Secrets evening makeup
 Every woman knows that the basis of any way of creating well-made makeup. Day option to create a make-up is always easier than the evening. After all, the main requirements for the cosmetics used by day: brevity and restraint. In order to look organic and natural enough to explore the features of your face with the help of make-up and learn the standard pattern of a make-up every day. This kind of algorithm, noting that once, perhaps without any hitches to repeat it every day, with minimal variations.

It is much harder to create the image of the evening. This circumstance is due to several reasons:

1. As a general rule, pretentiousness evening dresses;

2. The requirements of a particular event;

3. The desire to make their way exceptional and different from others and, most importantly, to itself in everyday life.

I'm sure this is not a complete list of requirements, which force poor women to stand for hours in the mirror. But, in truth, the process of creating the image of the evening can be shortened to ten minutes, you just follow the basic tips that will help make your appearance bright, unusual and, most importantly, to keep a good mood. Let's start from the beginning.

First step

 Secrets evening makeup

The main task - foundation evenly on your face. This task must be approached with great care. On how competently cream will be distributed over the surface of a person depends on sixty-five percent of your image.

Before you apply foundation, use make-up foundation. Now in stores a large variety of tools that are truly ground dull skin and inhibit undesirable shine over a fairly long period of time. Such cosmetic bases exists in the form of lotions, or as a special foams, which can wash his face. In general, it remains to choose a suitable option.

Once established base under make-up go to the application of foundation. To tone cream lay evenly apply it in the most bright light, so that the flaws of your face could be seen initially. The allocation of a cream, be especially careful with the border areas of the face: neck, ears, forehead. Often, a large number of tonal resources creates a clear boundary between the individual features, making all manner of unnatural appearance. It is therefore necessary carefully spread cream in these areas. In order to eliminate the difference between the face and neck, which are often in contrast with each other, you just powder last.

If for some reason on the day of the event your skin is not perfect, do not try to cover up pimples or redness additional layer of makeup. First, hide the flaws so that you will not succeed. Secondly, in a few hours, when the person begins to sweat and tonal basis will lose its original density, and in any case it happens, no matter what quality it is, in the areas with the largest concentration of the cream will begin to appear divorce and shade on separate parts of the face is diverge from the shade into the problem area. Therefore, the easiest way out of this situation, oddly enough - apply less foundation and try to make the most natural way. In addition, you can use special cosmetic pencil tone, causing the tone for the "problem areas".

Finally, when the foundation is applied, lightly powder the area of ​​the forehead, cheeks, nasolabial folds and powder. It eliminates the remaining unwanted shine.

The second step

 Secrets evening makeup

Apply blush. I advise you to choose a natural for your type of skin color. Despite the fact that we create the image of the evening, blush, I belong to the category of the same base. Their main function is to emphasize the cheekbones. If you have dark skin type, you will approach the coffee tone, and if, on the contrary, you are the owner of a white skin - use a slightly pinkish hue. Apply blush strictly under the cheekbones, avoid applying them to the entire surface of the cheek, as this can create the effect of "nesting dolls." We must not forget that the color has to blush slightly refreshing face, and not to make it overly red or dark complexion.

The third step

 Secrets evening makeup

From that moment, the most interesting - Apply shadow. Quite often, the image of the evening spoils abundance of shadows on the eyelids. Their heavier then too, then deliberately fed black pencil, if not deprive color, knocking all confused.

Advice sounds simple: do not paint the entire eyelid too dark shadows. They "exaggerate" vulgaliziruyut any appearance and look gaudy.

Apply a matte shadow on the entire eyelid to remove redness. Then, the inside of the century, you can apply this or that color. This technique allows to "expand" the eyes, to make them expressive.

Thus, you can apply the darkest color shades, which under normal distribution throughout the area will look defiant century, and in this embodiment, restrained and attractive. Additionally, when such a method not falling shade as concentrated in a zone that is not on the crook age, especially troubled portion of the eye.

An important role in the eradication of bad taste and color of shadow plays. By selecting it, do not forget that bright blue tone, a la 90s have long been out of fashion. But dark purple, gray, black, maroon colors are favorites of the evening wear make-up to date. Do not ignore them, but do not overdo it with color. In some cases, it is possible to create a unique way of combining metallic silver with dark shades of its variations.

Separately, at this point I will focus on the connector. Often the girls, and adult women, trying to bring the inside of the century, in order to highlight the eyes. But it should be noted that the eyeliner from the beginning to the end of the century strongly restricts any, even the big eyes and significantly adds age, depriving the appearance of every naturalness. Therefore, it is best, using black pencil, a line starting from the middle of the eye, not from the beginning. If possible, the contours should not be too clearly drawn, so they will look soft and restrained. It is not necessary to bend and the length of the arrow, bringing the tips of long, because they look so unnatural.

Fourth step

 Secrets evening makeup

It's time to talk about eyebrows. Eyebrows just have to look neat and tidy and, at least, to be plucked. But even this is not enough, that the image was complete. Naturally, they must be emphasized. You can do this in two ways. The first option - is to use an ordinary pencil, the color of which depends on the color of your natural brows. The second option - use black ink or cinnamon tones. In any case, the "active" eyebrows facial look unnatural. And we remember that the whole image must obey the cardinal rule: be bright, but the most organic. In addition, eyebrows often look untidy because of the fact that the tips sticking out in different directions. To avoid this effect, to be applied to them cosmetic oils or simply conventional cream which make them smooth and compliant.

Fifth step

 Secrets evening makeup

Finally, we come to the eyelashes. For evening image should be fine lashes, and they should not be too long, because of all the same requirements - naturalness. But as you know, lashes a negative impact on their own, so it is easier to resort to common options add volume, namely the use of bulk ink. Generally, any eyelash mascara lengthens when put it in several layers. But it must be borne in mind that it must not crumble and crumble, and glue eyelashes. Therefore it is necessary to choose, perhaps, more expensive, but, more importantly, high quality option. Apply mascara after coating the lashes only special cosmetic oil. It will help spread the mascara and eyelash make smooth and accommodating.

Sixth step

 Secrets evening makeup

Well, it sounds a solemn carcasses and we come to the final stage - the choice of lipstick colors. Here I want to warn all the ladies. What do you think of that? Certainly from vulgarity. So you need to decide in advance on what part of the face will be emphasized: on the lips or eyelids. If we, for example, pick up the tone of red lipstick, it will inevitably limit ourselves and use light pearlescent shade. Otherwise, Xhosa find a rock, the blade becomes blunt and we will have to gape hideous bright spot in any event. Is this result, we would like to achieve? Naturally, no. Therefore, match the color of the lipstick the color of the eyes. It is the ratio of the only true, as these two areas of our face are the main, it is their most we try and stress. Well, you have two options to choose just one thing.

That's all, after you last touched the cilia can safely say my boyfriend, that you are ready. Surely he was surprised that you did not have to wait for the usual 3:00.
Author: Anastasia Fedoseyev