Detox patches: Pros and Cons
 Detox - a good thing for youth and beauty. To cleanse the body of toxins, you can sit on the detox diet, go to the sauna, drink plenty of water ... And you can - just stick a special patch on the foot.

Patch or patches - a relatively new thing, which performs a variety of tasks to improve the health of the body. There are patches of warming cold, patches, joint pain, and recently there is another kind of "wellness treatments in a patch" - detox patches. Patches for detoxification were created in Japan, and, like all new items Asian cosmetic product initially taken lightly, but now it mastered the production of other companies, such as US.

Detox patches are attached to the foot and begin to act. When used properly, these patches are able to deduce the heavy metals from the body gets rid of toxins, can improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system, regain vitality and restore overall health. In the market there is also a detox patches that have the effect of weight loss.

But the greater the health benefits offered by these products - the higher the skepticism about new products. Let's see how these patches before you decide to purchase.


The composition of detox patches should contain ingredients that seem to "pull" the toxins from the body. These components include, for example, substances such as wood vinegar, extracts of herbs and medicinal herbs, minerals.

If you test a patch, its effects can be seen with their own eyes. After application on the surface appears black or brown. This is the removal of toxins - say manufacturers.

 Detox patches: Pros and Cons

Natural detox while you sleep

Manufacturers detox patches say that creating a patch to stop into account all the achievements of acupressure and acupuncture. The foot has a point, "responsible" for the health of almost all internal organs. Patches begin their "work" in contact with skin, emitting infrared light, toxins and go more quickly.

Owners detox patches state that these patches can be pulled out of the body of harmful substances such as nickel, arsenic, mercury, benzene, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, aluminum, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, thallium, asbestos, colorants.

Apply patches to be the night on both feet, 30 nights in a row, during which time the body would display all the ingredients completely. Discoloration patch indicates that it works. And it's all natural detox, because as part of patches only organic ingredients.

 Detox patches: Pros and Cons

Doubts, doubts

Most skeptics attribute this brown patina that is formed on the patch, it is very simple: the ingredients of patches give a black or gray-black in normal contact with air, heat and moisture. And this coating can not be proof of the effectiveness of new items.

The editors of an American portals to conduct their own experiment. They kept patches over a cup of boiling water, and saw the appearance of a patch of brown streaks. This, of course, can not serve as proof that the patch does not eliminate toxins from the body, however, partially it reveals that the patch gets dark and without contact with the human body.

But in general, doctors do not believe in miracle detox patch. In the best case, the product is harmless - they say. In fact, while there is no credible study that would confirm all the health benefits that provide detox foot patches.

 Detox patches: Pros and Cons

Customer Reviews

Despite all the skepticism, the network has a lot of positive feedback from those who have tried to detox patches. Some write that felt a great surge of strength and energy after detox. And even if it's a placebo effect - that what's wrong is that you raise your efficiency and begin a vigorous life after a harmless patch.

Supporters patches also argue that the product reduces arteralnoe pressure, improves sleep, helps reduce the risk of depression. And there is a large group of consumers who really feel the effect of the detox patches.


Try-detox patches or not - the decision is yours. But it should be noted that this tool has some contraindications and side effects, as is sometimes evidenced not only by experts, but also by the producers themselves. Here is a list of contraindications:

- Do not apply the detox patches on open wounds, sensitive skin, as well as other areas of the body other than the feet. This may lead to infections and irritations.

- If you start to experience weakness from detox - Patching should be discontinued. Although sometimes the problem is solved simply better quality sleep because the body loses strength due to the purification and isolation of toxins and completely restored by the usual 7-8 hours.

- If you have chronic pain in the joints - that most often receive patches undesirable.

- Some may experience an allergic reaction to any component of the patches. In most cases, the reason becomes chitosan - component derived from shellfish. If you are allergic to seafood - from the use of the patches should be discarded.

- Pregnant women should refrain from any of the patches and detox as well.

- If you have diabetes or have any chronic or hereditary diseases - it is better to apply a patch to consult with your doctor.
Author: Tamara