Spring Update: get rid of the junk and extra kilos
 It is no secret that winter has to set extra kilos. Only women with iron willpower and active winter sports lovers manage to come to the spring season on top form, with slender legs and chiseled waist. Most of the rest, in the early spring is no better way - and the pale little chubby, does not fit into your favorite jeans and skirts. It's hard not to notice the results of the "winter of gluttony", which, of course, there are many reasons and explanations. We will not go into these reasons, and try to get rid of the consequences. So, if you ate during the winter extra kilos, now is the time to get rid of them.

Methods of weight loss are many, ranging from the purely psychological and ending surgery. It would seem that the most effective and easiest way to get rid of unnecessary kilograms - go on a diet.

"Kefir", "buckwheat", "rice", "green" - with the advent of spring, these, and other names at the hearing, we hear them in the office, on television, read in newspapers, magazines, forums, etc. .d.

Attention - spring is the best time to diet, especially mono-diet, they can weaken an already weak immune system!

 Spring Update: get rid of the junk and extra kilos

The end of winter and the transition to the warm season of the year - a lot of stress for the body, because he has to completely rebuild all the rhythms. And if in this period, when vitamins are assimilated and so bad to sit on a strict diet, the body is not good. Dry and pale skin, brittle hair, impaired performance, temper, irritability, all these signs of vitamin deficiency, can only get worse under the influence of diets. So it is in the early spring, when, and so lacking in vitamins, torturing the body strict diet just is not excusable.

  And how then to lose weight?


Some nutritionists advise to lose weight by eating cold food and cold drinks, of course, sugar and alcohol, as well as taking a lukewarm shower or bath, and reduce the temperature in the room. It is believed that in this way you will strengthen the pace of weight loss because the body will spend the extra calories to warm the body. The famous American blogger and writer Timothy Ferris argues that eats everything, but does not get better, and all because even in the winter walks on the street in a light sweater and take a bath ... with ice, to start the process of burning fat. The method is certainly very doubtful, possible oil and will leave after such a mockery of the body, but the chances of catching a cold, flu or even pneumonia much more.

 Spring Update: get rid of the junk and extra kilos

Another thing cryosauna! Not that 3-minute quenching immediately get rid of all the fat layers, the number of calories you burn in cryosauna usually exaggerated in advertising, real per session is lost from 100 to 500 kkalory. Slimming beauty lies in cryosauna quite different: on the surface of the body cold receptors 8-10 times greater than the heat, so the short-term impact of ultra cold on these receptors are perceived by the body as a powerful positive stress, which mobilizes and increases the general physiological resources. Activated biochemical and immune responses, the body's defenses increase, blood vessels constrict, first, and then expanded, thereby improving blood circulation and increases metabolism.

After cryo increases the efficiency of the massage, and all procedures for weight loss and anti-cellulite are several times more productively. And increases the effectiveness of fitness, there is a burst of energy that you are ready to roll the mountain. Even the muscles become more flexible, so that it will be easier to perform exercises.

It expressed cryosauna rejuvenating influence on the skin and body as a whole: the facial skin is tightened, wrinkles are smoothed.

By the way, have already appeared and compact home cryosauna (Criohome), which can easily fit into the interior spacious bathroom. The temperature of the oven-dry air environment inside a cryo is - 85 ° C, and it is achieved by means of a cascade refrigeration machine. You are immersed in a bathing suit on Wednesday with the head completely for 3 minutes, and myself feel the healing effect of air cryotherapy.


The fact that laughter prolongs life, we know for a long time, but experts from Vanderbilt University in the United States conducted several studies and proved that you can "make fun" of the body's weight.

 Spring Update: get rid of the junk and extra kilos

If vigorously laughing for ten minutes, the body will be burned 50 calories. That is the amount of calories, for example, has an average size chocolate bar. The matter turned out that during the laughter produced hormones that create a person a sense of joy and satisfaction that harmonizes the general condition of the person, improves metabolism, blood circulation, nourishes the blood with oxygen, reduces blood sugar.

