Stretching. We stretch not only muscles, but also youth
 Nowadays sports have become an integral part of our lives. One way or another, but each of us comes to the fact that exercise is necessary. It does not matter what your age, you can pick up lessons for any age group, so excuses will not help. The most important thing - it yourself come to this, and realize the need to start the course.

Many people do not hurry to the gym, in the mistaken belief that there awaits them exhausting strength training, after which the blades and arms and legs, and head. I hasten to say that all this prejudice. In today's society it has long been known for a class, in which did not have to pace yourself like strength training. On this form, fitness and I want to tell you today.

 Stretching. We stretch not only muscles, but also youth

I think about the benefits of stretching our muscles know everything. Systematic studies lead to the fact that they are more flexible, and our joints acquire its former flexibility, mobility, and therefore movements are easy, free. Is not that for girls is so important - straight posture, tripping from the hip, grace? It allows to achieve such results Stretching .

 Stretching. We stretch not only muscles, but also youth

If we talk about the benefits of stretching in more detail, then it is necessary to say that the lessons of the tensile favorably affect our circulation. It is this muscle and acquire such elasticity. Also improves the function of the joints, they become more mobile and flexible.

 Stretching. We stretch not only muscles, but also youth

Sport Stretching prevents the deposition of salts, as well as help relieve the stress accumulated during the day. Moreover, in order to start the course, do not need much, just enough of your desire, because you can engage in at home at any time.

If you prefer to engage in strength training, stretching it to you as necessary as yourself immediately before exercise, and after it. Many people forget that stretching after strength training helps to ensure that the muscles are easily reduced, and therefore, no soreness the next day will be.

The fit and healthy body ... that's right, a healthy mind, and thus youth. So it's also a great opportunity to stay young. In addition, stretching allows you to recover even after serious injury.

 Stretching. We stretch not only muscles, but also youth

Now let's talk in more detail about the kinds of stretch marks . In fact, they are not so small.

Active Stretching . Well, I think everything is clear. You independently influence the process of stretching, ie, stretch out on their own, without help.

 Stretching. We stretch not only muscles, but also youth

Passive stretching . This type of stretching is familiar to many from school physical education, when the partner is making its efforts at a time when you are at rest. I remember, we are classmates, thus also helping each other to pass regulations just did stretching.

 Stretching. We stretch not only muscles, but also youth

Dynamic Stretching . Here it is more complicated. With dynamic stretching is the development of dynamic flexibility, as well as strengthening the muscles agonists. During this stretch is necessary to keep a certain position up to 10 seconds, which is not always easy to perform. Then relax the muscles and then stretch, fix the position, etc. Despite all the difficulties, the results are worth it.

Ballistic Stretching . Stretching at which movements are performed most dramatically and quite a flourish, which in turn can lead to injury. This type of stretch marks generally show people professionally involved in sports is not the first year.

Static Stretching . One of the safest ways to stretch your muscles. Its essence lies in the fact that you take the position that you want to keep, up to about a minute, but here are all individually and, of course, depends on the complexity poses.

Now, about the preparation. Do not forget to warm up. To begin to warm up the muscles you need for this are perfect for any aerobic exercise. To have the most effective classes, we should not forget about some of the rules:

- Do not try to jump over your head. You should not overdo it. It is better to stretch less is more.

- Pose at the stretching must be kept so long that you no longer feel uncomfortable. This is an indicator that you're doing it right. After one minute has not passed discomfort hence loosen the tension.

- Stretching is best to do after any loads, it will remove the tension and fatigue.

- Do not forget to follow your breath while exercising. In no case do not hold your breath, it should be smooth and deep

The main thing - remember that in order to achieve good results, lessons should be carried out regularly. Only in this case you will see the effect in a couple of weeks.
Author: MIRovaya