Deficiency of personality: the way of cosmetic product by brand
 The history of cosmetics dates back several millennia. Egyptian, Roman, Greek women face as smooth tone used chalk and white lead. Time to make so that instead of white powder appeared and concealer packaged in standard bottles and boxes. Came the flowering of industrial production on a mass scale. However, at the request of a certain layer of customers, there is not just beauty products and health. Specially created for them cosmetic brands: bright, unique, original, well, the most-most.

Clients of beauty products are most often the women who find it difficult to withstand the onset of brand identification. Instead of easily applied cosmetic products intended, we crave to get the possession of heavenly pleasure. And a simple shampoo, the main function of which is washed off the mud, we were not happy. Give us, the manufacturer, something exotic, show attention to us, with each individually. And is it possible? We offer a deal.

Throughout the globe there exists a few women who have hated makeup, preferring the natural look without it. Far more women who like to adorn themselves products of the cosmetic industry. And even more so, in every country and in every city you can find passionate admirers "shadows and lipsticks," who first try all the new cosmetic companies and joy, well or not, will talk about their experiences to friends and acquaintances. It combines all of these women is one thing - the recognition of their own exclusivity. And in this desire they can help cosmetic brands. But can it?

Nature cosmetic brand in many ways similar to the world of women. Beauty lies both in themselves. The more caring for a woman, the more attracted male and female views. So it is with the brand. More prominent and successful always surrounded by great attention. To work on its nature cosmetics brand is trying to attract scientists, designers, marketers and advertisers, and most importantly - it's us women, our desires and financial capabilities. But our desires are often not heard. Why is it coming out? Let's try to show the situation in the light of the gradual development of the cosmetics industry and to recall some significant moments transformation of goods in the cosmetics brand .

 Deficiency of personality: the way of cosmetic product by brand

In the 19th - early 20th centuries. it is time to search for interesting and original ideas. Organization of the cosmetics industry was reduced to the appearance of more and more new products. The public has closely followed the release of cosmetic novelties. For example, in 1870, already has a lipstick in a case, made by Guerlain. In 1906 the company released the first Shiseido powder, but only in two shades. In 1907, Eugène Schueller created the first hair dye. While women could always surprise. Cosmetic companies were close dialogue with buyers, giving them exactly what they are really needed. There was no marketing, no brands, no aggressive advertising. There was only a man - a creator in the face of the founders of the cosmetic companies.

And thus the founders of the cosmetics companies gave a powerful impetus to the development of the market and exit from its territory .  So the appearance of a variety of cosmetic companies that sell mass beauty products, quite naturally .  1935 - Lancome, 1946 - Estee Lauder, 1968 - Clinique and others .  At this time, either as there are new products, such as automatic ink, a variety of already established products .  If this face cream is coming up with new ways to promote cosmetic products, such as the distribution of free samples, which introduced Esti Lauder .  Or, release the lines of cosmetic products, such as cleansing, nutrition and hydration, invented by Elizabeth Arden .  Or, the component that has existed for medical purposes, for example, panthenol as an ointment for burns, found himself a new use in cosmetic products - from face cream to shampoo .  Thus, the conventional cream or mascara acquires new characteristics, allowing the beautiful half of humanity to look more beautiful . 

In kontse1980's. in the cosmetic industry begins "the era of enlightenment." It is expressed in the fact that before the manufacturer opened a new path. It is a way of marketing and advertising. At this time, it stands at the forefront of cosmetic industry brand. The principle of "everything for man" goes by the wayside. All the efforts of manufacturers is directed to creating and maintaining a brand. We see and hear colorful advertising campaigns, look not banal design solutions "etui and jars" with a delicious-smelling contents. We're going to call the manufacturers, and spread their money. Brand gathers us into followers of the group of names - L'Oreal? Or Dior? Or Chanel? Decide for yourself whether you belong to any group. You can not settle for self-deception and think that gives you a brand identity. You - no. Himself - yes. The brand itself is different and he does not care that he was standing on the table for millions of fans. Is there a way out?

 Deficiency of personality: the way of cosmetic product by brand

Yes, there is a solution. Humble and go with cosmetic brands compromise. You still can not change the situation radically. You can just sit and remember the old days when there were fewer products, and standing on the dresser Guerlain lipstick was only in the elect. Especially remember these times can only our grandmothers. What remains to us, the modern ladies who still want using beauty products to gain individuality. Especially as the brands and products unprecedented diversity. Try to heed when choosing makeup to their feelings. Ask yourself this question before you buy another unwanted bottle - what I want, and what they want cosmetic company. And remember that brand - it is only the name with his personality. The main purpose of the cosmetic products - high-quality and not detrimental to the care of the physical body of man.
Author: Oksana Charles