All this is very good, but of course in itself no laughter, no exposure to cold will not allow to effectively cope with the excess weight if each procedure you will jam cakes, pastries and other goodies. So after all the main spring, choose a diet that provides the body nutrition, and at the same time will contribute to a smooth weight loss. Drastic weight loss and elimination from the diet of healthy foods can affect health, impair the appearance, as well as lower activity and operability.

Spring diet

Include in the menu fruits and vegetables, of course vitamins they spring not so much, but they are still useful. For example, in apples rather large amount of iron and fiber, improve digestion. The source of vitamin C, through which the body produces interferon protects us from viral diseases, in the spring, when there appeared fresh greens will serve as citrus fruits, kiwi, pomegranates, and sauerkraut.

 Spring Update: get rid of the junk and extra kilos

  Vitamin D, is responsible for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, is generated by the sun, it is contained in fish oil, and milk products. That the skin looked good, and hair strong and shiny, eat vegetable oil, cod liver oil, nuts, eggs - they contain vitamins A and E. Seaweed, like all seafood rich in iodine, which is essential for normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Never give up breakfast. That morning he launches the system of metabolism and helps burn fat. For breakfast, it is desirable to eat a portion of sprouted grain cereals - oats, wheat, rye. Vitamin B, which are rich in cereals, prevents deposition of fat in internal organs and water retention in the body.

For snacks are perfect for fruit, yogurt and nuts. Do not give up meat, red (pork, beef), it is desirable to have twice a week, and the white (rabbit, poultry) - can be every day for small pieces. Literacy is the menu for the week. If today in your menu fish, vegetables, rice, then the next day schedule meat with vegetables, etc .. But the sweets, try to still be avoided.

Do not neglect spices. Ginger - a popular Eastern spice that we used to use in an anti-inflammatory agent in all kinds of cough and fees. But, in addition, ginger with a pungent taste, is an excellent tool for those who decided to get rid of excess weight. Its roots contain a substance gingerol, which accelerates blood circulation, activates the metabolism and the extra kilos are beginning to fade. Do not forget to add ginger tea, vegetable broth and stewed vegetables.

 Spring Update: get rid of the junk and extra kilos

Cook the ginger drink, which is to lose weight, drink in the morning and evening between meals. Prepare a drink for 7-8 hours before ingesting it, it must be insisted (that is, to drink it in the morning, you need to cook in the evening). Take a thermos, it put about 10 grams of grated ginger and filled with 750 ml of boiling water. You can also add to taste honey and / or lemon juice.

In the morning drink a drink for half an hour before breakfast (fasting). Before going to bed and drink a cup of ginger infusion. In the intervals between meals drink ginger drink, but no cups, and a few sips.

  In between meals, you can also drink the juice of carrots, celery and beets in equal proportions. Over time you can drink half a cup of this mixture, well cleaning vessels.

Brew tea from herbs that have a cleansing effect: chamomile, St. John's wort, marjoram. It is advisable to regularly drink the infusion of rose hips: brew for the night in a thermos in the morning and get a flavored drink. It leads to normal metabolic processes in the body and cleanses the kidneys.

Rituals Slimming

Psychologists often recommend, mark the beginning of a new "slim" of life appropriate ritual, reinforcing your intention: for example to burn the photos in which you look "ugly thick" etc.

Excellent spring ritual that promotes weight loss - the release of his house from the old things that you have not in use. It's not only clothes and shoes, and old toys started and abandoned moisturizers creams and perfume jars, released with a shelf life, children's wear, casual books, old medicines, broken crockery, etc ..

 Spring Update: get rid of the junk and extra kilos

  No regrets throw away all that lost functionality, healthy and energetic background ceased to bring positive emotions. I certainly do not mean the family heirlooms, old photos and memorabilia to our heart cute little things.

According to Feng Shui, luxuriant body - is "sick" energy materializes in the form of excess weight. Appetite, which ties into our home, may be associated with the wrong organization of the space of the apartment. "Settings" dwelling on health promotion can lead normal weight. Try to make alterations to the apartment. Believe me, in itself, this activity will cost more than one thousand calories expended

  Modern psychologists agree in principle with the recommendations of the ancient Chinese, and also advised - to start the process of weight loss, clear the house of clutter, life - from unnecessary people and the heart - of superfluous emotions, absorbing your energy!
Author: Olga Travleeva