Everything about nail care
 You know that even during a short conversation with the person we think from time to time falls on his (her) nails? We do not even notice how the brain builds up in the blink of an eye the chain of conclusions: "Which way manicure! Apparently, this person has a lot of free money, "" And she is comfortable with such long nails erase or peeling potatoes? "" Marigold - a miracle! This woman knows a lot about taking care of themselves! "" God, what a nail! Does not she know what a manicure? And what of her manager, if it is not in a position for a subsequent? ".

Nails - an integral part of our image.   They give social status (or the desire to have a certain status, which is also much appreciated), state of health and ability to care for themselves, and, oddly enough, the quality of business. Although that's strange? From the little things add up the whole, and if one pays close attention to such "trifles", then it will work just as meticulous.

Some of the women, noticing the disapproving look on his well-groomed nails are justified, they say, only that the transplanted flowers and did not have time in order to bring the nails, or things do not allow time to pay nails. But whether the weight of all kinds of excuses? Probably not. Beauty needs to be everywhere: in clothes and make-up and in the shower and in the nails.

You say what is good to those whom nature endowed with beautiful nails neat, but what about the rest? The method of applying masking like nail polish 4-5 layers and regular alignment of the surface of the nail nail file does not fit exactly. Firstly, the coating does not feel any more durable and eventually expose defects in the nails. Second, this method will only worsen the situation - such aggressive action will accelerate the process of destruction of the nail plate.

How to properly care for your nails?

First of all, identify the cause of an unhealthy kind of nails.

- Pale or yellow nails   evidence of any disease, the effects of smoking, drugs or low-quality nail polish.

- Horizontal stripes   on the nail plate suggests disease of the internal organs, or mechanical damage to the nail.

- Vertical stripes   It may be hereditary or caused by dryness of the nail plate.

- The fragility and brittle nails Most likely related to the effects of alkali, acetone, or low-quality nail polish. Fragility can also be due to iron deficiency or peripheral circulatory disorders.

- Detachment of the nail   contribute with phenol lacquers, alkalis, acetone and other solvents, as well as household chemicals.

- White spots on the nails   please us only in childhood, when we are sure that they portend a speedy gift. In fact, white spots indicate the human liver or kidney disease.

 Everything about nail care

Eliminate sources of unhealthy type of polish, proceed to their immediate treatment. To strengthen brittle nails   help with proper nutrition included in the menu of plant and animal proteins, minerals and vitamins. Good effect on brittle nails has gelatin. Just do not buy ready-made jelly - they can not be gelatin - a useful delicacy cook yourself, the more that it is not difficult. Eating foods rich in calcium, methionine (cottage cheese), carotenoids and vitamin A (carrots, parsley, sea buckthorn oil, sea buckthorn juice) serve your nails in good stead. Do not forget about walnuts and buckwheat. Topically applied to the nail plate rubbing oil with vitamin A or sea buckthorn oil.

To strengthen nails   very helpful trays with vegetable oil: warm oil drip 3 drops of iodine or lemon juice and keep your nails for 30 minutes in this mixture. Perfectly helps rubbing cranberry juice, red or black currant. But lemon juice is not to get involved - with the frequent use of it can enhance the dryness of the nail. Prepare as Vaseline cream 2 tablespoons Vaseline, 0, 5 tsp glycerol, 1 drop of red food coloring. Apply this cream on your nails and cuticles.

Restore color pale nails   It helps a mixture of 3 tablespoons orange flowers and 1 tsp lemon juice. Massage rub the mixture into the nail plate for 2-3 minutes.

From yellow nail deliver   rub with 3% hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. Just be careful in using this product if you have a very dry nails.

Overgrown cuticles   It gives unsightly nails. You can remove it using special cosmetic products sold in shops and pharmacies. However, be careful when choosing a vehicle. Unless Cuticle Remover   It contains any acid including fruit - will not buy it, because the use of such an agent can cause chemical burns. Means an alkaline desiccate the skin, due to which the growth of the cuticle is accelerated to cause an allergic reaction and also can cause skin burns.

