Wig - a relic of the past or a necessary attribute of a modern woman?
 You left early in the morning,
Gathered in a jiffy.
On the pillow was
Your green wig.
(poems by an unknown author)

Fashion wigs that flares up very brightly, giving impetus to the rapid development of tying art and business, temporarily fades but never disappears completely. After a wig for many - a vital necessity. Someone lost hair due to illness or injury, one needs to quickly and dramatically change the face of professional considerations. And who of us would not want to, at least occasionally, to completely change your look, go unrecognized through the familiar streets, try on a different model of behavior and even ... a different life?

"From Romulus to the present day ..."

For centuries people wore wigs for various purposes: to change the face, to hide baldness, to escape from the cold and from the sun, stress status. For example, in ancient Egypt, both men and women was adopted cut short (probably for reasons of hygiene), and wigs worn as a headdress, to fulfill the social function and, moreover, protects the head from the hot sun. Moreover, the magnitude of the wig and its appearance depended on the social status of a person, and men wigs were more lush than women. Pharaoh, except for a wig, and was supposed to have an artificial beard, women, too, makes no exception. If a high-ranking person - female, then she, too, had to be bearded (to have survived with the image of Queen Hatshepsut false beard).

Many researchers believe that it is from ancient Egypt fashion wigs spread to other countries. So great Persian kings wore wigs, bald Roman emperors, their immoral wife, Patricia, courtesans, and other estates. Faustina, the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD.), Had several hundred wigs. Valued in Rome black wigs from exotic India and straw hair and red colors of the German Länder, and blond hair were all gold.

But Christianity (especially earlier), along with makeup, wigs and condemned for wearing them even excommunicated. In the Middle Ages wigs used primarily artists, but gradually revived the fashion for wigs. Already in the XVI century, Queen Elizabeth I had a collection of 80 wigs, and hid beneath his graying hair.

It is believed that the reason for the wide dissemination of wigs was the across-the baldness of the population due to syphilis, which hurt both the common people and to know .  Treatment of this disease drugs did not contribute to the beauty of mercury own hair, and they began to replace artificial .  What just did these wigs - ribbons, lace, silk, dried grass, tree bark, corn fibers and hemp .  Weave wigs became engaged artisans, the word "barber" - means "the manufacturer of wigs," and not "people to cut hair," as can be, someone thinks .  In the seventeenth century .  at the court of Louis XIV, who had inherited from his father, Louis XIII, not only to the throne, and sparse hair, worked 5000 hairdressers .  After the French Revolution of 1789 .  wig as a symbol of royal power was banned, and wearing could cost lives .  Fashion wigs gradually came to naught in the world, and a period of almost complete oblivion lasted for about two centuries . 

In XX century the first boom of wigs came in 10-20 years. Then in the 60s wigs were once again at the height of fashion, the new revival of interest occurred in the 80s. The development of new technologies made it possible to create a variety of synthetic fibers - nylon, acrylic, kanekalon wigs found a new life and a new quality

Wig - it is fashionable ?!

As you know, fashion - fickle thing, and in respect of wigs as well. But even then, when about them, it seems, no one remembers, many continue to use them, are not guided by fashion and practical considerations. Currently, the popularity of wigs is growing rapidly, and experts predict a further increase in demand for wigs.

 Wig - a relic of the past or a necessary attribute of a modern woman?
   Do you wear a wig? Why no. It's so convenient! For example, do not have time to wash the head (who does not happen), or once-do styling - wearing wig and please head like in the picture! Or wanted for one night of the fair-haired demure turn into a red beast or a vamp with a smooth blue-black hairstyle. It is not necessary for this dye their hair, because you can put on the artificial. For wig can find many applications - be used instead of a headdress, carnival costume and disguise.

Wigs are divided into artificial and natural And more, as well as cosmetics, there are bad and good quality.

Good Quality wig should not differ from the natural hair. Therefore wigs made either of natural hair by subjecting them to heat treatment at a temperature of 120-130 degrees, or from synthetic fibers, which have a structure similar to that of natural hair. The basis of modern wigs made of light stretch fabric. This allows you to feel natural. The strips, which are attached to the fibers are arranged in such a way that if you want you can without thinking, scratching his head.

And wigs of artificial hair, and wigs made of natural hair has its pluses and minuses.

Schick, the brilliance, beauty!

Synthetic Wigs   do not require special care, are cheaper than natural hair wigs, and can be very good quality. Durable synthetic hair, do not alter the chemical composition by oxygen, non-flammable (but melt) does not fade

 Wig - a relic of the past or a necessary attribute of a modern woman?
   Modern high-quality synthetic wigs are made from environmentally friendly fibers modakrilika or kanekalona, ​​in Japan, in the composition of the fiber includes seaweed, which makes it look like real hair.

Despite the fact that caring for an artificial wig is simple, there are special shampoos, conditioners and air conditioning for such products. Drying should be a special pig, cold hair dryer, comb carefully. It is not necessary to cut or dye wigs. Is that in the green, then to throw it away. Synthetic wigs can not be subjected to high-temperature packing, as hair may melt.

Natural hair wigs   in many cases - not a fad, but rather a necessity. High-quality natural hair wigs solves many problems associated with the state of their own hair and should look the most natural. Are these wigs are not cheap, but have a number of significant advantages.

 Wig - a relic of the past or a necessary attribute of a modern woman?
   Quality wig is absolutely reliable: it can ruffle, combed to your liking, it is possible to dance, to lead an active life, to sleep, instead of wearing winter hats and even use it as much. You can pick up the wig, repeats your normal hair, and vice versa - to choose a color, length and type of hair, which you could only dream of. Unlike artificial, natural hair give unlimited space for free flight of fancy. This kind of wig can be cut, repaint, use a variety of methods of installation and even a perm, which does not change its qualities.

However, as with your own hair, you need to handle the wig gently, and even better to entrust the care of specialists. There are specialized shops where you can pick up and purchase a quality wig, take advice of stylists and a special computer program. These salons can bring the wig on a painting, if you want to change. The home is quite difficult to repaint a wig, not having painted at the same time base (montyur). If proper care of natural hair wig will last you 5 years, or even longer.

Of course, great to have your own - beautiful, healthy hair! But, alas, often climate conditions do not allow hair to be normal. In winter spoil the hairstyle hats, summer is bad for the condition of the hair scorching sun, and still, dry air in the premises (heating, heaters, air conditioners), lack of vitamins in food, polluted air, and more. Even with proper hair care is not always possible to achieve a brilliant result, and because it often happens that the appearance is very important right now. Then there's the easy way out - you can wear a wig!
Author: Olga Travleeva