On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...
 Part Two "Tune to the desired wave! "

In the first article of the series we have discussed with you the principles of proper nutrition, and I very much hope that you were able to understand (unless something like this did not come to your mind much earlier) how important it is.

Now I want to talk about the second main factor that responsible for the occurrence of excessive weight. According to the authors of techniques, which I mentioned last time, it is nothing like self-flagellation, for example, the constant accusation itself in anything.

Whether catching you ever thought to yourself, what you say or think about yourself something like this: "I am - bad! I still do not! "If your answer is yes, this article is written by me just for you.

The above factors suggest that incorrect installation laid down in our subconscious mind, however, this can be corrected by reprogramming it. You can do it if, within twenty-one days, with each day that does not have much time, you will perform a series of simple but effective exercises. In this case, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to finding harmony without any violence against him and any restrictions. Moreover, you will be able to change over the years stored in your settings and transfer them to a positive and calming waves.

Exercise "Twenty-one day of love"

Prepare colored stickers (stickers), concentrate, think of something pleasant, and write on each of them some positive statement. For example, "I am worthy of love! "Or" I deserve to have such a beautiful body! ". Then glue the prepared thee stickers on the mirror, around the heart painted on it. Every morning and every evening, standing in front of a mirror, reading the phrase with stickers, mentally imagine the phrase written on it, to apply it to themselves and said, "I love you! ". I assure you, after twenty-one days of your self-esteem will be much higher.

Repair hard disk, or a definition of goals and desires

Think about what you want to achieve, and has set itself the real, a tangible goal. Then take a piece of paper and write on it the following:

"I, (name), today, August 1, 2010, I weigh 75 kg. August 21, 2010 I weigh 70 kilograms. "

In addition, the head of a daily diary and it is recorded in their achievements.

 On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...

It is important to   not to talk over these 21 days, only that it is necessary to somehow reduce weight: the energy at this time should not be wasted, it should focus and build up inside of you!

The new "I" of the twenty-one days, or your magical reflection in the mirror

The described exercises are the key to the thinking (or mental) weight loss program.

Every day, waking up to the mirror and sees its reflection. Thus it is better to be absolutely naked. But, if for some reason you can not fulfill this condition, you can do it in a beautiful and sexy underwear.
For example, I could not - in my apartment living and other family members - my children, who would not understand that their mother each morning walks around the apartment in the costume of Eve.
Looking in the mirror, imagine how the minute you become more slender. In this light flowing movements to stroke his body, and three times out loud, with a sense of excitement, exclaimed: "I love you! "
Most interesting is that it is not necessary to believe in it. The fact that about three days your subconscious reconstructed, and you really begin to see changes in myself - focus on reflection in the mirror will work and will start to bear fruit. It is believed that our inner "I" is unable to distinguish between true or false information, so it captures any data that does not only regularly, but in sufficient quantities.

 On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...

It is important to   think positively, as it may seem trite to you the exercises. Psychological diet can achieve this objective without any restrictions and stress only in the case, if you really love yourself!

In conclusion, I would like to remind you once again of the importance of continuing these exercises for three weeks. Only in this case, all your efforts will be successful. Miss at least one day, and have to start all over again!

To be continued…
Author: Stella Allates