Two to four walls, or whatever you want to know about squash
 Squash - a dynamic sports game that was born half a century ago in England. It is believed that the students have come up with squash Harrow school. While waiting for their turn to play tennis the boys entertained outside the court that played their favorite game with the wall, and using low-quality rubber ball. Over time, it crystallized clearer rules, and squash get faster popularity and distribution.

Thus, squash can be considered a derivative of tennis. However, there are a number of significant differences.

- The first tennis racket and ball heavier than squash.

- Second, playing squash learn easier and faster.

- Third, in squash is not allowed very high quality punches.

- Fourth, the squash - a more active game than tennis, power consumption in the first - in 2-3 times higher.

- Fifth, squash, unlike tennis, does not depend on the weather, because it takes place in a closed court.

Squash courts is an enclosed area measuring 6, 4x9, 75m. The squash is played on all four walls - the front, two side and rear. On all four walls of the top and bottom lines are out. They limit the gaming space. The rear wall of the squash court is usually made of transparent safety glass, through which the game can watch the audience.

 Two to four walls, or whatever you want to know about squash

On the floor squash courts are lined squares supply, and on the front wall, there is a line feed. These elements are involved in the game only when batting.

The squash is played by two people. For the quality of the game in addition to squash courts and a partner we will need a special racket and a small soft ball.

The rules are simple. The right of first filing is determined by lot. Submitting a player chooses a square feed. At the same time the implementation of the supply it has at least one foot is completely in said box. The ball is at the correct service must hit the front wall above the supply line, but below the red line out, and then you get to the square of the opponent. It is not permissible to feeding the ball hits the wall of any other, except for the front. If at least one of the above conditions is not met, then there is a transition course.

After filing the players alternately make hitting the ball in the summer, or after one bounce. All subsequent strokes after the ball can be sent to any of the walls. Points accrue only to the player to serve. If the latter makes a mistake and hits the ball, his opponent is entitled to file. Newcomers to squash often rely on the force of impact and quickly exhausting. Worst skvoshisty enjoy the same alignment of strategy games, and not by force of hitting the ball.

A feature of squash is that both players are constantly crossing the same game space than pose a danger to each other. Therefore, to prevent injuries in the squash court there is a special dictionary that allows you to quickly adjust the arisen danger.

Special Dictionary squash player:

LET   - Please replay supply because of the threat to hit the ball, the opponent or the racket
NO LET   - Refusal to supply replay
STROKE   - Awarding of the penalty points by an opponent player to hit the ball, if the first cause interference impact.

Party squash consists of 3 or 5 games. Each game is played on the agreement until 9 or 15 points.

Rental squash courts cost about $ 10 at one o'clock. The same amount will cost one lesson squash coach. But for your own special squash racket already have to lay out 50-150 USD, with the ball - 4u.e.

But it's worth it, and the costs will be covered by a number of advantages, which gives the squash! After all, this game develops endurance, coordination, stretching, has a positive impact on the training of the heart muscle, eliminates the excess weight, corrects figure. In all of this squash is absolutely available, has a pleasant pastime and relieves stress.

It is significant that Forbes magazine has recognized squash one of the most "healthy sports" in terms of injuries.

Today, in the post-squash is just beginning to develop, to gain in popularity, but is still considered a pretty exclusive due to the small number of courts. Nevertheless, squash is played by many famous politicians and show business stars, Russian and Ukrainian skvoshisty already active in European tournaments, the first national rankings of players.

Well, since the two venture once on four walls?
Author: Natalia Hryshko