Dyeing hair with the least loss!
 More than 60% of women color their hair at home - for practical and financial reasons. Small rules that will help to achieve professional results with the least damage to your hair.

Choose a color:

The very first thing - is to define the desired color. All colors are now classified according to a very precise color scale, which is used and specialists. At the international scale, there are 10 basic colors that go from very white to ultra black.

These shades of color are added. Warm shades of gold plated, copper, mahogany, red. Cold colors: ash and lilac. Therefore, on the packaging of paint that we buy, often standing room.

When you see, for example, on the packaging Garnier just such an inscription «Nutrisse 83", the first number 8 in this case refers to the pitch (on a scale from 1 to 10), and the second number 3 - the main color. Thus, this example represents a light tone, gold tone.

Usually not advisable to select paint is lighter than the color of your own hair. If you want to know the opinion of professionals, on the boxes with hair dyes are tables that indicate which colors are best suited to your natural shade.

Permanent or temporary coloring?

Then it is important to determine you want to temporarily dye that fades after you wash the head 6-8 times; semiproof (which lasts from 6 to 8 weeks); or persistent staining?

The different products for these different ways?

Paint for the first two do not contain ammonia, which means that less damage hair. But at the same time they can not fully and good paint over gray hair.

Persistent painting - the only way to cover the whole area of ​​gray hair color uniformity. Also, if you're going to dye my hair a lighter color than your natural need to apply the paint with ammonia, which acts as a bleach.

On the other hand, if you prefer darker colors, you can choose to paint without ammonia, which are less aggressive.

In all cases, be aware that the effect of the product contained in the proof paint is not eternal and that hair recovering, will compete with artificial paint and gradually "push" it.
Finally, there are now very light colors, which go in the first shampooing. (This is ideal for those occasions when you need to quickly and briefly to change the image.)

Dye not paint?

- On the eve of staining, please be shampooing with a good nutritional value, then to treat your hair.
- Follow these suggestions to the paint instructions step by step, without skipping stages, not forgetting the necessary gloves ,.
Keep the paint color is strictly specified time and, mainly, rinse hair after coloring carefully and long.
- If you dye gray hair, avoid too bright colors (not clearer than dark blond) and the expressive colors of red, that risk is too bright to the result on the white strands.
- After staining, try to maintain, restore your hair with special products.
- Avoid having to do both discoloration and staining, when combined, these techniques greatly damage the hair a lot.
- Do not connect the painting with henna chemical methods okraski- this mixture completely dissuaded! Result of colors can turn unpredictable

Basic tips for those who want to make a multicolored mesh

Stain individual strands - the so-called plumes or meshes in private - this is possible, provided that you are well prepared. Try to make thin gaps and ringlets separated. Be specific, and would rather quality than quantity: a dozen meshes with that from the other side of the face and back of the head is enough to give the desired result. Using the brush, start to apply the paint to each individual curl receded about 1 centimeter from the root. It is not necessary to apply paint to the tip of the hair.

Suitable ink:

"100% color» by Garnier   : Resistant paint, there are 24 shades (8, 95 euros)
«Color pulse» of L'Oréal   : Temporary paint (8-10 shampoos), there are 10 colors (6, 90 euros)
«Country colors» from Schwarzkopf , Tone on tone coloring without ammonia (9, 70 euros)
«Expression» by Garnier   : Temporary staining, there are 8 shades (5, 95 euros)
«Shampooing couleur»   - Color Shampoo Schwarzkopf (3, 50 euros)
«Masque" Reveil color »   - Coloring hair mask by Jacques Dessange (6, 45 euros