Curling hair back!
 Rings, curled tresses corrugated hair - it is beautiful, provided that they have a clear pattern, they are flexible and resilient. Not an easy task! Yes, many times even like to have curly hair, but ... this is not the winds, it does not hold, it's too much work! Still, for the sake of change, that make us beautiful new way, try it!

  10 tips to help you have a beautiful curly tresses.

1. curled hair a constant tendency to become tangled:   so they do not tear any time during and after shampooing, to untangle the hair before washing (combing wet hair stretches locks). At the time when you are in the shower, use a comb with wide teeth to distribute the shampoo or balsam conditioner evenly from roots to ends. It's easy to comb in the shower will then comb your hair easily.

2. When you use a curling iron, rinse your hair with cool water.   Thus, your curls will shine. To help curls stay springy, easy to evaporate each strand with a special lock Irons before curling hair.

3. Nothing can be worse for the curled hair than thin and exfoliating ends!   You should regularly prune the tips of the hair. Frizz hair should ideally be trimmed at least every three months.

4. frizz hair have a strong tendency to dry out.   You have a week to put on hair nourishing or hydrating mask. Using a mask that moisturizes curls in the depth, it helps to have a shiny, well-groomed locks.

  5. Not all hairdressers stylists really know how to cut curly hair. Before you go for a haircut, get the barber shop, which has a specialist curled hair.

6. When you curl your hair with curlers, wait until hair cool down before they start to cheat.   This will give the largest volume to your tresses.

7. Braid wet hair very tight to create a seductive wave.   A few hours later Unbraid braids and apply some special gel on each curl, creating a specific and clearly-defined wavelength.

8. maximizes volume, making it at the roots of the hair with a hair dryer, settled at a low temperature, equipped with a distributor of air flow. Stop hair drying, before they are completely dry, because at this moment there is a tendency to lose curls form.

9. When you curl your hair in curlers, make sure that the top of the hair curled properly, otherwise they will be similar to the hooks.

10. When you use styling gels, start with small amounts, gradually adding the gel if necessary. Easy and uniform application of - all that is needed for optimal results. (Also, you avoid wasting too much of the product!)

Special products for curly hair and corrugated many brands available today. For example, in the range of Pantene
Pro-V. each of shampoos and gels curled hair is a multivitamin formula, activating the elasticity and health of the hair, as well as the elasticity of curls.