Smooth forehead
 Vertical wrinkles, wrinkle-called lion, manifest after 30 years between the eyebrows. These give the face wrinkles worried look and deepening with each passing day more and more. These horizontal folds also added, usually in the form of parallel lines. What are the solutions to get rid of these alarming tags age?

Aesthetic Medicine   to remove forehead wrinkles successfully used Botox injections. In France, this method was 12 years old, with an average of 3 million patients per year. Today it is one of the most common methods of aesthetic medicine.

Botox has received permission to use the market of aesthetic services as a safe means used against wrinkles his forehead. Sometimes, however, that after this procedure, the patient has one eyebrow raised above the other at the injection site occur ball, or the wrinkles do not disappear completely. In this case, an urgent need to change the doctor.

Injections are made at several points that are selected according to your facial features. With botox injections, the muscles are paralyzed, the wrinkles are smoothed out. The sooner this is done, the smaller the depth of wrinkles and the faster it disappears: this kind of thinking, apparently, was not spared Americans who use this procedure at the first signs of wrinkles on the forehead, starting at 35 years old.

Since this procedure is seen as an injection, a painful reaction purely individual. The result appears from 3 to 15 days. When injections were properly made, the forehead is smooth at rest and during movement of the person, he will not be felt as "wood". The effect of the first injection lasts for 3 to 4 months. Usually three injections are made in the first year, and then twice a year. Price is primarily dependent on the amount of product and starting at $ 250 per session.

The only BUT: This product has not shown itself in long-term use, so do not need to get involved in them. Especially in the neck and upper chest, where there is no muscle needed very large doses of Botox are not yielding, moreover, noticeable results.

Cosmetic solutions: no cream can tighten the muscles! But a lot of cream polish and improve the skin. Cereal proteins and new silicone polymers that make up the innovative care products for skin, form an invisible film having a lifting effect. Some creams claim to act in the very depth of wrinkles by increasing the amount of collagen.

There are today, it turns out, special funds for the wrinkled forehead. In the same package with this cosmetic product is applied as small roulette massage, relaxing the muscles of the forehead. Then imposed silicone gel filling wrinkles, which should be left for the night. (Set Chanel)

Christian Dior, in turn, provides a cream patch that has an effective, but short-term effect. Forehead wrinkles are reduced after the application of the tool by 39 percent.

How to disguise the wrinkles on the forehead by means of a make-up?

This is mainly done using the tonal framework for make-up. The company offers Clarins foundation that smoothes everything in its path, thanks microparticles acacia, filling wrinkles. Many firms also offer a framework that is enriched with silicon.

Finite, all these assets - for visual deception, but with a very positive effect!