Face Cream: What's inside?
 It is strange to hear some women say that the use of funds for the skin only worsen her condition. Opponents of cosmetic skin care is considered, it is best to "leave the person alone." This, in their opinion, the most "environmentally friendly" way.

Interestingly, the main argument of opponents of cosmetics is that, say, our grandmother does not use and had gorgeous skin. This is not quite true - and our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used various natural "skin improvers" - herbal infusions, masks from the fermented milk products, juices wipe vegetables and berries, etc. Do not forget that the living conditions in the last decade, not to mention the centuries, changed radically and, unfortunately, not for the better.

Scientists have found that over the past 20 years the rate of skin aging in women has increased several times. More and more young women are faced with the problem of dry skin, early wrinkles, the appearance of age spots. In addition, modern products that have been used previously as cosmetics, lost much of its medicinal properties. Therefore, in modern cosmetic oils and extracts are used instead of decoctions and infusions.

So what to look for when choosing a cosmetic skin care face? First of all, we must remember that with age, the elasticity of all skin decreases. One should not forget that the health of the skin - is the health of its cells, so it is best to choose cosmetics that affect the deeper layers of the skin, promoting healing and good growth of its cells.

The structure of a good set of cosmetic products must include:

- Mineral salts   to restore and maintain the acid-base balance;

- amino acids   (they are detected on the currently 21), as building components skin proteins collagen and elastin;

- vitamins Providing protection to the skin, filling it with energy, and accelerate the construction of skin cells;

- carbohydrates It is a structural part of the majority of the molecules of the skin;

- nucleotides   - Components of DNA molecules;

- plant extracts, vegetable oils .

Note that as represented by part of the foundations   cosmetics. Most manufacturers its hide while the base is often a source of allergic reactions.

We continue to study the labels of cosmetic products. From all written an ordinary person can not read only some of the components, and they cause fear. But the devil is not so bad ...

- Emulsifiers . They do not allow the layers to delaminate means providing uniformity of structure. Choosing the means which correspond to maximum emulsifiers skin structure.

- Emollients . These fats are responsible for the perception of a cosmetic product skin. If the cream or, say, milk to remove makeup clog the skin to blame, most likely substandard emollients.

- Preservatives . As much as we would like to see the inscription on the box about their absence! But, alas, this is not possible, as preservatives are responsible for the protection of funds from microorganisms. And if there were no preservatives in cosmetics, we would be at the disposal of only a few days to take advantage of them. But remember: the fewer preservatives in the composition of funds, the less its shelf life and lower the risk of an allergic reaction.

- Dyes . Most cosmetic products unfortunately contain artificial colors. The result of their use is predictable. Choose those funds, which contain natural dyes.

- Fragrances . Some of the components that make up cosmetics, have an unpleasant odor. To you and not to faint, barely opening a jar or tube, manufacturers add in the cream flavoring. However, some manufacturers try so hard to please the customers, that the concentration of perfume is able to knock down. Conclusion: The cosmetics should be light, airy scent.

 Face Cream: What's inside?

Now a little more about the desired composition of cosmetic products

Means for washing . If you think that washing with mild soap does not bring any harm, forget it. "Lumpy" soap, even a very expensive and highly publicized, dries the skin, destroying the hydro-lipid film on its surface. To protect from this are called cleanser. But if after their use, you still feel dry and taut skin, change the manufacturer. After applying the cleanser on the skin should not occur irritation and increase skin sensitivity. Some women have these unwanted effects blamed on the problematic nature of their skin, but the blame for this cosmetic product or a wrong selection.

If you got oily skin, do not rush to believe the assertions that such a skin bar soaps sure I do not hurt. It is better to pay attention to the correct selection of cleanser. Menthol in its composition will give a feeling of freshness and bean extracts, ivy, sunflower and olive oil provide the performance of the main tasks: to normalize the hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands. Means for oily skin should have a mild effect, because defending himself from aggressive skin strengthens the sebaceous and sweat glands, making useless treatments.

If your cleanser contains oxygen, can congratulate themselves: your skin will receive invaluable care. Choose funds whose main task - to dissolve dead skin cells and wash them, and not act like sandpaper.

This recommendation is fully in line with the selection and Scrub the skin . The surface layer of skin, the epidermis, is updated every 7-10 days. Washing, even with a good cosmetic products are not able to remove the top layer of dead skin, under which over time will begin to breed bacteria. Use a scrub can cope with this task. Make sure that the membership as an abrasive scrub with natural ingredients such as olive pits. Even better, the manufacturer indicates that the crushed bones are rounded, which will provide the most gentle on the skin.

The structure of a good scrub should contain fruit acids responsible for exfoliation, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect, antioxidant effect on the skin. Vitamin E is composed of a scrub will facilitate the removal of toxins from the skin cells.

