Expensive toys - "bags, small animals"
 Do you still believe that your handbag - a place where kept lipstick, hairbrush and phone? So, you will find a real discovery!

Handbags ... My favorite "friend" of the woman and a favorite among designers of accessories. There are all shapes and colors, they do not happen. It all depends on the imagination and creates the wearer: luxury evening bags embroidered with beads, stones or decorated with rhinestones game ever; practical and comfortable casual-bags that are appropriate in almost any situation; sturdy handbags and briefcases alligator leather for the successful business woman; perky and bright youth bags, striking boldness of colors and shapes. However, there is a "girlfriend" who stand out - a collectible, fancy handbags, often expensive, this flight of design ideas - handbags in the shape of animals. Many young and flamboyant designers love the "animal" theme, and using the animal theme, create true masterpieces.

Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber became known just because of its extravagant, plush bags, which take the form of different animals. And the bag is not to create the impression of children. This is a real adult and very expensive toy, the price of which sometimes reaches 5 thousand dollars. The favorite material for decorating their "treasures" PRSPs maker chose crystals that make a designer bag in Jewelry, each of which gets its own name, reflecting the essence of the image.

 Expensive toys - "bags, small animals"
 Black Magic - Jinx the Cat

Original handbag in the form of a black cat. It may be an extravagant accessory for the little black dress. You are sure to be the center of attention. Handbag entirely by hand (!) Is encrusted with Austrian crystals with high-quality production. Bag Dimensions - 14 x 14 x 7, 5 cm. Price, as the name handbags - witchcraft - 3495 US dollars.

 Expensive toys - "bags, small animals"
 Oriental motifs - Gobi and Maharadja

Subject east relevant at all times, and created two wonderful oriental handbags, Judith Leiber managed to convey the luxury, color and culture of tropical countries. Like all of the designer handbags, small purses, minodera - Gobi as a camel and Maharaja of the Indian elephant, hand-inlaid with multicolored crystals of the highest quality. Each of the bags attached accurate chain on his shoulder. Price handbags to match their eastern beauty - 4995 US dollars for "camel" and 5995 USD for "elephant."


Braccialini - it is known as a highly original and unmistakable Italian brand shoes and handbags. However, it should stay at the exclusive line "Themes", which includes bags and accessories for the unexpected, including "animal" forms. The basic material - high-quality leather and fur. The pricing policy of the company more moderate compared with Judith Leiber.

 Expensive toys - "bags, small animals"
 Symbol of wisdom: Brown Owl

Owl as has become a tradition since the days of ancient Greek civilization - a symbol of wisdom. So why not carry the owl constantly as a mascot? And if this is not just a mascot, but also need a convenient, multi-functional design thing? This thing - of course, handbag! Naughty handbag in the form of "owlet" is not subject to fashion trends and is always relevant. Made from high quality leather and fur, it is a long time retain its "exclusive" appearance. The size of bags 26 cm x 28 cm x 10 cm, height of handles - 12 cm. The cost of "girlfriend" - 46 290 rubles.

 Expensive toys - "bags, small animals"
 Complete the ensemble with "owlet" will make a leather belt with a buckle in the form of a wise bird. The price of issue - 4190 rubles.

If desired, of course, it can be a long time to save and still buy these wonderful handbags. And you can just enjoy the beauty and originality of execution of design and create masterpieces by something similar! All in your hands, go for it!
Author: Inna Sedykh