If the soul Requests the holiday ... and unusual procedures
 When the outside cold and uncomfortable, heavy gray sky brings sad thoughts - it's time to shake things up and indulge in something unusual. After all, new thrills - the best cure for a bad mood, boredom, depression, including the fall and winter. Of course, it would be nice to take a trip, but if for some reason this method to treat mental fatigue you are not currently fit, try another trouble-free method - care for a favorite!

Even such seemingly familiar beauty treatments like exfoliation, massage can be very unusual, and obtain from them a lot of vivid, unforgettable experience. Ask may salons in your city already offer their clients the new, exotic treatments and you can diversify your beauty experience without going to distant lands. Or maybe you yourself, at home, will be able to organize themselves and even slightly unusual extreme procedure, "an amateur", maybe this is what you need, and that would be stirred up and drop cargo depressive mood.

Fish pedicure and body scrub
A new direction in pedicure and skin care - use the voracious little fish who like to absorb dead skin flakes. In truth, a new direction for us, but Turkey Fish Pedicure steel used for a long time. Legend has it that back in the 14th century, when the Turks first began using therapeutic hot springs for the treatment of skin, two brothers drew attention to the small fish that live in hot water, one of the sources. These fish are not sailed, but instead sailed to the brothers and began to nibble on the skin on the body. After a few sessions have been disease, the skin on the body is smooth and clean. But the legend of the legend, but in practice the first fish pedicure healers really have been used in Turkey in 1988, in the SPA-centers, Kangal and Sivas, and then became popular in Japan, China and the rest of the world.

 If the soul Requests the holiday ... and unusual procedures
   Called the miracle of fish Garra Rufa and belong to the carp family, they do not have teeth, so they can not bite and pinch off his lips flake-suckers, making the skin soft and silky, and at the same time delivering customers a lot of unique sensations and emotions. Also, caring for the skin of the hands and feet of man, the fish produce an enzyme ditranol (anthralin), healing and rejuvenating the skin and slows down cell division, so that after the procedure, the horny layer of the skin occurs much more slowly, and the longer it remains delicate.

 If the soul Requests the holiday ... and unusual procedures
   If at first offered only in salons pedicure using fish, it then they were used for manicure and peeling and micro-massage the whole body. Results and feel is perfect!

In principle, nothing prevents contain Garra Rufa in a home aquarium, as this type is very hardy and undemanding. However, one - two fish is not enough for their happy life, they live in packs, but for a home aquarium will be enough 40-50 pieces. The usual size of 5-12 cm fish. In their natural habitat they feed on plankton, but with an appetite will eat anything ... even skin flakes. Fish these playful and active, thrives in hot water up to 37 to 40 degrees Celsius, the lower limit of 22 degrees

The only thing that could be an obstacle in the way of furnishing such useful pets - their cost. But Chinese experts brought a new kind of fish-doctors budget - hybrid tilapia, or Chin Chin (fish-kiss).

Rejuvenating snails
Snails for the manufacture of anti-aging cosmetic use in France, Germany, Spain, Chile and some other countries surprising property of snail slime heal scratches, abrasions and generally beneficial effects on the skin first noticed collectors and breeders of molluscs. A harvested and planted them exclusively with gastronomic purpose, because the meat is considered a delicacy snails and therapeutic dietary product. It is only then, researchers have paid attention to the cosmetic properties of these lovely creatures. It was found that the snail slime contains natural components, regenerative cells. The creams and gels are commonly used medicinal extract from the slime of Chilean snail Helix Aspers Muller (Helix Aspersa Muller).

But creams we can not be surprised, and here are some salons offer a humane and even pleasant (at least, unusual) way to use the properties of giant snails from Africa Achatina Fulik (Achatina fulica) to rejuvenate, moisturize and gently massage the skin. When moving snail allocates special protective mucus, which prevents the trauma of her legs and contributes to its rapid recovery, healing of micro. This healing snail slime covers her entire body, and the body on which it crawls.

 If the soul Requests the holiday ... and unusual procedures
   To use the snail for the procedure, it should first be rinsed under cold running water. Next, prepare your face and neck, as a normal procedure - purified by cosmetics from makeup and dirt, rub a little milk (snails like milk, and it serves them bait). Has a comfortable chair, turn on the music and ... Let the snail crawling on the skin. Gradually snail "pass" in all necessary areas, leaving the healing mucus. After the session, a snail return to the lodge for a well deserved rest, isolation remains on the skin should be gently rubbed on the skin and leave for 15-20 minutes, as a regular mask. Then rinse with warm water. The procedure is preferably carried out in a day.

I do not know about the Chilean snails, but Africa can be wonderful pets. They are very easy to keep at home, and can be purchased at pet stores. They eat snails raw vegetables. Very fond of cucumbers, lettuce, daily diet is low, for example, may consist of one cucumber for three. As pets, they are unpretentious, they need to change the ground once every two or three weeks, occasionally sprinkling them with water and bathing suit. Happy owners of these animals say that they are quite smart, know the owners, and when they approach, moving his eyes antennae. And of course, thanks to generously share its healing slime!

Snakes - masseurs
Another unusual procedure - massage with snakes. This is where the real extreme, even if you know that snakes are not poisonous! There was this unusual type of massage in India, then it is adopted by some SPA-resorts of Israel, and even invented the term - reptilioterapiya. The essence of the procedure is simple: a few snakes (usually 6 instances) are placed on the back of a man in a tangle in the course of the procedure and try to unravel the snake raspolztis task masseur to observe the process in time to return back to the snakes and again confuse them. For relaxation and creating a pleasant sensation of light using small light snakes, and if you want a deep promassazhirovat muscles and joints, heavy suit-type massive snake pythons.

 If the soul Requests the holiday ... and unusual procedures
 External influence of snakes on the body is very beneficial. According to experts in the field of reptilioterapii crawling snakes can cure a variety of diseases and lead to a state of mental equilibrium. This massage improves blood circulation, stimulates the output of toxins from the skin, relieves pain in muscles and joints, accumulated stress and nervous strain.

By the way, a unique and very beautiful Egyptian relaxation massage, called "Loop BoA" and performed with both hands, simulating the motion of two snakes crawling.

 If the soul Requests the holiday ... and unusual procedures
   They offer the same exotic treatments, and in some salons of Europe, and even an amusement park Chessington prudish England.

I do not know whether to entrust massage his body home terrarium inhabitants, but if they are not poisonous, and you have a reliable assistant, who did not give them raspolztis around the room, then why not try it. I am confident, sharp impressions of this procedure guaranteed, but the space melancholy, boredom and despondency will not stay!
Author: Olga Travleeva