The truth about hair extensions. Part 2
 So I present to you the second part of an interview with the stylist Kristin Iss from Los Angeles, where she talks about the basic rules for the styling and care of hair extensions.

How to care for hair extensions?

It is necessary to comb them twice a day, morning and evening. No matter how you feel, and how tired you have to comb your hair. I also highly recommend putting on fishnet hair when you go to bed: the less hair will be confused, while you sleep, the better. Combing hair extensions best brushes with natural bristles - they are softer and do not damage hair.

Can the capacity to add volume at the roots of the hair, or whether it is only used for the extension?

This is a common misconception that if you get build a crazy amount of hair. Hair extensions are heavier than your natural, so the volume at the roots, on the contrary, decreases. The only way to slightly increase - is to increase the hair on the front of the head.

In addition, people often confuse. They are not referring to volume and density. To make the hair density, of course, you can use the capacity. But the hair will look thick on the sides and bottom of the head, but not at the top. So the density of hair on the crown depends on your natural hair.

Who would you recommend does not increase hair?

If you do not have time to comb the hair twice a day for five minutes, twist them and make a moisturizing mask once a week, then you should not do buildup. Capacity, which I do not require a lot of care, but still some minimal care is always needed. However, if you do not usually spend much time on your hair, then maybe, hair extensions will encourage you to ensure that your hair to give more time.

What is the worst build-up you've ever seen?

Each build has its service life. Barber must tell you the exact time, how many need to come to him again, to correct or remove capacity. If you are severely delayed, the increased locks will not give rise to new hair that will get confused and sodavat at the roots "wasps' nests." A nightmare!

One day we received a girl whose hair had grown very strongly. Half of her hair extensions fell out, and the other half was still in place. And all the new hair that grew during that time, were badly confused. We fought over a few hours in order to bring her hair in a normal form.


Yes, you need to carefully take care of the hair extensions and the time to come to the barber.

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Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina