How to wear a suit?
 Jumpsuits all kinds are becoming increasingly popular. Western stars have already try the hit of the season. Moreover, almost all from hudyshki Kate Moss to a pyshnotelye beauties.

Autumn-Winter 2009/2010 did overalls thing must-have, and the next spring and summer will not change. Therefore, you can safely buy myself a couple of different models and learn to wear them.

Jumpsuits can be compared with the dress. In the sense that this one thing can transform any woman. Yes Yes. This article of clothing can be worn by women are completely different complexion and sizes. The main thing - to choose the right style.

And choose really is from what: tight, loose, long, short, with ruffles, strapless, one shoulder, office type, jeans, etc. Most women will approach the free model. Trouser leg can be classic, cropped, east type, etc.

It is also noteworthy that most of the styles can be easily transformed into an evening option. It is a very interesting alternative to evening dresses.

 How to wear a suit?

Of course, not every woman will dare to wear a suit, but if you still do it and do it right, then you are guaranteed attention.

Short overalls

They are more suitable for the summer. And they are not always suitable for the office. Rather, this option will work to relax with friends, shopping and partying. Put on your big jewelry and sandals flat shoes or ballet flats (which is more suitable for the style) and the option for daytime ready. To make the evening hairstyle, makeup brighter, more elegant jewelry and hairpins - and ready glamorous image. These suits can be worn as a striped version and from colored fabrics.

 How to wear a suit?

Long overalls

Many more options can create a jumpsuit with long trousers. Firstly, they can be carried to work at any time of year. Second, they look great in the evening (not all, but most). Third, also suitable for meetings with friends, shopping and movies. And in jeans can even go to the country.

 How to wear a suit?

So, here are some tips on how to collect the image. Let's start with the shoe. For long and short model can be safely worn heels. This stylish and elegant, and appropriate almost everywhere. In addition, for long coveralls can advise and flat shoes or small heels. Unfortunately, it does not fit the shortened, otherwise the legs will seem short.

As for accessories, it is important to choose them correctly, otherwise the image may get or dull or congested. Firstly, I would like to mention belts. They are the height of fashion this season, and in the spring will continue their victorious march. The belt helps to structure your image slightly. However, remember that it does not always work. So be careful. It all depends on the style.

Jewellery may vary depending on the mode, the case of taste preferences, etc. A perfect complement to the overalls become blazer or cardigan. Some models look good with a turtleneck and blouses. The main thing is that the image does not become too sad and boring.

 How to wear a suit?

What overall pick

An important point is the choice of suit. He must sit perfectly. You do not have to be a model to buy and wear it. You need to find its own model, its color and its texture. After all, your suit will disguise flaws and emphasize the advantages.

Lightweight fabrics are more suitable for slender girls, for women with forms can advise denim, jersey or cotton with a touch of elastane. For winter overalls suit made of wool (black and white version of the figure).

 How to wear a suit?

As for color, it is best to give preference to self-colored models. The models, made of colorful fabric, sometimes create the illusion that you are turned into wallpaper.

Drop prejudices, try something new and unexpected. Have you ever worn overalls?
Author: Vera Karabutova