On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...
 Part three, "Change yourself through meditation."
In the previous articles of this series (part 1, part 2), we're not only acquainted with the two main causes of weight gain, and began work on the restructuring of my subconscious in a positive way.

Continuing the theme, I would like to talk about one of the key factors, which is also widely used in the described methods of psychological my weight loss. It is proved that an important role is played by your ability to properly relax.

If you've never thought about it, now is the time! And in case, if you suddenly need help in the study of this issue, I am ready to give it to you right now. To do this, just to get acquainted with the third article of the series.

Knockin 'on Heaven called "subconscious"

I must say that it is very difficult to get in touch with your inner "I", to recognize all our desires and control our emotions. But this is possible and necessary: ​​it is there hidden program settings once you mistakenly learned.

When you can not deny himself, and holds out his hand for another piece of cake, it is the subconscious plays a cruel joke with you, at the same time as if whispering seductively in your ear: "Come on, brave, you deserve it, treat yourself! "

Or it suddenly becomes more aggressive, and says it is a palpable pressure in his voice: "Why resist? You still can not cope with the extra weight, so why limit yourself ?! Moreover, all so delicious ... "

The fact that the roots of the problems are almost always run deep, in the days of our childhood, when my mother told you: "Daughter, eat everything to the end! Do not leave food on the plate! "   or "Umnichka, I listen to my mother, and so she will give you a delicious piece of cake! ".

If, reading these lines, you come to the conclusion that all this is very familiar to you, you need to understand the following: Can you relax? Or did you just say that? What do you do for this? How often?

If you can not answer herself to me sounded questions, offer, you need to start learning it now, and together learn relaxation techniques. Because it has been scientifically proven "to reach out to their own subconscious mind" can help it daily meditation techniques and techniques of relaxation (or relaxation of muscles), during which the mind carried away, and the body is poured sweet languor.

 On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...

Learn to relax muscles

In order to enter into a state of deep relaxation you need before or after meditation to relax the muscles of the whole body, using the technique described below.
Within ten seconds, his best stretch of the muscles, and then let them relax completely. It is best to start an exercise facial muscles, alternately moving the muscles in the shoulders, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and finally the ankles. After that, you will soon feel like spreads throughout the body warm and pleasant relaxation. Thus, the physical strain relieve stress and fatigue that have accumulated for a long time in you.

Exercises for relaxation

This task you must perform for ten to twenty minutes for twenty-one days. Turn on the quiet soothing music, take a comfortable position and begin to relax your hands first, and then gradually the rest of the body. Close your eyes and try to breathe deeply, completely relaxed when you exhale and run away all thoughts. If they still will, like the persistent flies, climb into your head - fended them, scatters them like clouds in the sky, not yet experience the feeling of complete clarity and serene peace. Continue to breathe deeply, imagining moving wheel, which slows down the run and with each circle rotates slower and slower. Try to relax the entire body, step by step, starting with the muscles in the face and chin.

Once you realize that was able to achieve complete relaxation, imagine that you are lying peacefully in a boat bobbing on the waves. You feel like a boat gently glides through the water and hit the beach. You go out and you step barefoot on the warm sand. At the deserted beach you meet yourself updated - so what you've always wanted to be! Smoothly and slowly slip into the movement is desirable and a delightful body, move it, feel its flexibility, lightness and beauty.

Gently stir and then slowly open your eyes - this will allow you to go from a state of meditation.

With this exercise, you can lock in your subconscious image of a beautiful and perfect figure, but only if you do it every day. Moreover, you do not want to overeat, thus spoiling this beautiful picture: you perenesesh a new image from the imaginary to the real world.

 On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...

I wish you a favorable wind on the way to the Land of harmony and tell you with a soft smile in his eyes: "See! "

To be continued…
Author: Stella Allates