Bloodless lifting at home.
 Beauty salons, wellness centers, beauty institutions - have become full realities of modern life. But there is now a trend that could become a competitive professional beauty center. This trend leads to the beauty of our house, offering ourselves to look after themselves. Moreover, at the professional level.

Mikrodermabrazion - a technique practiced for almost fifteen years, dermatology and cosmetology around the world. Its purpose - update of the upper layers of the skin. It is about peeling of the stratum corneum. It peels - a procedure carried out by a special device, which is a high speed causes the skin micro-crystals. Scroll to the stratum corneum, they eliminate dead cells that are instantly removed.

Mikrodermabrazion allows you to work directly on the skin cells, causing thus renewal and rejuvenation of tissue reactivation of circulation.

Dr. Metanomsky - President of the European Association of Aesthetic Medicine and diet, called this technique one of the softest and most effective ways of lifting.

Until now, this procedure is performed in beauty salons. But a few years ago there was a miracle priborchik, which is suitable for home use.

As an annex to this device shows that it can use any person not having a genius or diploma beautician. Suitable lady includes a device spends his (and so fresh enough) face, and the face after this small procedure becomes even fresher and smoother!

Bioliss - the device that makes mikrodermabrazion procedure within reach for everyone. Bioliss - allows real mikrodermabrazion double result: peeling and tightening using the micro-crystals, and massage.

Bioliss- zapantentovanny cosmetic unit, its effectiveness is proven clinical studies, a research laboratory of «Pharmaco toxicologiques BIO HC» in Bordeaux, France.

87% of users stated that the unit reduction of wrinkles, 80% found their skin more elastic, 87% defined their skin as more pleasant and fresh.

In women's magazines such as Vogue and El, Bioliss called miracle device, and every top model simply must have it at home!