A safe alternative to the classic nail
 Nail has become customary procedure for women who want a strong and beautiful nails, and save time on a weekly manicure. However, the usual buildup destroys the nail plate, and from time to time (depending on the state of the nails) requires a break, is to strengthen the treatment of nails and a ban on any manicure.

More and more, to the masters of nail service began to treat women, the condition of nails that capacity after repeated poor. This situation was the impetus for the use of alternative safe means of long-term nail - shellac (shilak, shellac) and bio-gel. Since both funds are based on the use of gel coat, it is worth considering them in detail to determine the extent of their similarities and differences.

Shellac (shilak, shellac)   - Hybrid Gel nail polish.

- Differs from conventional varnishing resistance - manicure lasts longer than two weeks. After this period requires correction regrown nail.

- The use of shellac does not require prior filing of the nail plate, which excludes its damage and thinning.

- Shellac combines the best qualities of varnish and gel nails. It is visually almost indistinguishable from conventional coatings with nail polish, nails look natural and not striking his "plastic".

 A safe alternative to the classic nail
   - Designed based gel, shellac has exceptional resistance coating - will not crack, does not exfoliate, not cloudy. Shellac is absolutely safe for the health of the nail plate, hypoallergenic, distinguished by the absence of sharp odor. It is resistant to UV exposure and a number of chemical substances used, including in the household chemicals.

- Wide color palette allows you to create manicure organic part of any image.

- Shellac can be used in the home, allowing you to save on visits to the beauty salon. However, it should be noted that for home use requires a full set of tools - from basic coverage to the UV lamp. Otherwise, the result could be disastrous. Attention should be paid to the need to purchase only original high-quality materials and strict adherence to the shellac coating technology.

- Shellac is not effective for strengthening the damaged nail, nail design, with chips.

Biogel (Biosculpture gel)   - color gel for strengthening the natural nail and manicure obtaining proof.

- According to the manufacturer, based on bio-gel resin is tiksovogo African tree, and it high content of protein (58%), providing not only strengthening, but also the power of the nail plate.

 A safe alternative to the classic nail
 - One of the most important distinguishing features of bio-gel - free "breathing" of the nail, which is especially important in the summer.

- Just as when using shellac, before application requires biogel not filing and polishing of the nail plate, which eliminates its mechanical damage.

- Just as shellac, Biogel removed from the nail with a special solution, softening coating.

- But, in contrast to the shellac manicure with using bio-gel is not available at home, and the materials for it should not be present in the free market, t. To. This work requires highly skilled craftsmen.

- Biogel widely used in permanent nail, bio-manicure, nails, strengthening and nail modeling.

Thus, alternative means of proof to nail - shellac and Biogel - will allow you to maintain the health of your nails, give them a healthy, natural and well-groomed appearance.
Author: Catherine Khetagurova