Shopping abroad - the best preparation for the year of the Black Dragon
 About the upcoming 2012 different rumors. But one can be sure exactly - according to preliminary forecasts of analysts and fashion stylists, next year in the field of fashion-happen kind of revolution. On the one hand, it will come back interest in retro style (which manifests itself in varying degrees in the work of famous designers), on the other - there will be new, universal and unique, solution.

And although, according to some fashion-reporters, designers have not yet offered absolutely nothing innovative next season, the majority of clothes, which were presented at the last Fashion Week noticeable interesting accents. And after all the details allow to emphasize the individuality and create a unique style.

Pre-New Year shopping, or how to get the right image
Historically, that are considered to be the recognized center of fashion in Paris, Milan, London and New York (where traditionally held the most prestigious Fashion Week and where many modern women tend to shop). After all, in boutiques and shopping malls in these cities, you can find a top-notch branded clothing. And if you come here during sales - have the opportunity to profitably purchase.

However, on the eve of Year of the Dragon, you can move away from the usual stereotypes and take a shopping tour in any other world capital. Moreover, new conditions contribute to the fact that we can be resolute and allow yourself to experiment in terms of wardrobe update. So where better to go shopping in the last days of this fall or winter?

Option One - Tokyo (Japan).   Why to go here? The fact is that in 2012, will include a fashion model, dresses closed with an asymmetrical cut, which in a vast assortment of points of sale in traditional Japanese costumes. In addition, designers from Japan today massively adopt the best European tradition.

 Shopping abroad - the best preparation for the year of the Black Dragon
Modern versions of national kimono and a Japanese-style blouses

At the same time, in their collections present unique patterns and details that have arisen in this distant from the mainland state.

In addition, the traditional Japanese fashion is associated with the use of natural materials, images of natural objects, as well as with the play of color and unique contrasts that will look particularly striking in the year of the Dragon.

 Shopping abroad - the best preparation for the year of the Black Dragon

Plus, at the time in Japan flourished youth subculture, which marked a kind of protest against the existing traditions and beliefs. Today in the capital have sales outlets (in particular in the areas of Harajuku, Shibuya and Aoyama), which is implemented non-standard clothing, attracting the attention of local teenagers.

The country may like Europeans and young at heart who also lives the desire to oppose his views accepted and to stand out in the crowd.

 Shopping abroad - the best preparation for the year of the Black Dragon
Teenagers in Tokyo urban area of ​​Harajuku. Clothing of different groups shows certain areas of street fashion

Finally it is worth mentioning that some of the larger stores in the Japanese capital, you can buy a unique gift for yourself and your family - happy package for $ 200 (the amount of things which is twice as high). In addition, buyers recognize that it is only after the purchase. However, in the store, you can change surprises with other tourists.

Option Two. Cape Town (South Africa).   Where to start shopping excursion in the mysterious African city? First of all, after a tour of the local historical attractions worth seeing numerous exquisite collection of African designers (represented in the outlets of one of the most fashionable areas - Cape Quarter).

 Shopping abroad - the best preparation for the year of the Black Dragon

The more they can attract the fashionistas in the coming year? The fact that one of the fashion trends of 2012 - ethno-fusion - is directly associated with traditional African motifs, as well as with a mixture of European trends (which are displayed in the work of designers and fashion designers around the hot continent).

 Shopping abroad - the best preparation for the year of the Black Dragon
Apparel by Stephanie Moreland presented at Fashion Week in Cape Town. The models are designed for the modern inhabitants of large cities (and not just African)

It is worth noting that the African exotic and simplicity already are reflected in numerous collections (which were in vogue in the summer season 2011). And it's not only for the original has not lost its relevance in the Year of the Dragon, but may become more perfect and thoughtful.

 Shopping abroad - the best preparation for the year of the Black Dragon
A mixture of ethnic and denim - one of the most popular trends of fusion

And to compare the African approach to the creation of new clothes to more conservative Arab and Indo-European multi-faceted, visit VanGeyt mall and other large commercial establishments of the capital. Presented in their range of branded clothing will not leave indifferent any of the modern woman.

Thus, a shopping trip in the city where centuries-old traditions are perfectly combined with cutting-edge developments and ideas can bring great pleasure. Especially in the run-up to new achievements and in anticipation of New Year miracle.
Author: Alla Pilipenko