Cosmetic ingredients: extracts of flowers *
 Flower extracts contain biologically active components that enrich the skin of nutrients, help fight environmental hazards and reduce the signs of aging skin and improve its appearance.

From ancient times until now people use in cosmetic and medical facilities not only herbs, but also flowers. It is now scientifically proven that flower extracts in cosmetics can do real miracles, rejuvenating, strengthening and cleansing the skin, for this reason, the leading manufacturers of cosmetics take those components into service by releasing the entire line of "flower" means.


Iris, a favorite among the colors of the French monarchs, has long served as a symbol of eternal youth. And this is not just a tribute to the mystical teachings of the time. The extract derived from the roots of iris, very highly valued and appreciated, thanks to its wonderful regenerative properties. Its effect on the mature, aging skin can only be compared with a "rejuvenating" apples. Natural isoflavones are included in the composition of the extract to stimulate the metabolic activity of the skin and the structural proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin, thereby reducing the depth of wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity.

Type of cosmetics:   beauty-tools for dry, aging, tired skin.

 Cosmetic ingredients: extracts of flowers *
 WELEDA Iris Moisture Cream   It is designed to maintain the balance of moisture and fat skin. Due to light cream based spreads easily on the skin without clogging the pores and at the same time creating the need for protection. The cream is ideal as a light day cream for all skin types.

 Cosmetic ingredients: extracts of flowers *
 Facial Cleanser iris and clary sage from Botanicus . Due to its milk formula containing jojoba oil and peach, is ideal for food and skin hydration. A Florentine iris extract softens the skin beautifully. Lightly scented with natural oils of sandalwood. Milk with extracts of sage and French Pettigrew is a delightful way of maintaining a young and healthy complexion.

White Lily

Lily on a par with shares rose throne of the queen of flowers. The cult of worship of the white lily leaves in depth of centuries. The ancient Egyptians were very fond of this delicate flower and prepared a special oil, famous for its healing properties. Our grandmothers believed that if to rub body lotion from the petals of lily, the skin will be as snow-white and velvety, like the flower itself.

Wonderful, at first glance, the properties of these compounds due to the unique composition of lily extract, which is formed during the preparation of cosmetics. The extract contains essential oils, vanillin, flavonoids, carotenoids, linalol, terpineol, phenylethyl alcohol, acetic, benzoic, propionic acid and cinnamic acid, whereby great whiten skin, promotes regeneration, has an antiseptic effect and also excellent moisturizing.

Type of cosmetics:   beauty-tools for sensitive and irritated skin.

 Cosmetic ingredients: extracts of flowers *
 Mask with an extract of white lily on VEDIC LINE . The mask cleanses the skin, giving it a healthy appearance, and soothes the skin. The extract of white lily, which is part of the mask has a cleansing and bleaching properties. It also speeds up the regenerative processes of the skin, has a moisturizing and antiseptic.

 Cosmetic ingredients: extracts of flowers *
 Night Cream SWISS NAHRIN . The cream is rich in vitamins and nutrients of plant origin. Night cream penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis and accelerates the metabolic processes in cells, moisturizes, nourishes and improves skin texture. White Lily Extract has soothing, purifying and anti-inflammatory effect. Jojoba oil stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which are necessary to preserve youthful skin.


Hibiscus, or more familiar to us the name of "Hibiscus" - the darling of Asia .  In Arab countries, it is not only brewed as a tea, but also used in medicine .  Gruel from the flowers used for the treatment of carbuncles, malignant ulcers origin .  In Malaysia, it is a symbol of the nation, symbolizing the five Islamic precepts .  However, in favor of hibiscus and other nations - Chinese and Indians .  Sudanese rose flowers ability to regenerate damaged areas and remove inflammation interested in modern cosmetics manufacturers, who increasingly began to introduce in the hibiscus extract funds for different skin types .  Due to the saturated composition (complex of malic, tartaric, citric and gibiskovoy acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, phytosterols, pectin), it has the property to relax the facial muscles, which prevents the formation of facial wrinkles, reduces pores, inhibits the formation of comedones, strengthens the walls of blood vessels .

Type of cosmetics:   beauty-tools for fading, combination and oily skin, as well as for skin prone to eczema and allergic dermatitis.

 Cosmetic ingredients: extracts of flowers *
 Renewing Night Cream Night Repair Renewal Cream Exclusive of Fresh Look . Cream anti-aging skin tightening and smoothing it. Hibiscus extract has excellent regenerative and rejuvenating properties. It quickly and effectively tightens skin and smooths wrinkles. Extract of Indian blue lotus gives the skin deep hydration and nutrition, aloe vera soothes and calms the skin and honeysuckle gives the skin soft, smooth and silky.

For each type of leather manufacturers developed unique tools that take into account all the features of the structure, age, etc., based on extracts of flowers. Due to the complex of vitamins and biologically active substances, such beuty-funds, according to, help us to maintain its beauty and maintain youth!

* The article exemplified cosmetics companies producing natural cosmetics and famous for high quality. However, due to the marketing policy of the Company and other factors, these products may not be known for a wide range of consumers.
Author: Inna Sedykh