And here the use of means to prevent the growth of the cuticle   safely and efficiently. Such agents are sold as oils, creams and sticks. Their composition must include wheat protein, aloe, vitamins A, E and C.

 Everything about nail care

Before applying nail polish on nails damaged well apply varnish-base.   He will protect the nail from the harmful effects of the decorative lacquer, as well as improve the appearance of the nail by leveling the surface of the nail platinum. Do not take the basis of a series of 3 in 1 - it should perform a single function. Well, if in the basics of protein intake, but calcium as part of this tool can enhance the separation of the nail, if any. Basis of calcium is perfect for owners of fine polish, but it is recommended to use no more than 1 time in 10-12 days.

Basis for brittle nails   It should be composed of wetting agents and clay minerals. Align the surface of the nail, you can use the basics, which include talc, gelatin or clay minerals. Such leveling bases called ridzhfillerami and have only a cosmetic effect.

On sale are also strengthening varnishes . It is composed of liquid silk fibers and keratin, which helps to strengthen the structure of the nail plate.

 Everything about nail care

It's time choose a nail polish .

- Do not rush - look closely at the bottle. It should be smooth, without cracks and scuffs, bottom of a vial should be sustainable, and the handle brushes lie comfortably in the hands. Do not buy in bottles nail elaborate form with the presence of all kinds of bends. They look impressive, but it is not convenient to use them - nail stuck in a bend and as a result you will not be able to use a large part of it. Well, if in a bottle, there are special balls to accelerate agitation.

- Now open the bottle. Luck should drain quickly enough to drop the brush flat. If the varnish runs, it says, or the low quality or an expiration date. At the same time, too fast flowing paint is too liquid consistency, which is why you have to put a large number of layers to achieve a smooth colored nails.

- Do not overlook the brush - it must have high rigidity and lie down on the nail flat fan. For long nails suit brush longer, for short - at length. Brush in any case should not reach to the bottom of the vial.

- Look at the label:
  • Durability   will give a coating which is part of the varnish film former (e.g., nitrocellulose) and plasticizers (diutilftalat, castor oil), which also impart suppleness.

  • Thinners   (ethyl or butyl alcohol) give varnish viscosity. Synthetic resins contribute to the long life of the coating.

  • Acids   consisting of nail polish (bentonites, silicic acid) impart homogeneity of the composition.

  • Dyes   allow the varnish to give the desired color.

  -Bystrosohnuschy Nail perfectly as a "first aid" when the time for a manicure, they say, to spare. But this paint contains substances that are bad for your nails, so that the constant use of it does not fit. In addition, this varnish is quickly erased.

- Long-drying varnish, unlike the previous one, more delicate with respect to the nail plate and keeps the nails much longer.

Of course, no woman is, do without liquid nail polish remover . Many try to buy only liquid without acetone, however, is not entirely correct. First, such liquid still contains a certain amount of acetone. Secondly, it is designed to artificial nails because they do not dissolve the upper layer. Thirdly, the fluid "acetone free" significantly longer removes nail polish and does not qualitatively as an ordinary liquid. Moreover, acetone degreasing nails, whereby the varnish on them kept much longer. So what are the advantages of a large nail polish remover without acetone over conventional liquid there. The main thing that it consisted of fortified supplements that reduce the negative impact of acetone.

A few words about the choice of manicure sets . The principle of "Cheap good does not happen," applies here, so momentary savings could ultimately cost you dearly. First, pay attention to the quality of the cover and its convenience. These criteria speak a lot about the quality of the manicure equipment, which must be made of stainless steel. Of course, the devices have to be sharp. Nail file is best to choose a diamond-coated - and it works better, and lasts longer. Nail file for polishing should be a fine abrasive, so as not to harm the nail plate.

Take care of your nails and they will serve you in good stead!
Author: Catherine Khetagurova