Makeup: cornerstone
 We get a lot of questions on the subject, what should be the consistency in applying makeup. What at first, and then what. Let's face it.

When I started to write the instructions, I realized that for day and evening make-up should have its own sequence. This is because much depends on the makeup of the problem, what you want to bring to the fore. Also, and I think you will agree, a different texture of products suitable for different occasions. That is, choose loose or creamy consistency should be based on the objectives of makeup. And yet we must remember one thing - lighting. For example, it allows you to make the night more dramatic make-up, it is good "sculpts" face.

I hope you remember this simple guide, and if not - the crib diagram will help you.

Daily Makeover

 Makeup: cornerstone

1.   The first step - a moisturizer tone or BB Cream . Apply with a sponge soaked in water.

2. Cream Blush.   Use your fingertips to apply to the apples of your cheeks. Blush should look like when you blush with embarrassment. It is better to do the blush before the eye makeup. Because when you are painting the eye without rouge, you can select them too, overload color.

3. Color lip balm.   If before this product was available only a couple of brands, but now some brands are up to 30 different colors of this product. Color, or a painting, lip balm - ideal for daily make-up, because the color looks easy. Apply a painting lip balm also advise to eye makeup to meykap eye make abundant.

4. Eyebrow Pencil.   This step is not a necessity for all. If you have your eyebrows moderately thick, it is not necessary to tint them.

5. Cream eyeshadow.   Put your finger. For daytime make-up can safely choose a dark shade of gray, pearl or light bronze. Overall color applied to the entire eyelid and darker - in the crease.

6. Eyeliner.   Emphasize your eyes and make them more attractive helps eyeliner lash line with a pencil. Try to paint pencil space between the lashes, and then draw around the lash line and blend a little eyeliner.

7.   The very last step - mascara . For daytime make-up will suit soft black ink in a single layer.

 Makeup: cornerstone

evening make-up

 Makeup: cornerstone

1. Start with the eyebrow.   This will be a kind of frame for the eyes, will help to determine the saturation of eye makeup. It is better to use friable eyeshadow desired shade or special shade of eyebrow, apply them sharpened flat brush.

2. Shadow.   The best thing to do makeup Smoky. Powder shadows are more suitable for this purpose because of their lighter shade than the cream. Eye Makeup for a busy evening make-up is best done before applying the powder to be able to adjust the shade of crumbling.

3. Eyeliner.   Choose a stable and liquid liner, which will be held all night and did not lose brightness.

4. Volume Mascara.   Apply two coats.

5. Napkins   remove fallen on the face of products. You can use special wipes for removing make-up, it is possible - any moisturizing baby wipes.

6. The foundation + concealer / concealer.   Make sure that the tone strike on the neck, too. Proofreader paint problem areas (dark circles under the eyes, acne, blood vessels).

7. Powder.   This will make the face look dull.

8. Bronzer.   Draw a bronzer powder cheekbones and a little forehead, nose and chin. Better round brush "kabuki", she puts one motion crisp funds evenly.

9. Powder blush.   On the cheeks, add color. Do it up lipstick, it makes it easier to choose the intensity of lipstick.

10. Lipstick.   Move over from the mirror, look at the face of a generalized, then be able to determine how many colors for the lips required. Did you stay on your lips nude. The exception may be a make-up when you pick up the lips "vamp" or bright red. Then you have to start with the makeup of the lips, eyes to harmonize with the bright lipstick. But after all the makeup to go back to his lips, when powder and tonal resources were to them.

 Makeup: cornerstone

Author: Vasilisa Cousin