How to keep youth in the years to come
 Every woman tries to keep young by any means. Increasingly, in recent years the fair sex solve this problem in the offices of plastic surgeons. But is it worth to swing boteks, or worse, to go under the knife to get the illusion of rejuvenation, "to seem, not to be"?

There is a good Russian proverb - "take care of the honor of his youth," and I would say - "Take care of health from an early age." For what goes around comes around! Passing through the line thirty people, and especially women, should pay more attention to their health. The body ever need your support in the form of regular exercise. They will keep the muscular frame in shape. This is carried out proper nutrition and blood supply to the tissues of the skin. So acquired health so prolonged youth.

How to stay young

What leads a person to premature aging? Many will be surprised! It turns out that the loss of one of the physical properties of the body, which is called flexibility. With age, flexibility becomes less intense. This is a natural process. Because of this, the body is weakened and begins aging. Can I move the aging of at least a few decades? Of course yes! And I'll tell you how to do it.

Check for flexibility

The best time for the development of the flexibility of the body - 14-16 years. But if you're far from that age, do not worry, all fixable. The main thing to start something to do with it.

After 30 in the body begin the processes of change of skeleton: harden the edge of the glenoid cavity, reduced ductility ligaments. Strong deformation of the spine is exposed, his cartilage grow coarse, thinning and change shape. Many are already at a young age can not really bend or sag.

How to test your flexibility? There are a few simple tests allow to make it quickly and accurately. Lean and try the whole area of ​​the palms touch the floor or arch your back and try to see the middle of the wall. If you do these exercises are not given or carried out with difficulty, it means your spine and the whole body is already covered by an irreversible process of aging. But salvation is - it is constant, exercise, and again exercise!

 How to keep youth in the years to come

Exercise - "develop flexibility"

All of the following exercises are suitable for women of any age and physique. For the most part they are designed for beginners. For their performance, you will need a ball of any size and weight. He is engaged in all exercises. For beginners it is recommended to do 4 reps of each exercise, gradually increasing the load. Focus while on their feelings and overall health.

Exercise number 1

Stand erect with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hands in slightly bent position before feeding. At the time, the withdrawal of the left hand, two - to the right. Legs and torso while still. Watch for breathing. By turning the inhale when returning to the rack, exhale.

Exercise number 2

Stand with arms stretched out directly overhead. Feet shoulder width apart. At times - lean forward, two - back to its original position. Keep the spine as straight. When tilting try to pull it forward as much as possible.

 How to keep youth in the years to come

Exercise number 3

Take the starting position - feet shoulder width apart. Put your hands down with the ball. Start rotation of the body with the hands clockwise and then counterclockwise. Movements like working mill sleeves. Be sure to follow the rhythm of breathing.

Exercise number 4

From the starting position, do springy leaned forward. This hand is retracted his head, as far as possible.

Exercise β„–5

Stand erect. Hands holding the ball at the crotch. Raise your left leg forward at an angle of 90 degrees and carried her through the ball. The same thing happened with the right foot. The spine thus keep upright.

Exercise number 6

Get on your knees. Hands pull up. Keep your posture. Slowly flex at the waist, placing hands behind his head.

 How to keep youth in the years to come

Exercise β„–7

Sit comfortably on the buttocks, legs stretched forward. Keep the spine in an upright position. At the time - lift your left leg and swept underneath the ball, shifting it from one hand to another. Do the same with the other leg.

Exercise number 8

Lie on your stomach. Stretch your arms forward. Hold the ball between the feet. At the expense of time - at the same time lift up the hands and feet. At the expense of the two return to the starting position.

These eight exercises are mainly aimed at the elaboration of your spine, to enhance its flexibility. They will result in muscular frame body tone. But this is not the end but only the beginning of a great work. I recommend you to choose any kind of gymnastics or yoga and begin specialized training. The main thing is not lazy - your health and youth only in your hands!
Author: Nelly Dorofeeva