Manicure for perfektsionistok
 Are you one of those who can not see any mistakes or imperfections in manicure? For your nails should be "one-to-one" and no blots, burrs, smudge the edges? Then this tutorial is for you.

1. Select the shape of nails
There are 5 main varieties: pointed, square, oval, round and sharp (yet they are called "stilettos" as studs have shoes). More recently, these forms were only two women made themselves round or oval nails. But now the square nails periodically replacing all rounded shapes, and more recently a new trend - the sharp and pointed nails.

This sharp nails - is often artificial to natural nails of this form is very difficult to achieve, we need an incredibly strong and very long nails. If your nails are weak, it is best to give them a square shape.

 Manicure for perfektsionistok

On the catwalk models often go with oval nails. In the 2012 season, most likely, oval nails - this is again a trend.

 Manicure for perfektsionistok
   This is easiest to do with a dark finish on nails. Then, the easiest to see the real shape. If you make a form with bare nails, as a rule, it turns out a lot of mistakes: lack of symmetry, curves are not the same length, etc.

Try to opt out of scissors. With them you are waiting for your nails too short, very sharp edges that can injure the skin and spoil the clothes.

Instead of scissors - nail file and wooden stick for moving away cuticle. Glass nail files buy at the moment is the most reliable material and organic, too.

 Manicure for perfektsionistok
 The main thing - to form the nail was symmetrical. To do this, mentally divide the nail axis of symmetry, and try to repeat the outline mirroring. Keep track and that all the nails are approximately the same length. These are the main mistakes to avoid newcomers.

It would seem that could be easier! But one of the gurus of manicure - blogger Michelle from Nederland ( have developed a statement. We get to know her. Do you think that such a statement can be composed of 10 (!) Steps! Before you start, make sure you have good lighting and all the tools at hand.

1. Start with a clean nail, make sure that the nail surface without oil can degrease nail polish remover.
2. Apply a base coat. This prevents staining the nail polish from yellowing, and further align the nail scratches. Allow to dry thoroughly basecoat.
3. Getting colored varnish. We start with the center of the nail, near the base, slightly above the cuticle.
4. Gently press the brush to coat came to the cuticle.
5. Spend a brush dab in the middle of the nail, right up to the edge.

 Manicure for perfektsionistok

6. Return to the base of the nail, cuticle arc again at the beginning of the stroke.
7. Complete a smear on the edge of the nail.
8. Repeat step 6, but on the other side of the nail.
9. Repeat step 7, but on the other side of the nail.
10. If necessary, apply 2 or 3 layers of colored lacquer finish and top coat or so-called "fast-drying".

 Manicure for perfektsionistok

4. perfectly flat
And now a real godsend for perfektsionistok. Perfect edge varnish comes from the cuticle is not always, or even the pros are "races" for the edge of the nail, cover jagged edges. What to do? Who is using cotton buds. But they can leave traces of lint adheres to the varnish, all this is not exactly ideal. That's what we do.

 Manicure for perfektsionistok
 Find a flat, thin brush, moderately soft, not tough. Moisten it in pure acetone or nail polish remover. Acetone longer dry cuticles and skin, so be sure to use it. Brush should be wetted with it not dripping.

 Manicure for perfektsionistok
 Outline brush curved line on the cuticle. Always after each stroke wipe cloth brush to paint residues were not included in the following cuticle.

If you are dealt a nail gently, the cleaning process does not take long. The less accurately you work, the longer you will have to correct inaccuracies, because the nail is sometimes too "eats" in the skin.

Finish the moisture. When everything is dry, apply a cuticle moisturizing cream or a special oil for cuticles.
Author: Olga Larsen