For cleaning skin is incomplete without the use of tonic . Its main task - to remove the remains of cosmetics. It would be great if your toner will have a refreshing, protective, moisturizing effect, and can make the skin smooth and provide it with power. Depending on the type of skin tonic must contain: for dry and sensitive skin - allantoin, vitamins B5, C, for oily skin - zinc, witch hazel, provitamin B5, vitamin C.

 Face Cream: What's inside?
 Creams for day care.   There is a common misconception that light cream to be used for oily skin and greasy cream - for dry. Bold Cream contains nutrients no more than a modern light cream or emulsion. This cream is absorbed so much longer, heavier and perceived skin at sufficiently frequent use of fat cream is great risk of "overfeeding" skin.

However, fat cream has an undeniable advantage: it perfectly protects the skin in a strong frost. If you like your fat cream, do not forget that it is imperative to give the skin to absorb the amount of cream, which she needed, and then remove the remains of a napkin. Do not use greasy creams too often - the skin gets tired of them. Do not use greasy creams for night care at the same time and for the day, choose one thing.

And now for those components daily face creams that make your skin unmatched :

- Sun Complex SPF (SPF of 15 is better) - protects the skin from aggressive UV exposure;

- Hyaluronic acid - promotes active moisturizing of the skin;

- Avocado oil, peanut - soften the skin and regenerate the cells;

- Oil cumin, sesame, pumpkin - suitable for oily skin, restore the skin, protect against infections;

- St. John's wort oil, peach, hazelnut - give the skin a healthy even color; velvety, nourish the skin and have antiseptic effect;

- Coffee oil, olives - actively fortifying, improve blood circulation, increased metabolism;

- Soybean oil - nourishes the skin with valuable plant proteins, lipids;

- Extracts of ivy, elderberry, mallow - moisturize skin, promote microcirculation, give elasticity;

- Extracts of watercress, myrrh, violets - suitable for oily skin, have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent;

- Extracts of carrot, wheat - delivers skin vegetable protein;

- Extracts of green tea, guarana, thyme, vitamin A - is a natural energy, remove toxins, promote metabolism;

- Cypress extract, grape - contribute to the subcutaneous microcirculation, protect blood vessels;

- Vitamins C and E - protect the skin from harmful influences;

- Coenzyme Q10 - the cells responsible for energy conservation, stimulates cellular respiration, fights free radicals.

 Face Cream: What's inside?
 Means for the night skin care . Everyone knows that the most intensively all processes in the skin occur at night when the body is resting. That is why the choice of a night cream - a task almost more important and difficult than the choice of funds for day care. Night creams should have increased exposure to the skin, their composition must include the most active agents for the food, regeneration, moisturizing and protecting the skin. Mandatory rule: night cream should be applied to the skin at least 40 minutes before bedtime.

The most important component of creams for night care:

- Silk proteins - the building material suppliers for the collagen fibers;

- Coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, soybean oil, cocoa, vitamins C and E (see their effects above), Vitamin N.

- Carrot extract - has a rare composition of vitamins, mineral compounds, essential oils and enzymes;

- Extracts of cucumber, watercress, calendula - helps strengthen skin cell regeneration;

- Rosehip oil - restores damaged skin, prevents scarring, moisturizes the skin;

- Cypress extracts, witch hazel, St. John's wort, horsetail, thyme - accelerate cell renewal, tightens pores, heal the skin;

- Extracts of arnica, nettle, rosemary, sage - have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

Caring for the skin around the eyes . The skin around the eyes - the most vulnerable spot on our face. A very thin skin, an abundance of blood vessels and their proximity to the surface of the skin require special delicacy in taking care of this area. Should I remind you that you can not use for normal skin around the eyes Cream? Of course, to the selection of cosmetics should be treated with special care.

The components most effectively and safely care for the skin around the eyes :

- Extracts of St. John's wort, rosemary, green tea;

- Hyaluronic acid;

- Wheat germ oil and olive - suppliers of protein;

- Cornflower extract, myrrh - soothe, reduce inflammation, swelling cope with and prevent their occurrence;

- Vitamins E and PP - strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, neutralize the effects of stress and fatigue;

- Allantoin - promotes skin cell regeneration;

- Soybean oil, carrots, grape seed, rose hips - have a rejuvenating effect;

- Vitamins A, C, N - provide active protection of the skin;

- Lavender oil, pine nuts - remove and prevent swelling, strengthen blood vessels.

It is desirable that all of the funds for the care of the face includes the components vegetable squalene . It is a natural saturated hydrocarbon - building material for skin cells, a substance that provides the skin turgor, its strengthening and tightening.

Thus, we conclude: the correct selection of cosmetic products for skin care can save you from allergic reactions, not only to give the skin a healthy appearance, but actually make it healthier. But please do not need to run for the most expensive cosmetics - paying good money for them, you simply pay for numerous advertising campaigns (often aggressive) and all kinds of action known manufacturers. Choose funds for skin care and wisely
get the dual benefit of saving your budget and high quality leather.
Author: Catherine Khetagurova