Excess hair - I do not deserve it!
 It is no secret that the beautiful woman thick, shiny hair - a gift of nature, which you can only dream of, but about 5 million hairs on the body are able to really poison the life.

Removing unwanted body hair for the modern woman - a familiar gesture, how to clean teeth .  The hair can be removed from the thighs, legs, armpits, groin, and sometimes with arms, upper lip and chin, if there hirsutism .  However, even the most radical method can not destroy all unwanted hair once per procedure .  The growth cycle of hair consists of three phases, the duration of each is different and depends on the age and type of hair follicle: anagen - the growth phase and the production of the hair; Catagen - transitional phase, after which the follicle shrinks and shortens the telogen - rest phase - this time the hair can fall out on their own or remove a slight effort .  Hair falls out at the time when the underneath of the same follicle starts to grow a new .  Human hair at one time are in different phases - can destroy only visible in the active growth phase .  That is why for the complete destruction of all unwanted hair in any of the methods of hair removal must be at least three complete cycles of procedures .  This typically requires 1, 5 years .  To get rid of unwanted hair invented a huge number of methods and devices - from the ordinary razor blades to sophisticated laser equipment .  Let us dwell on the most popular disposal methods that can be used alone .

Waxing or waxing   It is the most ancient of all known methods of hair removal mankind. History has brought information that it used the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. It is applied to the body special sticky mass that hardens and then frustrated with hair. Currently, as the viscous mass of the wax used. But already in the X century in ancient Russia Princess Olga removes unwanted vegetation hot resin and beeswax. In the XIV century the wives and concubines of the Sultan Osman I, tomivshegosya of boredom in the harem, invented strips with wax.

Waxing is of two types: hard (hot) wax and a soft (warm) wax. Hard wax is made on the basis of pine resin or petroleum products. To mass does not crack and not too stuck in its composition include vegetable or lemon oil. Hot product is applied in the direction of hair growth. During bioepilyatsii hot product is applied to the body at 38-42S in the direction of hair growth. The skin is warmed up during the procedure, open pores - the hair with wax removed fairly easily and almost painlessly. Thanks to rubber additives, wax repeats the relief of the skin, so bioepilyatsii available such "difficult" areas like underarms and bikini area. But we must remember that the low qualification of the expert is likely burn.

The basis of soft wax - a mixture of pine resin and softener (beeswax and honey). Warm waxes bioepilyatsii available in roller cassettes or banks. Sensitive skin subject to special additives that reduce irritation and soothes the skin. The wax is heated in special heaters and applied on hair growth, then removed a special paper strip against the hair growth. After bioepilyatsii remnants of warm wax should be removed with a special oil that simultaneously soothes the skin. But the soft wax is not soluble in water - to remove it is necessary to use special tools. In addition, the procedure can not be repeated in the next few days - it's uncomfortable if left "unreached" hairs.

What is important to remember: at home and in the salon wax is used once only to avoid infection of the skin. As in bioepilyatsii hair completely removed and the skin strongly degreased, observe proper hygiene and antiseptic rules. For hair removal using wax is used, artificial and natural waxes. Preference should be given to the wax on a natural basis, moderate and homogeneous liquid, not too sticky, to easily remove it from the skin. Regardless of which method of hair removal elected - hot wax, warm or cold - before the procedure should be possible to degrease the skin, otherwise the wax will not stick to it. Once the hair is removed, be sure to apply a remedy for skin irritation.

In addition to purely technical difficulties when the procedure is carried out independently (the wax is removed, the skin is burned, and the hair is not removed), there are still problems of ingrown hairs, irritation and redness around the hair follicle, etc. If you do not practice and confidence, it is best to remove hair specialist who will offer as a means to slow down the hair growth and medication, allowing to deal with ingrown hairs.

