Coenzyme Q10, which is part of both funds, activates key biochemical reactions in the skin: it contributes to a more active cell division, the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which allows the skin to retain elasticity and youthfulness.

4. Skin required output
Often, to cope with stress, we just need to relax. This is true for men's skin! Every few weeks, be sure to pause for shaving. This will not only give the skin a break, but will make a man more attractive: light bristles's hot!

 Help your man to treat skin properly
 5. Health - first and foremost!
Cigarettes and alcohol - the worst enemies of the skin, destroying it from the inside. Smoking activates the gene responsible for the production of "bad" enzyme: it damages the collagen of the skin, which is why it becomes flabby and wrinkled. Alcohol also injure the area of ​​skin where the regeneration of cells.

Therefore, the most simple and affordable way to protect all the skin from stress - a healthy lifestyle. Walking in the fresh air, exercise, sauna, spa treatments will be useful not only for skin, but for the entire body.
Author: Olga Larsen