On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...
 Part Four
"Do you love the sweet, how I love him? "

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As is well known, sweets attract us with their appetizing appearance and the fact that we associate them with a reward (besides the goods from our distant childhood). Furthermore, often we consume them in large quantities, without noticing.

I must say that on this issue the views of the authors of the foreign and domestic practices diverge. I think from my side would be more honest to tell you about both points of view. I think so, I leave you the right choice, and you yourself decide what is best for you and more efficiently.

Opinion domestic experts
Thus, the authors of domestic technique suggest that if you - a sweet tooth, you shall in no case be to restrict themselves and abandon goodies. All you have to do - is to review the number and energy value, ie, calorie.

To begin with talk about the number of
How often do you comes to mind the idea that at a time when you swallow another candy or cookies, first of all, you do not even know the taste of sweetness, and secondly, it's all you painfully reminiscent of the hero of the cartoon "Buttermilk" postman Pechkin ?

 On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...
   If this happens, at least once every two - three days, it will be considered part of .  To fix the status quo, you have to just start to enjoy food .  At the same time try to listen to your body: it will help you not to miss the point of saturation .  In order to do this, it is important not to be distracted by external stimuli such as a TV or a computer, the Internet or a book, informal conversation with a friend or colleague .  All that prevent you to understand that here it is - the moment of truth - you are no longer hungry! Pay no attention to the surrounding, close your eyes and simply "catch a buzz": Eat slowly to relish every bite and remember not only what you eat, but what a pleasant sensation, which occurs slowly brewing within you in this moment .  After a few days the amount eaten thee sweet significantly changed in the smaller side, at the same time you will not feel discomfort .

Now touch on the issue calorie desserts
Do you love chocolates? I also loved them once, and could eat a lot in one sitting. I have not stopped loving them now, but still I had to change it by clicking on the marshmallow and marmalade. The fact that those lower in calories and sweets are so distinct taste that I have even eliminated the need to add sugar to tea. Also, I've always loved these goodies too: I see in them a touch of oriental culture that, in my opinion, adds to their mystery. Mentally, I immediately transported back to the days of my childhood, such a carefree, remembering the beautiful Scheherazade and delightful minarets of Baghdad. Yes, I loved these sweets once, but just forgot about it for a while. It's time to think about them now that I'm doing, because they cost me much "cheaper" and it is not a question of pricing policy. Speaking the word "cheaper", I mean while I consumed calories.

The opinion of foreign experts
Unlike domestic authors, developers foreign techniques suggest you change your attitude to sweets in the bud. The basis of the method described below again is a simple exercise.

 On the way to harmony, or the saga of how it was in my life ...
 The meditative exercise for the sweet tooth
Take a piece of their favorite goodies, put it in front of him and then go into a meditative state, as it was described in the previous section. But instead of to visualize the boat, take the sweetness of his hands, smell it, to feel the aroma emanating from it, and then put the pudding between the teeth. Hold your nose with your fingers and then scrutinize the smell of sweetness. You'll be surprised, because you either do not feel it, or it seems to you unpleasant. Continue to carry out this unpretentious exercise daily for twenty-one days, and the desire to eat extra piece of cake with the time lost, as your subconscious will securely store received bad impression.

Finally   this part of the cycle devoted entirely sweet tooth, I would like to stress again the fact that the problem lies only in us and our subconscious, and if you can not make a difference, try to change your attitude towards it. This is just one aspect of psychology.

In addition, I would like also to remind you of how important the ability to relax. At the moment of relaxation as you throw out of his fragile female shoulders the burden of problems that up to this point were you and take seriously, but at the same time painfully sorry to throw away.

Do not store them, leave behind, and updated as Venus, which appeared on the shore of the sea foam, gliding through life flying gait. You will love it! Even more you will enjoy admiring glances living next to you men who previously remained for you just strangers and slammed the door right under your nose, and now suddenly began to wait, holding the best, but parted just for you the door, and say at the same time: "Come on, girl! "

To be continued…
Author: Stella Allates