Makeup Secrets, if you have rosacea or redness of the skin
 Rosacea - a chronic skin disease that occurs in women 3 times more often than men. Even a mild form of the disease, usually accompanied by redness of the face. What makeup can mask symptoms so unpleasant? And what cosmetics suitable when rosacea?

For those suffering from rosacea, there are three main rules in the selection of decorative cosmetics:

1.   Refusal of harmful ingredients in the make-up.
2.   Essential protection from sunlight.
3.   Color tone means neutralizing redness.

Rule one. No harmful ingredients in decorative cosmetics

Many makeup products may aggravate the skin problems caused by rosacea. When rosacea with extreme caution should be used cosmetics containing active ingredients such as retinol, alpha-gidrokisloty hydrogen peroxide. Always first do a test on the skin before the application of such cosmetics.

Make-up when rosacea should be based on the oil-free, powder-free and odorless. One simple advice is: the less ingredients you see in the product, the better. This means that you will be less likely to provoke an outbreak of redness or rash characteristic of rosacea rosacea. A good solution can be mineral makeup, it is shown in this disease. Mineral cosmetics usually contains no preservatives, fragrances and flavorings without does not contain silicone or talc, which irritate the skin.

Before you make up your skin should be cleaned. Thus it is better to use tools specifically designed for skin with rosacea. It cleansers without foam, gel texture, marked "for hypersensitive skin." Examples of such detergents can be called: Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser by La Roche Posay or Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser by Clinique.

 Makeup Secrets, if you have rosacea or redness of the skin

Second Rule. Sun protection

This is a prerequisite if you have symptoms of rosacea. The fact that the ultraviolet rays are one of the triggers of the disease. Therefore, buy make-up with filters SPF (figure 15-30).

And even if you do not use makeup, sunscreen must be present on the face mandatory.

Rule three. Neutralize redness

This task handle so-called colored tonal resources, primers and concealers.

 Makeup Secrets, if you have rosacea or redness of the skin

Remove reddish tint helps green tone. Start with a green primer, for example, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in hue Adjust (green). This will help you to use less resources and adjust the tone redness before foundation.

 Makeup Secrets, if you have rosacea or redness of the skin

In addition, any primer provides lasting makeup. Primer Apply a soft sponge or brush, better not to use his hands once again (when applying foundation, too, try to use a brush).

 Makeup Secrets, if you have rosacea or redness of the skin

Top is applied concealer with a yellow tinge. The tool should be designed for hypersensitive skin. Powder and light mineral powder, too, preferably with a yellow tinge, with no pink tones. For example, Clinique has a special powder to mask the redness - Redness Solutions Mineral Powder.

 Makeup Secrets, if you have rosacea or redness of the skin

With an in makeup concealer should be taken (concealer) green or yellow. During the day, you can mask the redness speakers (if they are) in the form of capillaries or pink spots. Redness powder is also possible, for the purchase of mineral powder for sensitive skin. A good range of products is at Clinique, it's called Redness Solutions (solution redness), and is designed for people suffering from rosacea, this collection has it all to the skin from a cleaning agent to the pressed powder and concealer. These funds are a good camouflage redness and even cope with the capillaries in the skin.

 Makeup Secrets, if you have rosacea or redness of the skin

Home Care

Concealers and primers - it is certainly good, but you can make-up even more effective if you try to help deal with the redness during daily care.

Rinse face with cold water - it is a quick way to narrow the blood vessels and tighten pores. Any funds from sunburn can be applied dotted with a cotton swab to redness, and thus you will be able to soothe the inflammation before makeup.

There is a very simple mask, which is recommended for rosacea, redness to tame: grind oatmeal and mix with honey. In addition, there are lotions and masks are purchased on the basis of licorice extract, to be applied in rosacea.

If reddening of the skin should follow a special diet. On special diet should consult with a specialist. The main rules of this power is not the most difficult - to avoid alcohol, smoking and spicy foods. And be sure to include in the diet is products containing Omega-3 fatty acids: seeds, salmon, walnuts. These products have a calming effect on the skin.

It is also constantly protect themselves from the sun and excessive heat, do not go to the bath or sauna.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin