Nordic Walking
 For a long time to maintain the tone, well-being and good mood people are engaged in walking. As time went on, improved processes, is no exception and Nordic Walking. Over the years, this type of fitness has undergone some changes.

A few years back to normal recreational walking added to load special sticks, so there's a new kind of fitness - Nordic Walking   (Nordic Walking). For the first time this kind of activities emerged in Finland. Do not think that the stick though somehow simplify training. This upgrade was originally needed for athletes involved in skiing. This introduction was necessary in view of the fact that competitors could develop his technique and not lose the knack in the warmer months. A little later, this unusual kind of distance has become very popular not only among athletes but also among ordinary people. Already in many countries no surprise a man walking down the street with "ski" sticks.

Such a massive craze Nordic walking due to the fact that it is not necessary to have any special skills and training in order to start the course .  Moreover, this sport does not matter even the age .  Doing Nordic Walking can be a person of any age group, as they say - and old and small .  It is reasonable to question arises - why such innovations need ordinary people, far from skiing? The fact is that conventional walking generally involves only the lower muscle groups of the body while the upper group of muscles did not feel any stress .  In contrast to the usual walk in the Scandinavian involved in virtually all of our muscles .  This in turn has a positive effect on our spine, and therefore, improves posture, body becomes taut, lean, improves the function of the joints, movement acquire grace .  Furthermore, it improves the function of cardiovascular system .  Showing Nordic walking classes and during rehabilitation . 

 Nordic Walking

Similar exercises very beneficial to our health. If we talk about the benefits of Nordic walking more detail, be sure to note the following ... Nordic Walking:

- It helps to improve the tone of almost all of our muscles and joints work;

- It helps to get rid of the problems of the musculoskeletal system;

- Helps to lower cholesterol;

- Uses during exercise not only lower body muscle group, but top. Taken together, it turns out that while Nordic walking we train up to 90% of our muscles;

- Allows you to dump far more calories than regular walking wellness, and therefore allows less time to acquire the desired shape;

- Has an impact on charity work not only the heart but also the lungs;

- Suitable for people of different age groups and different levels of preparation.

- Does not require large financial expenditures.

For Nordic Walking lessons, we need only the special sticks, which cost about 1000 rubles., And desire. No special instructions not. During the walk it is resolved conversations on abstract themes, the interest in the natural environment, as it is not forbidden to enjoy it all. Do not forget to follow the breath, it should be smooth and not interrupted.

Duration is 30-40 minutes strand. Of course, this is not the limit, and you can practice as much as you see fit. Work quite 3-4 times a week. With regular classes in a few weeks you will notice a positive trend. During Nordic Walking among other things produces the hormone of happiness, so if you have depression, stress, or just in a bad mood ... a stick in his hands and it is urgent nature.
Author: MIRovaya