Shugaring   - Depilation means, which is composed of sugar or honey .  Experts sometimes refer to this part of the water-soluble wax .  This method does not require special equipment for heating wax epilation strips the skin after the procedure cleared quickly .  But the length of the hair for the success of a very painful procedure must be at least 6 mm for the feet and hands .  The main advantages of bioepilyatsii - availability, moderate pain, speed, more lasting effect .  Sometimes there is a slight decrease in the amount of hair, sometimes after several treatments become softer and lighter .  The main drawback - the procedure necessarily affects vellus hair, which in some cases are reborn in the dark and hard .  Over time, the problem is not solved, and compounded .  There is another unpleasant moment - happens to hair that pulled out "against the grain", begin to grow under the skin, causing irritation and inflammation triggers .  In emergency situations, when you need to remove very short "hedgehog" of a few millimeters, this method is powerless .  Shugaring Apply on the face and armpits is not recommended .  Contraindications - idiosyncrasy of the individual substances belonging to the depilatory weight .

Home shugaring

Pour 3 tablespoons of water in a small pan, put on low heat, but do not bring to a boil, add 4 tablespoons of sugar. Nuisance mixture until sugar is dissolved, then add citric acid (1 teaspoon). When the mixture begins to turn yellow and will smell of caramel, can be removed from the heat. Put to cool. Now we need to take a warm shower, a place from which will remove the hair must always treat the scrub, then wipe dry. Apply a thin layer of the mixture ostuzhennoy applied strips for depilation (special strips you can buy in a store or cut themselves out of cotton), pull.

Traditional recipes for hair removal
  1 tablespoon of sugar to burn the formation of a black glassy mass, cool and dissolved in 0, 5 glasses of clean, boiled water defended. This solution to lubricate the places to which you want to remove hair. During the day, the procedure was repeated 2-3 times, hold, without washing, 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Take 1 teaspoon of soda bread with a slide to 1 cup boiling water, stir well until dissolved and cool to 36 degrees. Then take a gauze cloth and soak it in a solution. A place where there is hair, wash soap, wipe with a cloth and put it at 12 o'clock at night. In the morning remove the gauze, but do not wash. In the evening, repeat - put a rag soaked in a heated solution. Since 3 days. If you do not help three times, to do 12 procedures.

40 g of crushed nettle seeds pour 100 g of sunflower oil, infuse 8 weeks, strain and lubricate the problem areas. It acts as a photo-epilation, but not immediately, but after a couple of weeks the hair falls out and a year is not being felt.

150g. fresh herbs dope ordinary (poisonous plant) to boil in 1 liter of water, until a strong decoction of black and brown. Strain. The cooled broth with a cotton swab to apply to the field of hair removal and leave for 10-15 minutes (depending on tolerability, and from where the hair is removed). Rinse with warm water and grease nourishing cream. A person can not be lubricated dope. Use this recipe should be only in case if nothing helps. The broth can be stored in a dark bottle for years.

As practice shows, the effect of infusions and decoctions depends on two main factors - the presence / absence of hair on the skin, and the temperature at which the impact takes place. The absence of hair allows the substance to penetrate directly to the hair follicle. Heat expands pores and leads to the same effect. In other cases, the substance affects mainly the skin without damaging the bulbs, and has little effect on hair growth.

Ingrown Hair

The problem of ingrown hair, unfortunately, known to many. Sometimes after depilation of hair begins to rise properly, this is due to the fact that after depilating hairs grow back, either because of thinning or due to changes in the growth direction are bent, and hair grows into the skin causing pseudofolliculitis. To solve this problem, you can use the general recommendations that will reduce the unwanted effects to a minimum in any method of hair removal:

  Use a variety of cosmetic products, which reduce inflammation and weaken the hair follicle, thus reducing the ability of the hair to the recovery and growth;

Regular use scrub to remove keratinized epidermis and moisturize the skin;

use special professional anti ingrown hairs. They contain substances that soften the skin and weakens the hair follicle. It is surprising, but the result of the application is really noticeable.
Author: Inna Sedykh