Cornucopia: cosmetics from the United States. Part One
 Each country has its own idea of ​​creating decorative cosmetics. There are also real features specific to each country, of which cosmetics takes its origin. For example, cosmetics from France has the elegance and charm, from Germany - the convenience and practicality of Russia - a desire for the creation of high-quality product and a little "soviet" package. The US cosmetics comply with other conventions - maximum proximity to ordinary women.

The advertising images less pathos, often in the absence of "glossy" themselves actresses of world cinema, which is more credible to cosmetic products, as we look at the mascara or lipstick, not the huge eyelashes Penelope Cruz. All this is just a small list of words that can describe the enormous popularity of American decorative cosmetics, like ordinary women and for professional makeup artists.

So that we may designate all variety of cosmetics, we divide it into three segments: Mass, Luxury, professional. Recently, marketers identify different subclasses of these segments, such as Middle - market, junior semi cosmetics. We will also use these definitions, and for our convenience in the first part of the review independently divide the class mass market into three subsections: a huge amount - low rates, moderate quality - average prices, national authorities - a relatively high price.

An example of a class of mass consumption of cosmetics, or as it is called mass - market, performs an ordinary woman with a relatively low income, but which at the same time wants to look decent. In general, when a small number of expensive tools to get quality decorative care: powder that does not dries the skin, or the ink, which tends not to leave the lashes at the slightest touch of rain and snow.

In addition, we note that in our catalog makeup of the US class mass - market, we have incorporated the most well-known brands in Russia.

A great number - low prices

Brand Ffleur   - Price range from 35 rubles to 200 rubles shade of pallets cosmetics. The basic idea of ​​the makeup: being on the market, passing the stall by going to the perfume and cosmetic supermarket sight you will never cheat. Since the products of the brand is widely represented on the shelves. Yes, yes, it was on the shelves. Neither of which stands with the tester can not be considered. It is very popular among buyers of all ages with very modest incomes. Plus brand names immense amount of mascara, shadows, lipsticks with a diverse color palette.

 Cornucopia: cosmetics from the United States. Part One

Kiki : Price per unit from 30 to 200 rubles. Representative in Russia - an American company «Diane Dubeau Company Inc». Plus, this makeup is that the sum of two hundred rubles to buy a set of makeup, including powder, concealer, mascara, lip liner and lipstick.

 Cornucopia: cosmetics from the United States. Part One

Moderate quality - average prices

First place in this list will provide brand Maybelline New York . In the Russian market appeared in 1997. The price varies from 65 rubles for nail polish to 350 rubles for the foundation. If you have a lack of time for a long range of cosmetics, you can safely go to the stand Maybelline   and purchase any product on your taste. Brenda in 2013 will be 100 years old, which to some extent has historical value and about the quality of cosmetics, has stood the test of time.

 Cornucopia: cosmetics from the United States. Part One

The company Avon   representatives from all over the world more than 5 million. people. We assume that every second Russian woman to buy anything from products Avon   or seen commercials with "Legally Blonde." Respect is the fact that Avon   investing financial and moral force in the charity program "Together Against Breast Cancer." This program operates in Russia since 2002. Price from 55 rubles for the youth in an inexpensive lipstick case to 650 rubles for face powder from the line «Anew», a person who is a Russian actress.

 Cornucopia: cosmetics from the United States. Part One

Folk authorities - relatively high prices

The head of unit in this subgroup brand Max Factor He appeared in Russia in 1994. In general, the motto of the brand - it's a great quality at an adequate price. Mascara can be bought for 220 rubles in the classic version, or pay about 400 rubles for a high-tech brush. Price limits from 220 rubles to 650 rubles for a cosmetic product.

 Cornucopia: cosmetics from the United States. Part One

Trademark Revlon   It appeared in Russia in general sale in 1994, and above all, we remember the ads with top model Cindy Crawford. Revlon brand has positioned itself as one of the commanders of the companies in the market of «beauty» industry with high quality products. Price range from 250 to 700 rubles.

 Cornucopia: cosmetics from the United States. Part One

It may seem strange that we looked at a small number of brands-class mass market? Nothing strange about that. Especially in Russia to bring a huge number of American decorative cosmetics of this price category no hurry. What caused this? We think, for many reasons, chief among them, a deterrent. It is called - "word of mouth". Few entrepreneurs will take unfamiliar brand in Russia, even if it is of good quality and is very popular there, abroad. After all, there is a serious risk that the product is not "warm" Russian buyers.

To be continued…
Author: Oksana Charles