Silicone cushions. From the "Silicon generation"
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Pillows Vita got as a dowry, is not transmitted through a single generation. But the respectable age, they did not look. Decorative sheets were pretty well kind of, pen seemed shot down and sleep on them quite comfortably. The only thing that bothered Vita is their old-fashioned giant size 60x60. It seemed terribly old-fashioned their mistress. In fashionable boutiques almost all bed pillow size 60x40. Yes, at every turn proclaim the urgent need to pour the pen and disinfect almost every year to the parasites have not made ...

Here then Vita and measurable trends snesya their girlfriends the night in a small desk where she quickly two large pillows made three coveted small size 60x40. But to the surprise of the girls more comfortable cushion by pouring it did not, and even on the contrary: the neck after a dream start to ache. Whether the new density of the pen did not come under the constitution of women, or even any unseen circumstances became the cause.

For a while Vita did not attach any importance to this. But one day, sitting in the barber's chair, she heard (as is often the case in schools, where many women are going to) an enthusiastic review of one of the masters of the cushions of silicone fiber ...

What is it about
Silicone pad is a non-removable pillow cover made of 100% cotton. It is expected that the use of this accessory, you can stay in bed and without pillowcases. Fill this hollow Polyester fiber cushion. The basis of this polyester fiber, siliconizing the past, whereby it becomes soft and elastic.

At the touch of silicone pad is really quite soft. An unusual feature of the silicone cushion is that, the stronger it whipped, the higher it gets.

It is believed that the ideal for the human sleep is that pillow that after we go up to her, he immediately recovers its shape. And silicone cushions perfectly cope with this task!

Why silicone
Silicone - a material that has proven itself as a base for many of contemporary human goods. He has proven himself in the prosthetic industry, high demand for silicone baking dishes, silicone insoles, silicone bra bra. Silicone filling for pillows good because it does not get off without spreading quickly recovers its shape after compression, breathable well, almost never cause allergies. All this makes silicone cushions for comfortable sleep and therefore it is recommended to use even for children.

Unlike natural pillows, synthetic silicone cushion can often be machine washed. In this mode of washing to be sensitive, and a temperature of 50 ° C. In general, care silicone pad is much simpler than their natural counterparts.

Another advantage of silicone bedding - their low price. Pillow with natural fillers can cost several times more expensive than their silicon equivalent. And the cost of suction and disinfection of natural inflator roughly equal to the price of similar new silicone accessory bed.

Disadvantages of silicone cushions
Silicon - the material is not as durable as the same feathers. In addition, some consumers categorically do not accept non-natural materials in their everyday life, and especially in bedding.

Where to buy
To date, commercially available silicone cushions are a variety of sizes: 60x40, 70x40, 70x50, 80h40, 80x50, 50x50, 60x60, 70x70, 45x45, 38h38. Moreover, their weight can be from 200 g to 1 kg.

On the market are well represented silicone cushions number of domestic producers and foreign firms, such as Billerbeck (Germany), Merkys (Lithuania), Othello (Italy-Turkey) and others.

Silicone cushions offer an assortment of specialty stores for home goods and bedding, as well as Internet portals.

Some stores in special plastic kulechkah even have samples of fillers for pillows. Anyone interested can touch them, to evaluate the flexibility and suitability for themselves.

When choosing a filler for pillows, it is better to give preference to form balls or springs. This fiber will keep the shape better than silicone simulators fluff.

How much is
Depending on the size and manufacturer, the prices of silicone cushions range from $ 5 35 USD

 Silicone cushions. From the "Silicon generation"
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- Sweet_tooth
Here are a few days ago my husband bought a silicone pad, said very convenient, not break it and giperallergennaya. Sleep has become like a baby, even snoring.

- Solia
Regarding synthetic - Buy seems silicone ... In general, after 1, 5 years on it already can not sleep because She skamkivaetsya and splyuskivaetsya. Yes, and the silicone is not known how the body is affected.

- Crazy_GatziLka
For a start I will say that the down / feather unhealthy. And not at all practical. I used each year in their dry-cleaning brush pen and handed over to change naperniki. With each cleaning pen becomes thinner, feathers washed, lose weight and pillows on the eyes. With silicone fillers no hassle ....

- teodora
For ourselves, we bought a silicone cushion and do not regret, but feather purified use only when visitors descend.

- Elka
I tried to sleep on a synthetic pillows - I can not.

- Aelita
Silicone pads, we can not sleep. Bought, but it is only in appearance theft - you can not sleep on it. Used as batutikov for breast-old son. He likes the way she jumps up, he laughs.

As you can see, opinions are divided experienced. And our Vita silicone pillow purchase has not yet been decided. Spit-suffering on a good natural road Feather and Down. Maybe nothing?
Author: Natalia Hryshko