Breathing exercises Bodyflex
 Today it is impossible to imagine a beautiful woman who is not had a slim, toned figure. However, this is all quite true for men. For them, the lack of excess Zhirkov and sagging submitted enemies beautiful appearance, no less. However, as practice shows, all of this can be overcome. And if you've already painted in my head painful effort, a serious waste of time and money, or trips to the doctor, as well as significant limitations in food, then you are wrong.

By itself, the breathing exercises Bodyflex requires no casualties. The only thing needed in this practice - patience and a systematic approach. You may be given exercises to 15 minutes a day, but it should be 15 minutes each day, and not less. The author of this system - Greer Childers Which is itself the first, successfully apply it and check for yourself. Once without any extra effort, she was able to reduce a significant amount of centimeters of the extent of their waist, hips and not just its practice began to gain popularity.

Benefits Bodyflex

The system is safe and versatile, suitable for both men and women. In its basis - some of the exercises taken from yoga. Due to the natural stimulation of the body, the practice boosts metabolism. Through hard oxygen enters the blood, fat will start to be burned. However, this advantages of this system does not end there. Together with a decrease in body fat, the body also cleaned by increasing the amount of oxygen. Derived cancer cells, accelerates regeneration processes. Due to lack of important substances in the body, many of us ugly, zemlyanisty skin tone. Now this problem is solved.

At the heart of the whole system is only 12 basic exercises and proper breathing. Exercises allow competently use a variety of muscles, ranging from those that are on their feet, and ending facial. Breathing is focused on an adequate supply of oxygen. After all, today from a lack of this substance on the planet, millions of people suffer. This applies particularly to residents of large cities, with major industrial load traffic. The situation is also exacerbated by passive or active smoking.

 Breathing exercises Bodyflex

Secrets of Bodyflex

We discussed the system has plenty of advantages. One of them - small number of constraints. For example, these exercises can be recommended to overweight people who are advised to start working with your body with small loads, as a serious approach from the very beginning of training your body can not survive. In addition, these exercises are completely suitable for those who have certain heart problems. Bodyflex allows us to develop flexible, moderate and properly load the joints, so it can serve as a specific prevention for a number of senile diseases later.

Following this procedure the need to breathe consistently under 5 stages. To start the air, which can only breathe, pushed from the inside. Then there is a sharp and quick breaths through the nose. In this note - if the breath came out loud, then everything goes wrong. Then, after An open mouth, the air is exhaled with force, and in the process it is important to load the main diaphragm. Then you need to hold your breath, with the power to draw the abdomen, to count inside to 10. In this case, it is best to take the most appropriate position, for example, can be a little lean forward and legs wide apart for stability. Then all you need to relax your muscles and breathe more quietly.

Note that within the system, is exhaling through the nose, but the breath after ingestion. Rather, from the outset, especially the first time, you have nothing intelligent fail. Do not worry, this is a typical pattern for beginners. In addition to the breathing, you still try to master a basic set of special exercises. This poses that stretch some muscles, and on the other a strain. And work is these groups of muscles, which is the smallest load in normal practice, in gyms, in the standard approach, not to mention the daily life.

Pose, which is called the "ugliness" allows first stretch and then relax a number of facial muscles. At the same time it brings a certain touch of creativity in the program. "Abdominal press" helps strengthen the stomach, and "Scissors" - just download the whole group of muscles. All this means that, over time, the body looks a lot better, healthier and more beautiful.

More experienced practitioners say that we should not be upset if the exercise is not obtained immediately execute perfectly. The main thing is perseverance and the desire to achieve the goal. Over time, the body is stretched and everything will turn out much easier.

Breathing Technique system Bodyflex from AnnaVanlee

Author: Marina Sun