Everything about peeling
 What woman does not fight wrinkles! Wrinkles we are different. It is true wrinkles caused by aging, wrinkles that appear as a result of habit to wrinkle forehead or screw up my eyes and false wrinkles caused by photoaging.

The reason is photoaging of the skin cell damage by ultraviolet rays. Photoaging is characterized by an increase in the thickness of the stratum corneum, pigmentation spots, the appearance of spider veins and wrinkles. Damaged UV - radiation of cells can develop into malignant tumors. In this connection, experts are looking for a means to eliminate the effects of   photoaging .

The easiest way to avoid photoaging - protection from the sun by using a hat, umbrella, glasses. And to eliminate the existing signs of aging of skin peeling is widely used.

The word "peeling" can be translated as "oshkurivat" or "strongly scrape." We are talking about removing the "flaking" of the upper stratum corneum of the skin. Depending on the exfoliating agents, exfoliation is chemical, mechanical, laser, etc. Any kind of peeling thins the horny layer, removes small comedones, facilitates access to deeper layers of the skin, is expanding the pores and softens the skin. The procedure also enhances cell division in the basal layer and the skin becomes smooth and bright, acquiring more youthful and healthy appearance.

It is believed that a radical disposal of wrinkles is possible only in those cases where the appearance of wrinkles caused no biological age of the skin, and various external factors.

Chemical peeling   Only a doctor can do in cosmetic clinic .  He applied to the skin weak solutions of various acids .  Acids cause slight superficial chemical burn and provide a uniform peeling several layers of old dead cells .  The depth of the peeling depends on the concentration and type of acid, the duration of its contact with the skin, as well as individual skin type and its sensitivity .  Chemical peels are successfully used to fight facial wrinkles, to treat acne and oily skin problem, demodectic mange, skin aging prevention and correction of age cosmetic defects, eliminate hyperpigmentation .  Deep peels warns malignancies as potentially dangerous cells are removed together with the epidermis .  If you are under 30 years of age and you do not have wrinkles, then in order to prevent aging of the skin shows no more than 3-4 peeling procedures once a year with weak acids .  If you are 28-35 years old and have wrinkles around the eyes (even in the relaxed state), you will not hurt 6-8 sessions peeling fruit acids .  Courses desirable to carry out 2 times a year .  At the age of 40-50 years, when there are wrinkles in a relaxed state, especially around the eyes, mouth, forehead and pigmentation disorders has shown regular exfoliating fruit acids .  If you have multiple facial wrinkles, impaired pigmentation, uneven skin surface, it is shown holding a 2-3 sessions peeling TCA, and further supporting cleaning glycolic acid controlled dermotokosmetologa .

After a chemical peel can not sunbathe from one to three months. Immediately after the treatment the skin is white - the effect of "frost" and then for an hour turns red. In the next 24-28 hours the redness increases, then the skin peels like it does after a strong sunburn. All these phenomena are continuing 4-6 days. Mild redness may continue for 1-2 weeks, but it is easily masked by makeup. The skin after peeling - a baby's skin. The main task - to constantly moisturize her. The skin can easily be massaged, but it is necessary to avoid forcible removal of crusts.

Soft Peeling

Clean the skin can not only face the problem areas could be anywhere. If skin is oily, it is most prone to rapid contamination, especially evident during the summer, when it is especially hot and dusty. The most bystrozagryaznyaemymi place is the wings of the nose, the forehead, temples, chin. There are special cosmetic products designed to cleanse the skin. They are called scrubs or peels - cream. Scrubs contain small solid particles (egg shells, crushed apricot and pine nuts, etc.), which when applied to the skin to remove dead skin flakes of it. Oily skin such means can be cleaned once a week, dry - once in two weeks.

Laser peels

The skin of the face, including the eyelids, evenly treated with a laser beam. At the same time the same processes as a result of normal peeling: epidermis dies, and for 2-3 weeks, a layer of "new" young skin. The skin condition returns to normal in 2 months. At this time, you can not sunbathe.

Ultrasonic facial peels

Under the influence of devices that generate ultrasound of a certain frequency, for 10 minutes, there is a deep cleansing of the skin from the keratinized particles derived waste products of sweat and sebaceous glands, the remnants of makeup, increased blood circulation.

Cosmetology today offers a lot of opportunities for the full "saving face." To properly or use it is necessary to consult a beautician, who will advise, to what should be peeling
Author: Natalia Biatova