A girl from high society, or the fundamental rights highlighter
 When we ask our readers, whether they use highlighter, many respond that they do so only under the eyebrows and cheekbones. But this is not enough! It turns out, highlighter - more versatile product than meets the eye, and the skin is able to highlight not only familiar to all areas of the face.

Products with Shimmer (sun shining and reflecting finish) created in order to give the skin extra glow. Dermatologists have long noticed that the glow of the skin - an indicator of its health and youth, but if the nature of the glow is not enough, then we will gladly resort to decorative cosmetics. Such funds as a bronzer, highlighter and some proofreaders, as a rule, perform the task - Add skin glow.

Highlighter recently became best friends of many girls. Many people enjoy the modern liquid highlighter, they are easy to use in a compact package and variety of shades. There are creamy highlighter, and powdery.

Consider Basic rules highlighter Suggested by make-up artists and stylists portals Bellasugar and Beauty High.

1.   The most popular way to use a highlighter - highlight eyebrows. To do this, apply a small bar highlighter directly under the brow to brow bone, about one-third of the eyebrows outside.

 A girl from high society, or the fundamental rights highlighter

If you have fair skin - use a highlighter with silver or pink shimmer (ie a chilly shades). Girls with olive skin fit better peach and golden highlighter (generally warmer).

2.   You can apply highlighter to the middle of the movable part of the century. This should be the most protruding part of the century. As a rule, it is at the highest point of eyebrows (where the arc eyebrow begins to bend and change its direction).

 A girl from high society, or the fundamental rights highlighter

Highlighter on the eyelid can be used, and if you put a matte shadow and a satin or satin textures.

3.   Add the flicker closer to the drip. This will highlight the eyes and make them visually brighter and more contrast, removes signs of fatigue, removes the effect of not enough sleep eyes. Especially we recommend this method for those who have eyes close together.

 A girl from high society, or the fundamental rights highlighter

4.   Touch a soft shimmer to the upper lip, on the border contour lips and skin.

 A girl from high society, or the fundamental rights highlighter

5.   Highlight the brow as if on it "ran" a ray of sun. Highlight the areas close to the frontal eminence (the most protruding point of the forehead, symmetrically located close to the hairline).

If you are afraid to be too strong glow highlighter can mix with foundation, which is slightly lighter than your own skin tone. Get soft shimmering highlighter.

6.   Apply highlighter on the cheekbones. Over blush. For summer makeup is best used as a blush or bronzer tanning, and then apply a small bar (one or two parallel) to the most prominent areas of the cheekbones.

7.   If you want to draw attention to the center of the face - to highlight the nose.

8.   Chin: soft circular motions, apply the middle of the chin a little highlighter. If you have a protruding chin, too, and you would not want to focus on it a lot of attention, then mix with highlighter bronzer, you get a little visible flickering product as a light tan.

 A girl from high society, or the fundamental rights highlighter

9.   If you do not want to remember everything that was listed above, that is a universal rule for choosing a site for highlighter. Highlighter - it is an imitation of glare that gleam from the sun or artificial light. So just select the most prominent point of your face. Some make-up artists are advised to look for these terms in the so-called T-zone, there is most often manifested the natural shine of the skin.

10.   Highlighter in the summer you can use a fairly abundant, though all the points that we have described. Although it is possible, and only some of them. If you think too frank and artificial illumination, which is obtained, mix highlighter with a different key products, achieving the desired softness. And most importantly - apply highlighter on top of make-up products.

Photo: Spencer Wohlrab for Beauty High
Author: Olga Larsen