Shampoo for the mane and tail. To wash or not to wash?
 No, do not get me wrong, ladies. This material is not intended for owners of four-legged friends, and for yourself. Now I will try to explain. A few days ago I was struck by my colleague telephone conversation with his mother. Its essence was that the woman on the other end, has recently complained of pain in the legs, glad that everything went and health back to normal. When asked about her daughter, so that she helped, she said ... gel for horses!

Surprised? I understand you. That's when my colleague heard the phrase laughed like crazy, amazed that her mother did. I still remember, quoted strings Uncle Theodore letter to parents from the cartoon "Buttermilk", "Feet aching, the tail falls off ...". However, even greater shock to both of us threw what they know about this way many women. Moreover, not only the elderly. For example, a shampoo for mane and tail, is very popular. Now more.

As it turned out, wanting to try a horse shampoo found plenty. Joke, word of mouth works so hard that launched the Internet rumors about the miraculous cosmetics, had a stunning effect. Women really have decided that once a horse gel helps with joint pain, and the shampoos, conditioners, too, can help. Although, even if purely logical reasoning, the gel will really help. In another way, it could not be - he has to quickly warm up the joints horse's legs, and because they are many times greater than the volume of the human. But to use the shampoo and conditioner ... However, a series of women's forums suggests otherwise. The product that really helped someone. Well anyway it wrote.

"The effect is stunning, I still streaked hair, so they look after him as if I had just painted them .... Even thick and lush are ... !!!"

"Equine shampusik taxis, especially tar, though slightly more whiff 5-7 hours, so that - if only for the night. And if less odorous options, it is possible and in the morning before work. Hair soft, shiny and" molt "significantly reduced . Carefully paint, some horse shampoo wash it at all! "

 Shampoo for the mane and tail. To wash or not to wash?

In general, down to earth a miracle, someone tried the shampoo for animals, which is cheaper and less need to wash the head, and all quickly ran to the pet store. However, few people noticed that many women's forums present a dozen accolades. I would be delighted, shout: "Hurrah!" And accuse the hairdressers that they hide a miracle product ... But no. I noticed a strange thing. All I've read the forums was one standard message. The two versions. The first thing that they say went to the pet store, said equine shampoo and the seller told taco-oh-oh-e ... Enjoy everything, I also bought. Liked. Or the second scenario: girlfriend / friend / colleague advised, I tried - a delight! There are no side effects. As there have been Mayakovsky? "We are all a little horse."

But for some reason no one wonders why cosmetologists do not recommend it to people? And why not develop, at least, doroguschy based shampoo horse? Ah yes, the arguments of the fans of the following shampoo:

• shampoo for mane and tail used by many celebrities. Sarah Jessica Parker, for example!

It's just a mistake translators. Celebrity merely uses shampoo, I emphasize the human, a horse keratin. His bubble really draw a horse, but it does not mean that he is on horseback. For example, a pack of milk cow painted. This does not mean that this product is for this animal!

• The gel helps against pain in the joints, then, shampoos also help!

Where is the logic, dear reader, explain? The gels help, we have already dealt with you. And then, it's still a big question. According to doctors online clogged reviews advertisers (who do not know, is a form of marketing - product on the positive discussion forums).

• "Mane" will be like a horse. Hair - thick, healthy, shiny.

Anyone who even slightly familiar with horses understands that their mane centuries looks, not because they are regularly washed with a special shampoo.

In addition, there are a lot of negative feedback from the girls, who succumbed to the temptation. They never stopped information on formulation, which stated that the animals use the cheapest processing aids (which at least 80 percent in each product), audio warnings dermatologists. And that's what they write:

"Damn, I'm the head of the soap in the bathroom and burst into tears straight. Lock of hair climb - a whole bunch of washed away."

"They began to fall out handfuls of hair and smell of tar (lice that horses were not)."

"I am confused, do not raschesheshsya. I painted blonde - I am afraid that the comb in the hair does not shove."

So, what I. To wash or not to wash, of course, up to you. Do not forget the warnings and remember that we are all different. Someone like cat food, someone - barking in the morning. And if you still have any doubts, consult with experts - veterinarians and dermatologists. To those who really are not interested. Because it is very likely that your concern about hair for someone - just business. And to the business expanded, they are ready for everything, even the fact that you're bald. In the end, not as a businessman walking with no hair.
Author: Larisa Trishkina